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03 January 2007 @ 03:39 am
S2 Veronica Mars, Logan & Veronica Meme/Picspan -- Favorites and Not  
Since this was such a success, here's a Season 2 VM/Logan/Veronica meme. As in the first one, feel free to respond here or at your own livejournal, but if you do respond at your livejournal, please post here and let me know because I'd love to read any responses. If you haven't filled out the first one yet, but plan on it, please still do. It's been a blast to read all responses. Since this was created for a Logan/Veronica board, there's a specific L/V section, for anyone who does want to fill this out, but isn't into L/V, just skip that section.

Respond to the following questions (with reasons if you're so inclined) but all of the responses should be about season two and only season two. This is separated into two categories: Veronica Mars (the show) and Logan/Veronica.

Veronica Mars

  • Favorite Episode
  • Least Favorite Episode
  • Favorite Line
  • Favorite Scene
  • Favorite Character
  • Least Favorite Character
  • Favorite non Logan or Veronica Character (n/a if answered above)
  • Favorite Recurring High Schooler
  • Favorite Recurring Adult
  • Least Favorite recurring High Schooler
  • Least Favorite recurring Regular Adult
  • Best parent
  • Worst Parent


  • Favorite L/V Scene
  • Favorite Moment
  • Most Romantic Moment
  • Most Unexpected Romantic Moment
  • Most Intense Moment
  • Saddest Moment
  • Sexiest Moment
  • Most Playful Moment
  • Most Hopeful Moment
  • Best Kiss
  • Favorite Line
    - Logan
    - Veronica
  • Most Romantic Line
    - Logan
    - Veronica
  • Most Angsty Line
    - Logan
    - Veronica
  • Best Look Exchanged Overall
    - Logan
    - Veronica

    (I used caps from Jem's vm-caps..)

    Veronica Mars

    Favorite Episode - I Am God. I thought the use of the dreams was beautifully done and while it actually didn't do anything to advance the plot, it felt like we got a glimpse into Veronica being truly affected by the events that had happened. There was just wonderful direction, the script was dreamy (pun intended) and the performances were wonderful. Not to mention that I adored the Logan/Wallace interaction. This was the one episode that showed all of the main cast (with the exception of TD who was gone by then, TT who never made much of an impact and EC who didn't have as big a role) to shine. Everything was just so spot-on, the script, the direction, the cast (credited, recurring and guest) ... everything just worked.

    Least Favorite Episode - This is actually pretty hard. Last season there were a few episodes I was meh on, but none I hated. This season offered five episodes that had they never aired, I would be a happier TV viewer. Narrowing it down, I'm going to go with the one that emotionally left me disgusted, whose script was utterly ridiculous with lackluster dialogue and plot holes so big you could drive a battlestar spaceship through, the one that featured subpar performances from everyone -- including KB(!) and JD(!!) -- except for EC (who was barely in the ep) and the guest star. This would be the episode that was stupid, that was annoying, that was a complete waste of time, space, energy, thought, anything and everything! And of course, I'm talking about the complete lameness that was Donut Run.

    (Again, no visuals for least favorites.)

    Favorite Line - I'm going to fire the Sheriff. (Logan in Plan B) Just one of those laugh-out lines that just caught me. I chose this one because the "plug her right" line, Weevil's "forgive me father" were the first ones that came to mind and the plug her references VD and the "forgive me father" isn't exactly an original line. So, this one it is. And delivery helps a heckuva lot and the delivery was delicious.

    Favorite Scene - Veronica deciding to not tell Harry that Liam Fitzpatrick was the one who killed his dog in Nevermind the Buttocks. To quote my thoughts in the ep thread: Veronica has done a lot of unethical things in pursuit of the truth, and we mostly let that slide because of this last scene. She IS a good person at heart and her unethical deeds don't hurt anyone that she knows of and that is what this final scene signified.

