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S1 Veronica Mars, Logan & Veronica Meme/Picspan -- Favorites and Not

This was resurrected on The LoVe Shack and I thought I'd try to bring it over here and hopefully get some responses. Feel free to respond here or at your own livejournal, but if you do respond at your livejournal, please post here and let me know because I'd love to read any responses. Since this was created for a Logan/Veronica board, there's a specific L/V section, for anyone who does want to fill this out, but isn't into L/V, just skip that section.

Respond to the following questions (with reasons if you're so inclined) but all of the responses should be about season one and only season one. (If this gets some responses, I'll put up a S2 and maybe even a S3arc1 thingie as well). This is separated into two categories: Veronica Mars (the show) and Logan/Veronica.

**PICSPAM ADDED! Inspired by leucocrystal, I decided to add some visuals ... which makes this my first ever picspam!!! (Dial-up users beware.)

Veronica Mars

  • Favorite Episode
  • Least Favorite Episode
  • Favorite Line
  • Favorite Scene
  • Favorite Character
  • Least Favorite Character
  • Favorite non Logan or Veronica Character (n/a if answered above)
  • Favorite Recurring High Schooler
  • Favorite Recurring Adult
  • Least Favorite recurring High Schooler
  • Least Favorite recurring Regular Adult
  • Best parent
  • Worst Parent


  • Favorite L/V Scene
  • Favorite Moment
  • Most Romantic Moment
  • Most Unexpected Romantic Moment
  • Most Intense Moment
  • Saddest Moment
  • Sexiest Moment
  • Most Playful Moment
  • Most Hopeful Moment
  • Best Kiss
  • Favorite Line
    - Logan
    - Veronica
  • Most Romantic Line
    - Logan
    - Veronica
  • Most Angsty Line
    - Logan
    - Veronica
  • Best Look Exchanged Overall
    - Logan
    - Veronica

    Veronica Mars

    Favorite Episode -- Ruskie Business. So many puzzles pieces that just intersected and fit beautifully leading to a knock-out of an ending. There was just a lovely symmetry to every moment of the episode for me. As close to perfection as the show got as far as I'm concerned.

    Least Favorite Episode -- Silence of the Lamb. Off-putting MotW that didn't fit in with the style of VM. Too much Lamb (just not a fan). No Logan. The introduction of Leo. Lame (for VM) dialogue. This one is just a dud for me. It's the only episode that I've only watched any bit of it only once.

    (No visuals for least favorite.)

    Favorite Line -- "How 'bout, 'I'm gonna go home and put my head in an oven because I can't go on living knowing what a heartless bitch! I am.'" (From Leave it to Beaver) Yes, it's sad and angry and depressing and so on and so forth, but it's also so emotionally devastating and just screams from the heart of this character. It gets me every single time.

    Favorite Scene -- The Ventura Highway scene from Return of the Kane. The song is already playing during the foodbank scene and then right after Logan announces the half a million dollar donation, Aaron looks at him, and as he does, the lyric playing is "thanks a lot, son, just the same." Continuing, the song still plays as Logan calmly picks out a belt in a clearly ritualized fashion, walking just as calmly to Aaron, the handing over of the belt, the door shutting as Logan lifted his shirt up to Lynn drinking a highball as her husband beats her son. Just wow. This is the most powerful scene the show delivered, in my opinion. So many little touches, such brilliant direction, acting, all around, just magnficent.

    Favorite Character -- Logan. Part of it is the writing, part of it is the acting, part of it is Jason Dohring's charisma, all three combined have created a character that I can't help but love, adore and empathize with. I do adore Veronica, but Logan comes before her in my book, I can't help it. He's good, he's bad, he's grey, he's funny, sweet, mean, humble, scared, vulnerable, nasty, loving, loyal and a million other things all rolled into one. So many layers, so much depth, so much of everything. I just love this character so much.

    Least Favorite Character -- I truly believe that Duncan could have been a great character. The writing is there, the complexity is there, the depth of character is there. What is not is the talent to make the character work. Teddy Dunn is a passable actor, but a character like this (who walks such a fine line) requires an actor of exceptional skill. Not Teddy Dunn. And by the end of the season, wrecking cars, raping and abandoning sisters, treating bffs and gfs (past and present) like crap -- I was just done with him. All excuses were gone. He just sucks.

    Favorite non Logan or Veronica Character -- Keith. I love Wallace, I generally really enjoy Weevil, but Keith is just so awesome. He's strong, steady, stalwart. He's a good man. A truly, truly good man. And Enrico Colantoni makes this good man compassionate and enjoyable with his humor and strength, instead of a boring, do-gooder. He's awesome.

    Favorite Recurring High Schooler -- Meg. On paper, I should be bored silly by Meg Manning and find myself rolling my eyes at half of her actions. However, Alona Tal has such a wonderful quality about her that I'm not bored and I'm behind all Meg does. She's delightful and sweet, a truly good person in the crazy not-so-good world of Neptune High. (Honorable mention to: Dick and Beaver. I don't know what it is about those Casablancas boys, but I love 'em both.)

    Favorite Recurring Adult -- Cliff. If I could have any recurring character made a regular cast member, it would be Cliff McCormack. Daran Norris is a gift, a delightfully droll gift. His one-liners, his presence just work so well. Generally used in a comic manner, there's just the touch of gravity to his presence that puts him above the absurdity of the character. A true keeper.

