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FIC: His Sweet, Sexy Smile (Hard R/Maybe NC-17)

Title: His Sweet, Sexy Smile
Pairing: Logan/Veronica
Rating: Hard R, Maybe NC-17
Word Count: 7,594
Summary Logan and Veronica do things so wrong they're right.
Spoilers: If you know who dated who pre-series, you’re good.
Timeline: Pre-series, the day before Lilly was murdered. So Logan/Lilly are broken up as are Veronica/Duncan and since Lilly hadn't died yet, Logan doesn't hate Veronica with the simmering passion we saw in S1, he's just annoyed that she told Lilly about the kiss.
Notes: Thanks so much to afrocurl and JaneDtwo, my two wonderful betas.
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowing them for some smut.

** For Misa for vm_Santa. **


Thursday, October 2, 2003

Veronica stood before the door and the wood was cool and smooth beneath her fingers; curling her hand into a light fist, her knuckles rose above the hard surface and then stilled. Her other hand drifted down to the knob and some impulse compelled her to just open the door instead.

The first thing she noticed was his naked back. The next was the steady drip-drop coming from the bathroom. As her lips parted, her brain made the connection between that sound and the many drops of water clinging to that bare expanse of flesh, running in light streams into his jeans. His tight jeans. His hair was dark, still wet and her throat was suddenly parched; her lips dry.

Logan shook his head slightly before running his fingers through the silky strands of his hair and she was overwhelmingly jealous of those fingers, wishing they were her own. Straightening up, he rolled both shoulders, the muscles in his back rippling and she felt faint, her knees weak; she could imagine right then that her eyes were the size of saucers. Her heartbeat was conceivably as unsteady as she’d ever heard it. Letting out a shaky breath, she took a quiet step forward.

Not quiet enough.

He turned to face her, his chest, muscled and gleaming with the water’s touch beckoned her closer. Her breath was shakier, her lips dryer and her body was hungry for something she’d felt only in small doses before this moment. But this … this was like a flood, a torrent of heat and shock running through her blood. And she wanted to assuage it … needed to and something inside of her demanded that he be the one to do so. She had never felt anything like this before in her life. The hunger to experience something -- what, she didn't quite know -- just beyond her grasp was saturating every fiber of her being.

“Veronica,” his voice was soft and husky, a tremor running through it and she had honestly never believed what a beautiful word her name could be. Now, now it was the most wonderful sound she’d ever heard. His voice -- like velvet, a shot of sunlight on an overcast winter morning -- slid through her veins like honey, squeezing her heart, flowing through her body. She let out a sigh, closer to a whimper and moved even closer to him. His mouth parted as if to say something, but instead his tongue came out, licking at the pillowy softness of his bottom lip and the whimper became best friend to a moan. She tried to speak, tried to whisper his name but all she could do was stare and move closer … ever nearer to him. His arms rose and then fell to his side as she stepped right before him, the barest spaces of breath between them.

And her gaze dropped from his lips to the curve of his jaw and then the column of his throat, glistening wet and it was an invitation she could not resist. Her hand came out and rested against his bare chest and she sucked in her breath at the heat of his flesh. The water lay in drops in some places, in others a steady stream ran down, rivulets of warm. One such stream beckoned, running down his neck, creating a drop upon his collarbone. Leaning forward, her tongue dipped out and licked at the salty liquid.

Logan shuddered beneath her ministrations. She moved closer, the breath between them closing. Her lips parted over his flesh, her tongue tracing a line across the bone of his collar; she felt his hand press lightly against her hip and she closed her eyes as the dual sensation of his touch, the taste of him burned through her. Wrapping her arm about his waist, her fingers trailed up his wet back, marveling at the ripple of muscles as her hand journeyed over the skin.