    I loved the whole feeling behind it, that she could easily take care of the guy who terrorized her, terrorized tons and tons of other people, would have killed her father had she not removed those bullets ... and she chose not to. She had the power of life and death in her hands and she chose life. She made the right choice. This scene illustrated so eloquently and beautifully just what kind of person Veronica is and why I love her so.

    (Note, there were no screencaps of Harry available, so I did a little creative addition to this one.)

    Favorite Character - Logan. I love him. There are so many shades of gray, layers, good and bad, right and wrong and unlike pretty much every other character on this show, I continue to understand the majority of his actions and while not agreeing with his response, I get WHY he responded as he did. And Jason Dohring just knocked the socks out of just about every scene he was given, giving so much more depth to this character than his creator clearly even saw.

    Least Favorite Character - Big shocker here! Hannah! Miss Pink Pastel was written about as one-note and cliched as a character could be written. And the actress delivered a performance that was even worse, not only was it one-note, it was delivered in a note of such extreme irritating blahness and could her voice be any more annoying? Ugh, ugh, ugh!!!!!!!!!!!! FYI: I didn't list Duncan because I don't actually hate the character, I hate that he was V's boyfriend (considering the history), but the character himself gets nothing more than a meh out of me.

    Favorite non Logan or Veronica Character (n/a if answered above) - I know he was partially responsible (more than anyone else by far than Beaver) for Veronica's rape. I know he's an amoral, immoral, despicable, pathetic, terrible person ... but, I can't help it. I love Dick. I know I shouldn't, but Ryan Hansen is just so damn good and instead of hating the character for his history, I find myself hating what his history is and wishing it were different! I can't help it and the show clearly wants it that way and in this, they win.

    Favorite Recurring High Schooler Corny. Meg was pretty much gone after episode one (damn that! I still hate what happened to Meg!) and I'm just not on the Mac-train (although I like her a lot more now) like everyone else. Corny was always an enjoyable element added to any episode. I hope we see him at Hearst.

    Favorite Recurring Adult - The first half of the season it would have been Mr. Pope no question (even allowing for my love of Clemmons and Cliff), but he disappeared early on and was replaced by the awesomeness of Wu! If I could have any school official somehow moved over to Hearst it would Be Mr. Wu. I just love, love, LOVE him. Dude, someone who can snark with the best of 'em (ie, Logan Echolls) and still be the nerdiest of horrific-rapping teachers as well as wise and kind is just too wonderful to lose. So much love for Martin Yu's Mr. Wu. Long live WU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Least Favorite recurring High Schooler - Hannah. See above.

    Least Favorite recurring Regular Adult - Lamb. I dislike him. Sure he has his funny lines, but so does every other character on the show. He's smarmy, sleazy and a complete and utter uncaring asshole. I want him off my screen. (Yes, yes, I know it won't happen, I am so in the minority here.)

    Best parent - And still winning by a landslide, the Keithster. Which really is sad because he really did drop the ball in terms of letting things slide. He's disappointed her in one ep and the next and thereafter all is hunky-dory.

    Worst Parent - And still winning by a landslide, Aaron Echolls. (Although the Mannings sucked too!)

    Logan and Veronica ...

    Favorite LoVe Scene - I can't believe I'm listing this since they discuss the Donut's sex life, but I'd have to say just for sheer overall enjoyment factor, the locker scene at the beginning of Look Who's Stalking. There was no animosity, there was flirting, banter and this sweetness that we rarely saw in season two. While I enjoyed sway, the Epic scene, their final scene and the few make-out scenes they got, this one had actual depth and conversation and just sang.

    Favorite Moment - Logan dropping Veronica's bags and then pulling her into his arms, kissing/spinning in Not Pictured. I probably have watched that moment (before they start talking) about a zillion times. Okay maybe not that much, but more than any other bit this season.

    Most Romantic Moment - I gotta go back to Veronica taking Logan's hand while he switched his bag to his shoulder when meeting him at summer school in Normal is the Watchword. I know it was a flashback and leading to bad things, but there was such a tender sweetness that I've adored from the first moment I saw it.