    Least Favorite Recurring High Schooler -- Very much in the minority here I know, but Mac. She just seems like such a cliche character to me and unfortunately, Tina Majorino doesn't raise her above that bar for me. She's okay and I don't by any stretch of the imagination dislike her, it's just that of all of the recurring high schoolers, she's the one I enjoy the least.

    Least Favorite Recurring Regular Adult -- Lamb. Yeah, another major minority here, I'm sure, but I just can't stand the guy and not in a good way. I think Michael Muhney is a one-note actor (I'd love to see him in another role prove me wrong) and that one note is over the top here on VM. I just hate Lamb, I want him off my screen.

    Best parent -- Keith. Come on, as if there's any question. Yes, he's a bit lax, but I think that laxness comes from the maturity that Veronica possesses. Still, he should have a stricter hand on her, but everything else so completely balances that out. Keith rocks.

    (See Keith above.)

    Worst Parent -- It's sad that as obvious as the obvious choice is (Aaron, duh), Lianne, Lynn and Celeste suck mightily as parents do. Still, Mr. Echolls by far takes the cake. He ignores his eldest child and not only mentally, emotionally and physically abuses his son, he also sleeps with his girlfriend and kills her. Yeah, Aaron gets this one handily.

    Logan and Veronica

    Favorite LoVe Scene -- Understandably this was a tough choice. I kept going through their scenes in my mind and crossing them off for various reasons. I finally settled on one. There's still one particular thing I'm not thrilled with (pretty much everyone would know which bit that is), but overall, the scene was just so great and had all of the ingredients of what I love about Love that I had to pick it. So with all of that said: The makeout session/physics lesson in the girls' bathroom in M.A.D.

    Favorite Moment -- From Mars vs. Mars when Logan comes up to Veronica to talk to her about his mom. She tells him about the police station and he insists on coming with. She tries to dissuade him (with feigned karate chop and all), but he turns her towards him and insists again. And it's in that moment that I officially, 100% became a dyed-in-the-wool no turning back LoVe shipper. I don't know what it was about it, but it just grabbed me and made me sit up and just take absolute notice (moreso than I already was).

    Most Romantic Moment -- Logan asking her out on the Catalina date in M.A.D. It was just sweet (without being syrupy), with this hint of hope and yearning and it was just lovely and romantic.

    Most Unexpected Romantic Moment -- During A Trip to the Dentist, Logan defending Veronica at his party, calling her his girlfriend and holding his hand out to her. Sigh.

    Most Intense Moment -- Logan standing over Veronica in the Pilot, looking down at her so intensely with an almost jubilant joy while she just stared right back at him after he bashed her headlights in, right before the PCHers showed up.

    Saddest Moment -- Veronica walking right past Logan and him looking after her as he tried to catch up with her, but Weevil stopped him in A Trip to the Dentist.

    Sexiest Moment -- The on-the-counter section (pre-talking) of the makeout session in the girls' bathroom in M.A.D.

    Most Playful Moment -- Logan picking her up and twirling her as he sets her down by the pool on the way to the poolhouse in A Trip to the Dentist. So light and carefree. Sigh.

    Most Hopeful Moment -- Logan telling Veronica in Hot Dogs that he had come to terms with Lilly loving boys as opposed to just him because it meant it was okay for him to move on ... to Veronica.

    Best Kiss -- And it's Hot Dogs moving on again. I do wish it was lighted better and while I do love the set-up, camera angles, build-up, etc. of The Kiss, this one is to me just the sexiest, romantic, overall best kiss.

    Favorite Line (Logan) -- "Annoy tiny blonde one, annoy like the wind." (From An Echolls Family Christmas) It's a classic for a reason. The words were snarktastic, but the way he said them, the look in his eyes and the way he watched her walk away added so many layers. I love it.

    (Veronica) -- "What? I blockaded the door. I hung an 'out of order' sign." I like this one from M.A.D. because she just seems so into Logan through this. Logically explaining why it's okay that they're making out in the girls' bathroom and can they please get back to it now. The breathlessness, the yearning to just get back to it (now), it was great.

    Most Romantic Line (Logan) -- "Now, see, why can’t it just be like this? Why do there have to be all those other people in this world?" This is possibly the only straight romantic line that wasn't delivered with angst or heartbreak or vulnerability. The fact that he said it with a smile and just looked like the cutest, happiest puppy dog in boy's clothing in the world certainly helped.

    (Veronica) -- "I'll pencil you in." From M.A.D. after Logan asked her out on the Catalina date. This was Veronica hopeful and optmistic and just coming across as crazy about the boy. The smile not just in her face, but in her voice, radiating throughout her whole being. And this was Veronica giving up some of that control, holding open the door to a potential real them. Double sigh.

    Most Angsty Line (Logan) -- "How 'bout, 'I'm gonna go home and put my head in an oven because I can't go on living knowing what a heartless bitch! I am. Something like that.'" Sigh. From Leave it to Beaver, Logan offering his one show of anger/anguish over Veronica betraying him to her face. The delivery just kills.

    (Same visuals as above.)

    (Veronica) -- "I'm going to find out who did this to me and I'm going to make them pay. Even if it was you." So sad that she would even think that Logan could have raped her, but telling that there was an internal battle (the "even you") part.

    Best Look Exchanged Overall (Both) -- The looks they exchanged in the opening scene of M.A.D. at Veronica's brokedown car. Without a doubt, these were the schmoopiest, most in love looking, sweetest, aww-inducing, gosh-darn adorable looks exchanged between them ever. How Dick and Beaver didn't pick up on those looks is just ... shakes head.

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