Raising her head slowly, she met his gaze and his eyes were hot, burning brightly, filled with a fire that ignited the flames shooting inside of her. His fingers reached out, splaying across her cheek. Leaning forward, she reached up and pressed her lips against his, clinging to his bottom lip with hers and she was drowning, falling into the ocean of his kiss. His mouth captured the soft pillow of her upper lip, sucking gently and then his tongue was sliding inside, flowing with hers, setting off sparks of pleasure inside of her. She felt weak in the knees, her hands moving to clutch his shoulders, holding him tightly to keep from falling. Her mind was a lacy mesh of emotions and feelings and desires, different hues lighting the corners of her heart and soul. She couldn't breathe, but somehow air was coming in and out in faint gasps.

His lips were soft, a light brush against her mouth, parting them with just the slightest pressure. He withdrew a breath away from her and met her gaze before pressing another sweet kiss against the corner of her mouth, the tip of her chin, the column of her throat -- one, two, three kisses. His arm fell away from her back, his fingers resting lightly on her hips and then slowly they began an upward trail over the curve of her waist and breast, across her collarbone, his finger sliding along the inner edge of her soft cotton nightgown, a digit of heat against her flesh.

Pushing the soft material to the side, he laid butterfly kisses against her shoulder, pulling her body closer to him with each kiss. And then back along the flesh of her throat, his drifting fingers lightly, softly over her breasts, his thumbs brushing against her hardened nipples through the cotton fabric. She felt a questing heat inside of her; liquid warmth sweeping through her blood as his lips at last, at last met her own once more. His hands were about her face as he pillowed her bottom lip between his own, savoring the taste of her. His tongue licked at her upper lip, sliding inside, playing touch and go with her. Their breaths were caught, mingling, growing into short pants. Her arms wound themselves about his neck, clutching at his hair as she pushed herself completely against him, her mouth open to him.

He was hard everywhere but for his hands, but for his lips; he was wet and silky soft beneath her touch. He was heaven. Softly, slowly she pulled away. Their gazes locked on one another -- twin orbs of passion burning brightly. Her hand drifted between them, her fingers following separate streams of water towards the waistband of his jeans. He sucked in his breath as she dipped her thumb and forefinger in between the denim material and the wet heat of his flesh. Involuntarily, his hips thrust forward and she let out a small cry, her eyes wide as her fingers drifted once more along the edge, now playing with the snap and riding over the hard bulge now prominent.

She leaned in towards him, her mouth suckling once more against his flesh, her lips sliding over the near-smoothness of his chest, licking her way up his throat as her fingers molded to his hard heat. And then his hands were at her shoulders, pulling her away enough … enough so that his mouth could descend, engulfing her lips, unleashing a torrent of lust and need skyrocketing through her. She met the hunger of his kiss with a passion she barely knew herself capable of, swaying against him, her body in tune with every move he made.

Her lips were prisoner to his as she found her world dissolving to only the touch, the taste, the feel of him. His hands ran through her hair, golden strands sticking to the dampness of his fingers, clinging to him just as she was. His body pressed against hers and she felt every inch of him, the water drying on his body still wet enough to saturate her thin, cotton nightgown, sending spiraling heat through her. And she felt soft and moist and hot; her bones were made of liquid, her flesh of fire, her skin silk to his velvet.

Pulling away, her breath was ragged and her eyes feverish as she met his passion-filled gaze and his suddenly wicked smile, so sexy and sweet at the same time. Dropping to his knees, he glanced up at her, looking very, very wicked indeed as her hands fell to his shoulders. Words refused to come and she could only stare down helplessly as his hands slid from the back of her knees up her thighs, pushing up the soft material of her nightgown. Reaching underneath, Logan hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties, sliding them down, all the while his gaze burned into her. She shut her eyes, her body quivering with anticipation, and then with a jolt, they flew open as his hand cupped her, his fingers curling amid the moist strands of dark blond, one finger slipping between her lips, lightly dancing upon her clitoris before pulling back.