    Most Unexpected Romantic Moment - As much as I loved the kissing/spinning from NP, while the action was unexpected, you kinda knew something was coming judging by how she looked at him when he showed up, so I'm going to go with the one that completely was unexpected and that would be The Dance in PB. Totally unexpected, totally delicious and totally squeed over!

    Most Intense Moment - The rooftop scene when Logan kept telling her she wasn't a killer. 'Nuff said.

    Saddest Moment - (Since this pertains to their relationship, I'm not including the NP stuff because that was about Keith and the events happening.) Veronica at the Neptune Grand when Kendall showed up behind Logan in LWS. There were (sadly) many moments to choose from, but it was really easy when it came down to it to choose. Part of that ease came from the fact that this was the only instance where both were sad (for essentially the same reason). The look on both of their faces (especially Veronica's) was just soooo heartbreaking. Have elevator doors closing ever been this sad?! {{Sob}}

    Sexiest Moment - Dude, no question: The IAG make-out. That was HOT! I loved this scene so much that I'm willing to let my normal pouty bias slide. When I don't get a lot of making out, I tend to be aggravated when what we do get is shrouded in darkness, has credits over it or some other form of getting in the way of the hot stuff. Well, in this one, the icky S2 filter is in place and their dang heads are cut off through most of the scene (and there's that really bad cut, but that's neither here nor there). However, as I said, I'm able to put aside that bias and just enjoy the scene, even the severed heads bit because it SO works for the scene. The direction and camera cuts do a wonderful job of showing the intense, out of control passion these two share. I loved it.

    Most Playful Moment - The high-five in PB. Cute. They had a few others (the "because you're five?" knee dip), but this one I liked because Veronica initiated it IN playfulness, didn't apologize and Logan decided to go along IN playfulness. It was just a fun, peaceful moment between them -- snarking and making light of the suckiness of life.

    Most Hopeful Moment - Logan asking her to the alterna-prom in LWS. He was so clearly wanting her to be there, if not with him, just at least be there. The looking down, the desperate trying to hide how much he wanted her there, the yearning look on his face as she walked away ... sigh.

    Best Kiss - Not much to choose from here (grrr), so I'll go with the obvious choice: The kiss in the hallway at the end of NP. Sigh. The kissing and the spinning. And seriously, I did watch about it a hundred times the first few days after the episode aired. Seriously, at least a hundred times. This is no lie.

    Favorite Line

    - Logan: Veronica ... ask not what Logan can do for you, but what you can do for Logan. (PB) Cute, silly, charming, totally, totally Logan, and of all of the presidents to paraphrase he chooses the most infamous womanizer in US history. Ah, Logan. And what makes it even sweeter is that he's off doing his "civic" duty as reward based on an assignment in what appears to be ... wait for it ... an American history class. I love it.

    - Veronica: A pony?!?! (It was all in the delivery!) (NP) Seriously, I see the words and automatically grin. I love, love, love, LOVED it!!!

    Most Romantic Line

    - Logan: What I'm trying to say is I'm in love with you. (NitW) I know it didn't end happily or romantically. I know she didn't respond with anything other than a lame-ass joke, but still ... he said it, he meant it and it was romantic.

    - Veronica: I don't want to lose you from my life either. (LWS) It was the first time ALL FRICKIN' SEASON that Veronica acknowledged that Logan held any importance for her. And it was said when she came back to him after running away, the very first time she's ever done that. Yes, again like above, it ended badly, but she said it, she meant it and it was romantic.

    Most Angsty Line

    - Logan: FYI, if the cuddling is the best part, he didn't do it right. (DE) This was just painful because this was Logan trying to be an ass, trying to show her he didn't care by snarking, but the look in his eyes, the tone of his voice, guh! it just broke my heart. He was in so much pain, but he still loves her so much that he couldn't even lash out properly. Poor woobie Logan.

