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21 December 2005 @ 05:53 pm
Uh, So That Was Rather Anti-Climatic (N/T Finale)  
Someone who does casting had said that Famke Janssen was in the finale but that since her name wasn't listed in the credits, she was probably the Carver. And I had been thinking it was Ava for awhile, so I was all on the Ava train. And then of course the use of the strap-on dildo certainly helped that belief. But alas, no Ava, it was Quentin after all.

I have to really praise one section of the finale, but alas it was surrounding by fizzle on either side. I thought the cut back and forth between Quentin/Sean/Christian and Matt/Crazy-Ariel-Dad/Cherry was pretty cool and really helped keep the suspense going. I seriously was afraid that Christian was going to cut his hand off!!!!!! I never thought I'd be happy to see Rhona Mitra, but when she "shot" Quentin, I think I actually said "Thank God!" outloud. So, that part was really cool.

The reveal though, was just, for some reason, really anti-climatic. I don't know why, it just seemed so casual. I didn't gasp, eyes widen, I was just like 'oh, it's Quentin.' And the finale, I mean as soon as Kit had the close-ups during the story of young Quentin, I thought she was young Violet. Which was obvious, then the lack of 9-11 call, again obvious, all obvious, obvious, obvious and just laid out very much like, 'ooh, we have to provide a shock, here it is! Aren't you shocked!?' And I wasn't.

Furthermore, I had big logic problems with it. So they went to all this trouble, clearly everyone is going to know that Quentin is alive when you know there's no BODY for the autopsy! Just stupid. And it can never be said enough, Rhona Mitra, just not fun to watch on screen ever. She's got like anti-Q-rating, I bet.

Then there is Matt. I didn't hate him, which is definitely unusual. He's definitely fucked up beyond, but John Hensley has managed to make a really fascinating character that's rather crept up on me.

Sigh, and then there's the whole baby thing. I'm probably in the minority -- from what I've read -- but I'm firmly on the Julia/Christian train and have been from the first episode. Joely Richardson (whom I've loved forever) and Julian McMahon have wonderful chemistry and I see nothing of the like with her and Dylan Walsh. (On the other hand, I thought that Walsh and Julie Warner (Megan) and Kelly Carlson had great chemistry. I actually think that Walsh and Carlson have way better chemistry than do McMahon and Carlson, but I digress ...) Plus, I think that Sean is such a hypocritical, pious, holier-than-thou, selfish, asshole pig. Yes, I prettty much hate, hate HATE Sean. I think and say "asshole" at least once an episode. I think Walsh is wonderful, I just hate Sean with a passion.

So, I don't want him to get Julia for those reasons, plus in addition, Julia is SUCH a doormat with him. For some reason, with him, she automatically reverts to this mealy-mouthed, unhappy, boxed in bore. And she keeps letting him do it to her. Ugh. HATE. Yes, I love Julia (when not with Sean.) So not happy about the joint-deed or the getting back together because ... HATE! And then there is the baby -- something is wrong with it, I presume from the doctor's look and Jula's look at the end. I dunno, it was just -- the last finale was so powerful and this one was not.

I don't know, I was really looking forward to this and for the most part I was left with 'that's it?' Ah well. I'll still be watching next season and that's what matters to the show, right?

And damn, it's frustrating trying to type with a cat in your arms.
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Tar Frimmer: LoVe M.A.D.tarfrimmer on January 1st, 2006 03:27 am (UTC)
Nip/Tuck Finale
Quentin and Kit were always my prime suspects in the Carver mystery, but I have to say that until Kit was telling Violet's story, I never seriously suspected they were in on it together. I did pretty much think Quentin was too obvious a choice, which is why I kind of shoved him aside as a possible suspect. But yeah, the reveal itself was a little anticlimactic for me, as well.

I thought the cut back and forth between Quentin/Sean/Christian and Matt/Crazy-Ariel-Dad/Cherry was pretty cool and really helped keep the suspense going.

I agree. And I think I was so tense or distracted when Sean's pinky was cut off that I wasn't even really sure it had happened. Then when Quentin moved over to Christian, I was absolutely positive poor Dr. Troy was going to have to cut his own pretty hand off. (I think I let out a nervous horrified giggle about then, but only because I was having flashbacks to a Bruce Campbell movie.)

And it can never be said enough, Rhona Mitra, just not fun to watch on screen ever. She's got like anti-Q-rating, I bet.

I've never seen her in anything before, but yeah. She didn't impress me at all. I just found her...odd. It's like her face never moved and there was nothing going on in her eyes.

John Hensley was a favorite of mine on "Witchblade" and I've always liked Matt...until this season. I was really worried they were going to keep heading in the direction they were going with his character and that the white supremacist stuff was going to make me absolutely loathe and despise him. Fortunately, he seems to have come to his senses at least a little bit, even though he's definitely still really fucked up. I can't even imagine how he'd react if Ava were to ever show up again.

Although I haven't seen her in a lot of things, I've loved Joely Richardson since I saw her in Shining Through with Melanie Griffith and Michael Douglas. As for Julia and the Christian vs. Sean debate...I'm really not passionate about either pairing. When the series began, I sort of shipped her with Christian. I thought they had great chemistry. But then for a brief bit I liked her with Sean. Then I sort of lost my affection for Sean. I don't hate him or even really dislike him...he's just kind of bleh for me now. And I really wish she'd gone through with the abortion because I suspect that marriage really is deader than a doornail at this point and a baby, possibly even one with birth defects, isn't going to be able to resuscitate it.

And if Kimber is gone, I'm going to miss her. Which surprises me. I grew rather fond of Kelly Carlson this season, without even realizing it.

So it wasn't as good as last season's finale, but it still had me riveted to the screen. And I'm looking forward to next season. There is going to be a fourth season, right? I don't remember hearing anything official, but I don't follow the news on this show all that closely.
Arabian: Julia & Christianarabian on January 1st, 2006 05:07 am (UTC)
Re: Nip/Tuck Finale
As far as I know there's going to be a fourth season. People are guessing that the baby is going to be the big arc for that. I like Kimber too but have never bought the "love" story between Christian and Kimber ... at all. Gina, however, I still don't like. Eh.

I never saw Shining Through, after my I love Melanie Griffith phase, I went thought I can't satnd Melanie Griffith phase, but thanks to Twins, I'm lovig her again, so I may rent that. Cool beans!

Heeheehee, "Give me some sugar!" Yes, I too love Army of Darkness Heeheehee!
Tar Frimmer: Veronica Smilingtarfrimmer on January 1st, 2006 06:43 pm (UTC)
Re: Nip/Tuck Finale
I doubt I'll ever like Gina. The actress was on Prison Break and I kept expecting her to call somebody "Asshole!" I cringed every time she showed up, even though she wasn't a bad character.

While I haven't seen Shining Through in probably 10 years, I remember absolutely loving it enough to buy the tape of it, even though it's really not my usual type of movie. I think a lot of people consider that one a "guilty pleasure." Joely Richardson really stood out to me in that movie, though.

And Army of Darkness is awesome! One of my favorite silly movies. :)