"Don't," she panted, "God, don't stop." Once again, his fingers brushed against her clitoris, at first only gently rubbing the core of her pleasure and then more urgently, rubbing against her, building up slick friction, the hot liquid of her arousal kissing his flesh. Her eyes drifted close again as she swayed against him, and then back, leaning upon the door behind her. “God,” she breathed before that word faded into a moan at the feel of his breath on her. And then upon her dark blond curls, his nose burrowing into the scent of her and his fingers moved aside, replaced with the heat and wet of his tongue. His tongue tasting her, inside of her, swirling and whirling inside of her and her fingers clutched at his head, strands of hair caught between them as her body writhed, keening moans falling from her mouth.

“Logan ... " she trailed off, whimpering, incoherent, incapable of further speech. His tongue was flicking upon her clitoris, his arm bent, his finger moving in and out again, sinking in deeper with each plunge. And he moaned, the strength of his body pressing in between her legs, she tightened against him, and he felt her body stiffen and --

“Buuuuuuzzzzzzzz!! Buuuuuuzzzzzzzz!! Buuuuuuzzzzzzzz!”

Veronica kept her eyes closed, her hand reaching out to shut the alarm off with a groan. Damnit, damnit, damnit! She recaptured a fragment of her dream and deemed it worthy of something stronger than a damn. ”Fuck,” she whispered softly as her eyes slowly opened with reluctance. Looking over, she glared at the alarm clock … silently cursing whoever had invented them. And then she sat up in shock, her hand flying to her mouth as the whom was doing who in her dream hit her like a splash of cold water. Mortification steamed through her so fiercely she could feel the heated blush on her skin.

Closing her eyes quickly, she tried to block out the image of Logan ... of Logan! Veronica opened her eyes even quicker. "Fuck!" She screeched as silently as possible when instead of blocking it out, more and more of the dream's scenario danced through her mind. Looking wildly about the room, her gaze settled on a picture of the four of them from only a few months ago, when they were all happy. Duncan was smiling sweetly with his arm around her, Lilly was wearing a saucy grin, cuddled in Logan's arms. And Logan ... Logan was smiling, the same sweet, sexy, naughty grin lighting his face as it had in her dream. She slammed her eyes shut again.

Nearly naked, wet Logan. Kissing her. Touching her. Smiling at her. Kissing her. Open went her eyes again, her hands pressing against her flaming cheeks. How was she going to face him -- she glanced over at the alarm clock that had waited much too long (in her current estimation) to go off -- in less than two hours? Shaking her head, she took a deep breath and made a promise to herself. The next time Lilly wanted to discuss why she and Logan no longer worked as a couple, details on how they did work -- in other words, sexually -- were off limits.


The frown that Logan had been wearing ever since he found out that Veronica had told Lilly about he and Yolanda was the first thing greeting her in the quad. However, unlike the past few days, instead of offering a tentative smile in apology, Veronica couldn't control the blush that spread across her face and she looked quickly away. Glancing back for a quick peek, Veronica was surprised to find Logan still staring at her, confusion taking the place of his earlier expression. Their eyes met and she felt weak in the knees; a flush spread throughout her body and a blush heated her face. A giggle from behind drew her attention away and Veronica jerked around, glad to be free of the intensity of Logan's stare.

"Veronica Mars, well, don't you look fetching this morning." Lilly sidled up beside her and self-consciously Veronica glanced down at her outfit, pale blue button-down sweater, white and matching blue checkered skirt, soft white boots. It looked like a typical Veronica Mars outfit, the style that Lilly often lamented and she told her best friend as much. "Well, duh. Sarcasm, Veronica, look it up."

With a saucy grin, Lilly bumped into her and gestured towards their table in the middle of the quad. The table where Logan was sitting, looking about as delicious (if more clothed) as he had in her dream. Pausing, Veronica watched Lilly walk ahead and then she shook her head and moved to join her before the other girl would notice the hesitation and hound her mercilessly for the reason. Veronica would just have to do her best to avoid looking at Logan; talking to him shouldn't be a problem considering he'd been giving her the silent treatment since Lilly dumped him (again).