    - Veronica: A gun, Logan! A gun! What are you doing with a gun!? You're going to get yourself killed, don't you understand that? (AM) And here's the flip of the coin. Above I felt for woobie Logan who said the words. Here, I feel for woobie Logan hearing the words. Honestly, this line would be on here for different reasons had Kristen Bell done with an-as-written-cruel line what Jason Dohring did, which is imbue her emotional heart in it. Show that beneath the words, Veronica was suffering as much as Logan. Instead, all I got was a bitchy Veronica who didn't even have the common decency to thank him for saving her life. I can see where it should have been about Veronica's fear for his life, but I didn't read that in KB's performance. I read fear for Veronica's life and disgusted hatred for Logan. And that's why it breaks my heart ... in a bad way, unlike the good way above. Had KB delivered the line as Rob Thomas intended (he described the scene's subtext in an interview), this might still be on here as the angsty line, but it would be in the good way. Alas, it's not.

    Best Look Exchanged Overall

    - Logan: The look on his face as the window is rolling up in the makeout flashback in IAG right as he says, "Hi." So sweet. Sigh.

    - Veronica: When Logan showed up at the end of NP, she shot him a look of such beaming love. Sigh.

    Oh, and since this is a picspam (with me going just a leetle overboard), not safe for dial-up.
    tigereyes320tigereyes320 on January 3rd, 2007 01:08 pm (UTC)
    I got to get on the ball
    I love this you are spot on. I have different opinion on a few things but not all.

    I like Dick too (I think it's because he is just an uncomplicated charater - he doesn't get why what he did to Veronica was wrong a lot of that is from the way he was raised. And there is no character I despise more than Lamb. Beaver did a horrible thing, and I'm not justifying it, but he was repeating a cycle of abuse. Lamb has put Veronica's chances of having children in jeopardy since the chlamydia was undiagnosed for so long (I also think that's why in season 3 they changed the date of the rape) That's why I can't read V/Lamb fics they just completely gross me out.
    Arabian: We got promo baby!arabian on January 3rd, 2007 10:25 pm (UTC)
    Re: I got to get on the ball
    Yes, yes, yes and yes a thousand times. V/him fics actually make me a little sick to my stomach when I see them. Ugh. To each their own.
    Callie ♪: Logan and Veronica - OMGSway!brennans on January 3rd, 2007 01:55 pm (UTC)
    Veronica Mars

    Favorite Episode: Plan B. Just the way everything was written and how it was played out and eveything that happened was so awesome. It was a fantastic episode.

    Least Favorite Episode: Donut Run. Stupid coma baby, and it was just a badly written episode and over the top.

    Favorite Line: "18 - It's Legal - Re-elect Don Lamb as Sheriff." - Keith Mars.

    Favorite Scene: Even though it scared the effing crap of me the Russian Roulette scene was amazing. Logan was scared shitless and I just wanted to huggle him.

    Favorite Character: Logan Echolls. Look at my icon even. He's just so layered and multi-dimensional and is so fucked up but wear his heart on his sleeve, I love the boy uberly. He's so woobie.

    Least Favorite Character: Dick. Sorry but he's just horrible. He put V on a silver platter to be raped, and had no remorse. He's despicable and just disgusting. Yes Logan has done awful things too, but the difference is Logan learns from them and tries to make up for what he did. Dick takes everything as one big joke, and never seriously. He's just no. Duncan comes in at a close second.

    Favorite non Logan or Veronica Character (n/a if answered above): Keith, he's uberly awesome and just a fantastic father and person.

    Favorite Recurring High Schooler: Mac, she just got cuter as the show went on, with her little computer skills and aww before Beaver was found to be a psycho, murdering, serial killing, rapist... They were cute and she seemed so happy. Poor girl, having her clothes taken and being left with nothing but a towel in a hotel room from someone who you thought you could completely trust then come to find out of all the evil they did and that he offed himself of the roof of the Grand.

    Favorite Recurring Adult: Cliff. Seriously he gets some of the best shit to work with. I love him.