After a few minutes of conversation around the table, Veronica relaxed slightly. Her body loosened and she released the death grip on her purse strap. Sighing softly, she let her eyes pass over the quad before resting on the group she was with. Logan was talking to Duncan and Dick, while Lilly and Madison were critiquing the parade of students at surrounding tables. Almost comfortable now, Veronica risked a glance over at Logan and seeing him otherwise occupied, she allowed her gaze to trail over his body for a quick perusal. In her mind, she held an image of what he had looked like in her fantasy and she couldn't help but take in his lanky form with new eyes. As she moved toward his face, she found herself caught again by his stare. Bewilderment was written in it, and the intensity she had witnessed earlier returned. As she felt a blush heat her face once more, Veronica broke eye contact and jumped up.

Lilly looked quickly to her.

"I -- I have to go," Veronica stammered, simply refusing to look at Logan Echolls who was currently burning a hole in to her with his gaze. "Get a book from the library, I forgot. I have to get a book from the library." She repeated inanely. "Uh, I'll see you later. Bye." She swept a quick glance across the table, "Bye," and was turning away before the word was even out of her mouth.


Of all days, Lilly managed to slip into her and Logan's homeroom class with a note from her teacher. Noting how odd Veronica had acted earlier, Lilly plopped herself into the empty seat beside her best friend and pointedly asked what was wrong with her. Veronica managed to fob off a story about a fight between her mom and dad that morning to account for her jittery nerves. Since Lilly avoided discussion about parental units at all cost unless it involved ribbing on Celeste, she let it go with a sympathetic look and began chattering about an outfit she'd seen over the weekend. Fortunately, her best friend was about as self-absorbed as they come, so she failed to notice how Veronica was very carefully not looking in Logan's direction. Logan, on the other hand, was very aware judging from the glances he kept sending her way. Of course that wasn't much of a surprise as he had always, at any given time, been aware of what she was or was not doing when the foursome hung out. At times it was flattering that he always noticed, at others -- like now -- it was disconcerting and she wished that he would join the club of oblivion of which Duncan was the charter member.

Sighing, Veronica looked over at Logan, unable to control herself. And again, he was looking at her with that same intensity and confusion on his face. Gone completely was the frown and disgust over her tattling to Lilly; it was replaced with looks that Veronica disliked just as much. What he was thinking she had no idea, but she just hoped that by the time he caught up with her, she'd be over her embarrassment. Fortunately, they didn't have any classes together until after lunch today and since she'd already informed Lilly that she was doing research at the library, no one else would notice that she wasn't around then. Hopefully four classes and a lunch later would take Logan's mind off of her odd behavior.


Or not. All throughout fifth period Logan had kept looking over at her and every time he did, Veronica would duck her head, turn away and the damn blush that seemed to have taken up permanent residence in his presence would simply not go away. And every time she tried to not think about him, not think about that stupid dream -- it had felt so real -- it just stayed in the forefront of her mind, every moment vividly replaying like a movie on repeat.

When the bell rang, Logan caught up with her just as she stepped out the door. With a quick glance his way, she hurried to escape him, but he called out her name. "Veronica!" She froze and in that moment he reached her. "Wait up." She debated just ignoring him, but decided that would only cause more questions later. With a sigh, she turned to face him, sternly telling her body to not flush at the sight of him. It did not listen. Damnit!

"Look, Logan, I have to get to class, I'll see you later," and off she went before he could say a word. Just before turning the corner, she looked back and he stood in the same spot, confusion etched on every line of his face. She allowed herself a moment of resentment. Logan had spent most of this week taking jibes at or ignoring her because he blamed her for his fucked-up relationship with Lilly falling apart again. And now, today of all days, he decided to remember that they were friends too. "Jerk," she mumbled under her breath and firmly ignored the thought that confusion looked cute on him. What is the hell is wrong with me?!, she thought in frustration as she tore herself away and headed to her second to last period.


One more class and then this day was over, Veronica thought with an exhalation of relief. Of course, the one more class was shared with Logan and in this one the two of them sat next to one another. Veronica briefly entertained the idea of faking a sickness and just going home, but she'd made it through most of the day, she could handle another hour, give or take.