    Least Favorite recurring High Schooler: Madison. She can die now please.

    Least Favorite recurring Regular Adult: Woody Goodman. I can never ever watch 3 Men and a Baby again thanks to Steve Guttenberg.

    Best parent: Keith Mars. Seriously no questions asked.

    Worst Parent: Aaron Echolls with the Manning's sliding in at number 2.


    Favorite L/V Scene: Really it's the roof scene. How Logan saves V, and how he talks her out of killing Cassidy/Beaver whatever you want to call him. The way they melt into eachother and fit so well and just mold.

    Favorite Moment: The Pieta parallels. Mmmm. So beautiful.

    Most Romantic Moment: Looking cooking breakfast for V the morning after he saved her. It was just so sweet and thoughtful and made me squee.

    Most Unexpected Romantic Moment: Sway. The awkward sexual tension much? So beautiful.

    Most Intense Moment: Epic scene because it was just wow and sniffle, or the roof scene. Because of everything going on. It's uber love.

    Saddest Moment: Veronica coming to tell Logan she doesn't want him out of her life after the epic speech and she runs out and Kendall appears. WHORE!

    Sexiest Moment: xTerra make out. Dude they were having dry sex. Fraking hot if I do say so myself.

    Most Playful Moment: The locker scene in the beginning of 220, screw the talk of Donut at first. The scene was so adorable. Marshmallows and promises anyone?

    Most Hopeful Moment: Pre-airport scene at the end of season 2. V saying everything will be fine. Yay!

    Best Kiss: xTerra: See sexiest moment.

    Favorite Line

    Logan: Well there was this one girl. Blond, petite, smelled of marshmallows and promises.
    Veronica: Marshmallows? That's the name of my perfume.

    Most Romantic Line

    Logan: What I'm saying is I think I'm in love with you. <3.
    Veronica: I don't want you out of my life either.

    Most Angsty Line

    Logan: I thought our story was epic, you know... You and me... Spanning years and continents, lives ruined, blood shed, epic.... But summers almost here, and then you'll be leaving and we won't see eachother at all... I'm sorry, about last summer. Now if I could take it back... No one writes love songs about the ones that come easy.

    Veronica: A GUN Logan A GUN. You're going to get yourself killed don't you realized that?

    Best Look Exchanged Overall

    Logan: Umm Sway. All that sexual tension.

    Veronica: See above.
    Arabian: The Chemical Scenearabian on January 3rd, 2007 10:24 pm (UTC)
    Very cool. Again, I love reading when we have the same choices, but they're for different reasons. It's so interesting.

    Hey, you AIMed me yesterday, but I missed it because I was sleeping. (I work 3rd shift). Maybe we'll catch up later.
    beaked: {vm} I don't wanna hurt youbeaked on January 3rd, 2007 03:05 pm (UTC)
    I'm still thinking about season one and then you go on and do it for season 2. Dang.
    Arabian: Surf & Smilearabian on January 3rd, 2007 10:22 pm (UTC)
    I still want to see your thoughts on S1 too though!! I just, gah, I HAD to get this done.
    WeHo M.: VM - Destinyafrocurl on January 3rd, 2007 04:05 pm (UTC)
    So I'm suffering from a migraine right now, but this will get done later.

    Forcing me to think about most of S2 is going to be hard, but I'll do it for you.
    Arabian: Epicarabian on January 3rd, 2007 10:22 pm (UTC)
    Ooh, migraine's SUCK! I hope you feel better.