As she settled into her seat, Mrs. Randall announced a pop quiz. The rest of the class groaned, but Veronica breathed a sigh of relief. Let everyone, including Logan and herself, fret over an unexpected test ... as long as it kept her mind off of him, and his questions at bay. Lilly had told her last night that Logan and the Casablancas boys were skipping tomorrow and heading out to Tijuana for the weekend, so she would have three whole days to get over this sudden sexual obsession with Logan Echolls.

In fact she felt so confident, that Veronica sent a small smile Logan's way. This was, of course, a mistake. Because the jerk smiled back. And it was the same smile, that sweet, sexy one that he'd worn in her dreams while he knelt in front of her, just before -- Her brain went skittering to a stop. And beet-red went her face. Groaning quietly with frustration, Veronica lowered her head, letting her long blond hair hide her face from his view.

Mrs. Randall began speaking, issuing instructions for the quiz and Veronica looked up, resolving to pay attention. A cheer filled the room when their teacher announced that it was open book, but there was to be no conferring with each other. "Fine by me," Veronica muttered under her breath, full well knowing that had it been allowed, Logan would pull his desk right next to hers and be damn near whispering in her ear. Not today, no siree, she thought with sharp shake of her head. Papers passed down the rows and thankfully Logan was put out of her mind as she bent over to take the test.

"Psst!" Freezing, Veronica slowly turned to Logan, who was looking at her with a folded piece of paper in his hand. She glanced down at it, and slightly, but fiercely, shook her head again. He waved the note with a quick glance towards Mrs. Randall who had her back to them for the moment. Rolling her eyes in disbelief at her own idiocy, she reached for the paper with haste. Unfolding it quickly, she darted looks towards to their still-oblivious teacher.

What the HELL is wrong with you?

Succinct, that was Logan. Sighing, she just shook her head again and bent over her test.

"Veronica!" He whispered sharply. Veronica sent a look his way that should have kept him silent and sent him on a scholarly-bent. Big surprise, it didn't. He merely raised his eyebrows and glanced at the note in front of her. Sighing, she bent down and scribbled a reply, mouthing the words beneath her breath. "Later, I'll talk to you later." Hah, later being when Hell froze over, she thought as she refolded the note. So intent on just getting it to him and back to her test, she didn't check to see if Mrs. Randall was paying attention. She was.

"Veronica Mars, Logan Echolls!" She called out sharply as Veronica handed over the slip of paper and Logan reached for it.

"Fuck," Logan mumbled under his breath and Veronica bit her lip.

Mrs. Randall stalked between the aisles and took both of their tests. "That's a zero for both of you and I'll see you after class. Detention."

A cry of disbelief fell from Veronica's lips and she glanced over at Logan who didn't look the least put out. In fact a grin was curving his lips and a light sparkling in his eyes. Burying her hands in her face, Veronica silently damned the universe and waited for the period to end.


As soon as the rest of the class filed out, Mrs. Randall faced the two of them. "I have some work to do in the teacher's lounge, but I will be checking on you periodically and if you're not both here, I'll be calling your parents next." She folded her arms akimbo and looked between the two of them. "Is that clear?" They both nodded, Logan with a shit-eating grin on his face as he nibbled on a pencil, while Veronica bit her lower lip in anxiety.

Mrs. Randall slipped out of the room while Veronica looked longingly after her. Great, she thought, bad enough I'm stuck in detention with Logan of all people on today of all days, but it's for the one teacher who leaves the students to their own devices and just about forgets their existence regardless of her little speech.

Logan scooted his desk a bit towards Veronica as soon as Mrs. Randall shut the door. Immediately, Veronica stood up and headed towards the front of the room. Trying desperately to not look at him, not look nervous and not flip out, she perched on the edge of the teacher's desk and turned her attention to the window. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him rise, his lanky form unfolding in an utterly divine fashion.