    I know S2 is a chore, but in that way it's actually easier to do then S1 -- less choices. There is a bright side. :D
    WeHo M.: VM - Epicafrocurl on January 11th, 2007 02:16 am (UTC)
    Arabian: Veronica's Porn Collectionarabian on January 11th, 2007 07:00 am (UTC)
    Good read and it's cool to see different choices, which makes sense since S2 really was a selective process for many viewers.
    InTheVastinthevast on January 4th, 2007 06:21 am (UTC)
    i just want to say i totally loved reading through these and revisiting so many lovely moments, thanks for that. i really loved that twirly kiss at the end of season two. i've only watched it a hundred times or so.

    and you hate lamb and hannah! it's seems there's a shortage of us lately, they are my least favorite characters ever. i do actually like watching lamb on screen, but can't stand to think of lamb as a good guy like people do in fandom. that makes me sick... almost as sick as hannah's pathetic little simpering and her bones cracking out of her skin every time she moves. yuck.

    *scrolls back up to photos of logan and veronica making out* so much better. :D
    Arabian: Veronica's Porn Collectionarabian on January 4th, 2007 09:34 pm (UTC)
    Yup, I think we back and forthed a teeny bit on Lamb in your lj in response to you S1 write-up.

    Ah, Logan and Veronica making out. Those were the days .........
    zellie: tv : vmars [backseat]leucocrystal on January 4th, 2007 06:57 am (UTC)
    GOD DAMMIT.  I knew you were going to do this, but still, it managed to catch me by surprise, lol.

    I'm debating... should I do a S2 post in my LJ in response?  Looking through this, we'd have a LOT of the same choices, lol.  I just don't know!
    Arabian: Hot!Hot!Hot!arabian on January 4th, 2007 09:35 pm (UTC)
    Is it bad that my reaction to this was HEE!

    Considering the lack of response this time around, I probably should have waited a bit longer, but I wanted to get it done before the show comes back and work on my fic.

    Oh, you know you're gonna do it!! Come on!!!!!!!!!!
    zellie: tv : vmars [son]leucocrystal on January 4th, 2007 09:41 pm (UTC)
    Hee, no, that's a good reaction!

    The lack of reaction may have more to do with the lesser love for S2 on the whole, I'm thinking.  I dunno, I'm still going to do it, because I am just that crazy.

    I love how I have two fic in the works right now I should totally be spending time on instead.  GO ME.
    Arabian: Straddling the Railarabian on January 4th, 2007 10:33 pm (UTC)
    Hey, I had fic to work on myself and what was I doing? Going through caps of a season I really don't like. :(

    Yeah, you are right ... it could be lack of s2 love.
    Liana: echollsliana85 on January 4th, 2007 07:19 pm (UTC)
    You picked some great stuff. I was wondering though about "A gun, Logan! A gun!" scene. I didn't know it was suppose to come out different than it did. Do you have or know where I can find that Rob Thomas interview? Or can you fill me in on how it was suppose to happen. If it's not to much trouble. :)
    Arabian: Naked Backarabian on January 4th, 2007 09:38 pm (UTC)
    I don't have a link to the interview or anything, but Rob basically said that in that scene, Veronica's reaction was based on her fear for his life and that it went back to why she broke up with him in the summer. She lost so much already and he was so self-destructive, she couldn't take it anymore. And we were supposed to get that from Veronica. It's one of the few times, I blame the execution problems WHOLLY on KB. I mean, NitW, did not tell the story the way Rob clearly saw it since so many sided with Logan and thought Veronica was a bitch who broke up with him just because she wanted to be with Donut-head.

    But in this scene, I could totally see what I was supposed to in the direction and dialogue, but KB botched it BIG TIME! because she's so patently unprofessional in the regard that she's incpabable much, much more often than not in not letting her personal bias against the character and ship color her performance.
    Tar Frimmer: VM Veronica Keith VT Smooch Facetarfrimmer on January 4th, 2007 08:44 pm (UTC)
    I've never done a picspam, but now you're really making me want to, damnit! I'm going to try to find the time to do one for my season favorites lists in the next couple of days. Of course, that means I have to finish writing up my S2 favorites that I've been working on forever and a day. I'm stuck on quotes! And overall favorite LoVe moment.

    Oh, and there's something ... amusing? jarring? weird? (can't figure out what) about the Keith w/puppet hands pic being right above the Aaron with Liar "Peace" hands pic. It just gave me pause. And left me with the odd urge for Keith's puppet hands to reach down and smush Aaron into the ground. :)
    Arabian: 1 Happy Familyarabian on January 4th, 2007 09:39 pm (UTC)
    This is only my second one (my first was for S1), it is fun -- but time-consuming.

    Hee, I went back up to look at it and you're right -- Keith should be "crushing his head."
    zellie: tv : vmars [closer]leucocrystal on January 10th, 2007 02:11 pm (UTC)
    Once again, I've responded to your prompts with a post that is much larger and more rambly than is at all necessary.  I'm a nut, I'm sorry.
    Arabian: Jealous Veronicaarabian on January 10th, 2007 10:25 pm (UTC)
    Don't apologize. It was a fun read for a not-so-fun season!
    zellie: tv : vmars [make a list]leucocrystal on January 11th, 2007 12:47 am (UTC)
    Aww, I'm glad you enjoyed! :)
    Arabian: Hot & Blondearabian on January 11th, 2007 06:58 am (UTC)
    I was just saying to afrocurl that it's a shame because you can really feel the lack of enthusiasm for S2 as compared to S1 in these memes. Ah well. It had its moments, and you helped to bring some of those moments to life.
    Moi Mobiasmoimobias on January 12th, 2007 04:45 am (UTC)
    Veronica Mars
    · Favorite Episode “Plan B”
    · Least Favorite Episode “Donut Run” (Though I was still glad Duncan was gone!)
    · Favorite Line No way I could choose one for the whole season, one for each character would be hard enough!
    · Favorite Scene Pieta in “Not Pictured”
    · Favorite Character -Logan
    · Least Favorite Character -Duncan
    · Favorite non Logan or Veronica Character (n/a if answered above) -Keith
    · Favorite Recurring High Schooler -Mac
    · Favorite Recurring Adult -Cliff
    · Least Favorite recurring High Schooler -Principal Van Clemmons
    · Least Favorite recurring Regular Adult -Terrance Cook
    · Best parent -Keith
    · Worst Parent -Everyone other then Keith

    · Favorite L/V Scene -Sadie Hawkins Dance “Plan B”
    · Favorite Moment -Ditto
    · Most Romantic Moment –Epic speech in “Look whose stalking”
    · Most Unexpected Romantic Moment -X-terra Flashback in “I am god”
    · Most Intense Moment -Breakup in “Normal is the Watchword”
    · Saddest Moment -Ditto
    · Sexiest Moment -Epic speech in “Look whose stalking”
    · Most Playful Moment –“Your cute when your jealous” –Versatile toppings” Logan to Veronica
    · Most Hopeful Moment –Early in “Normal is the watchword” before the switch
    · Best Kiss – “Not Pictured”
    · Favorite Line
    - Logan - ‘What that you could, spit out the memories” –“Ain’t no magic mountain high enough”
    - Veronica “This face? My over the moon face.” –“Plan B”
    · Most Romantic Line
    - Logan -“What I’m trying to say is I’m in love with you” – “Normal is the Watchword”
    - Veronica - “Ain’t epic love grand?” –“Happy Go Lucky”
    · Most Angsty Line
    - Logan “My Mom is dead, my girlfriend is dead, my dad is a murderer and the only person I still care about is dumping me … you think I’m having fun?” –“Normal is the watchword”
    - Veronica “He killed my father, everybody on the bus, he raped me” – “Not Pictured”
    · Best Look Exchanged Overall
    - Logan -Locker talk “Look whose stalking”
    - Veronica –Airport ride “Not Pictured”

    Arabian: JD_Too Cutearabian on January 14th, 2007 11:34 pm (UTC)
    Aww, thanks for doing this. FUN to read!!
    Moi Mobiasmoimobias on January 14th, 2007 11:40 pm (UTC)
    No thank you for posting it! I had a lot of fun thinking about it because it was really hard to pick and choose!