"So," he began, all but drawling the word. "Veronica Mars, what's going on?" He continued to move lazily down the aisle and without even realizing it, Veronica had turned from surveying the great outdoors and now her gaze was glued to his movements as he headed towards her. As her eyes rose and settled on his face, seeing the sensual smirk, his twinkling eyes, she gulped. He knew. Maybe not exactly knew *knew*, but he had an inkling about what was going on. She had seen him move like this -- as sinuous as a panther, had heard him talk like this -- a thread of hunger lacing his words, smile like this -- a promise within its curve, whenever he wanted to get Lilly all fired up. And according to Lilly and a few of her own personal eyewitness accounts, it never failed to do the trick. As his fingers trailed slowly, sensuously over the back of one chair, as he glanced up at her from slightly lowered lids, Veronica wished that she was the chair and she understood exactly why Lilly always gave in ... especially if this was just a preview.

Still, she tried to deflect. "I don't know what you're talking about." But her voice was high and her lips were so dry, she had to lick them.

He just smiled, that sweet, sexy smile and kept on coming. He didn't say anything. Tension began spiraling in the air and Veronica felt it spiraling within her body as well. She straightened slightly, squirming just a bit. This feeling was one she'd never experienced before, not even with Duncan. What the hell? she thought in wonder and then let out small yelp when Logan sat down next to her, his hip touching hers. Immediately, she shifted a few inches over. Logan stayed where he was.

"I kissed Yolanda because I knew Lilly was off with some other guy instead of at my party." Veronica turned to look at him in surprise. She hadn't been expecting him to discuss this. He smiled ruefully and continued. "I knew someone would tell her; I wanted someone to. Figured that it was about time Lilly Kane got a taste of her own medicine. What I didn't expect was that it would be you. I know you're her best friend, but I thought you cared enough about me that you'd let it go, knowing someone else would spill."

"Would you have waited?" She asked him, forcing herself to deal with the conversation at hand -- one she had wanted to have for a week now -- and ignoring the heat of him so near her.

He raised an eyebrow at her question, but didn't speak.

"If you had seen me kissing another guy, would you have kept quiet, figuring someone else would tell Duncan?" Logan looked away quickly and Veronica went on, answering for him. "Of course not. You would have told him ... because you're his best friend. It's your duty. I felt the same way."

Logan nodded, "You're right. I've been an asshole to you about this whole thing." He grinned and she was breathless for a moment. "Hey, we all gotta have a talent. And that is one of mine." He paused and smiled wickedly, "one of many." Shaking his head, he looked down. "No, seriously, I'm sorry. I was pissed at Lilly and I took it out on you. You were just being a good friend. Being Veronica Mars ... good at everything." She was still looking at him and when he raised his head, she found herself the recipient of such intensity, her breath was caught. And then softly, he spoke. "What's going on, Veronica? You've been acting ... different all day."

She was silent, unable to speak, desperately wanting to look away but unable to escape his beautiful eyes. "Is this about Duncan?" He continued. And her ex's name was enough to snap her out of the lust-induced fog she'd found herself in since the morning. And it was most definitely lust, the heat flooding through her body could not be attributed to embarrassment alone.

"No. It has nothing to do with him." It wasn't until she spoke the words that Veronica realized that she had just acknowledged an 'it.' "Damnit," she muttered under her breath.

Misunderstanding, Logan cocked his head slightly, looking at her in surprise. "So, you're finally mad at D.K.? 'Bout time."

Looking down at her clasped hands, Veronica nodded. "Yeah. I mean, a little. He just dumped me without a word. It wasn't even that he gave me a stupid-ass reason; he didn't give me a reason at all. Everything was fine and then suddenly I didn't exist."

Logan nodded. "Yeah, it was pretty shitty."

Glancing up at him in surprise, Veronica looked at him with wide eyes. "You're not defending him?"

"Nah, like I said, it was pretty shitty." He looked at her and their eyes met and held once more. Veronica blushed and her gaze darted away quickly. "You keep blushing every time you look at me."

"No, I don't." She stupidly denied, knowing that the evidence was on her face. He laughed; it wasn't mean, more a teasing, playful laugh of affection and she shook her head, unable to refute it any longer. "Fine. Last night, Lilly and I were talking about you and the break up and what didn't work and what ... did.

Logan laughed again, this time with flashing eyes. "Ah, so Lilly was talking about our sex life. And of course, knowing Lilly, it was in detail because Lilly Kane is incapable of talking about sex without going into detail ... extreme detail." And then his smile died and confusion flooded his face. "But, that's nothing new, I'm sure. I know that Lilly has regaled you with tales of my sexual prowess plenty of times."

Biting her lip, Veronica decided that hell was a fitting place for Mrs. Randall right now rather than the Teacher's Lounge. One more class and she wouldn't have had to see Logan for a few more days, and all of this tension would have been blown away and he would have been none the wiser. Damnit. "We talked," she paused and felt that infernal blush spreading like wildfire across her face, down her neck and into the confines of her sweater, "before going to sleep," she finished quickly.

"Oh, Veronica," and that velvet seduction was in his tone again. "Did you have a naughty dream about me?" Her face simply had to be on fire now, she thought as Logan stared at her.

Straightening up, she spoke primly. "I'm not going to talk about it."

Logan shifted slightly and she felt the heat of his body. "Did we fuck?" He asked bluntly.


He laughed softly, a sensual note in the joy. He scooted closer and she felt his hip press against hers once more. "Hmm, I'm going about this all wrong. I'm thinking of Lilly and since fucking wouldn't make her blush, it must be something worse. But," and he paused and leaned slightly closer, his shoulder brushing hers, "you're not Lilly. And if I go by what both she and Duncan told me, the two of you never got past the heavy petting stage."

Forgetting her embarrassment, Veronica turned to look sharply at him. "Lilly told you about ..?"

"Yeah," Logan replied as if stating the absolutely obvious.

Veronica looked away, her teeth clenched. Annoyance flooded her and she had to ask him. She looked back at him once more. "Why? Why would she talk to you about that?"

Shrugging as if uncomfortable, the sexual aura dissipated as he spoke, his voice quiet. "Whenever I was in a bad mood, that was one of things she'd talk about to --" he broke off and squirmed slightly before finishing. "She'd talk about it to make me laugh."

Veronica shook her head furiously, seething and then unable to contain her frustration with Lilly blabbing about her (limited) sex life, she burst out. "God, why does she have to be such a bitch sometimes?"

"Because she's Lilly Kane." He responded. Succinct, that was Logan. And then he cleared his throat slightly. "So were they lying?" And that note of sensuality was once more in his voice. And just like that, Veronica felt heat begin to spiral in her body again. She wondered for a moment at the feeling, surprised that she wasn't surprised by how quickly the dream had taken hold of her. After all, both she and Logan were available now and there had always been an awareness between the two of them. She had never realized how close to sexual in nature that awareness was until this moment. "Veronica?" And her name when he said it sounded as beautiful as it had in her dream. "Was it ever more between you and him? Heavy petting?"

Shaking her head, a blush bloomed anew. "No, that was it."

"I see, so about your dream ..." He began and Veronica let out a shaky breath. Something inside her screamed to get up and leave, risk the phone call to her parents because if she didn't everything was going to change. Everything.

She didn't move.

"Did we kiss?" He asked, softly, so softly and Veronica sighed a little, but still she answered, her gaze straight ahead.

"Yes." Her voice was tight.

"Did I kiss you or did you kiss me."

Tighter the heat and tension spiraled inside her body. "You kissed me," she replied, her voice barely above a whisper.

Standing up, Logan moved to stand in front of her, just barely in between her legs. "Was it slow? Was it long, open-mouthed, sweet? Chaste?"

Her head fell back slightly and Veronica closed her eyes in remembrance, unable to look at the solid wall of his chest in front of her. On a shaky breath, she answered him. "It wasn't chaste."

Moving slightly closer, Logan continued the questioning, a husky depth to his tone. "Where were we?"

Veronica looked down at her lap, opening her eyes, locked upon her hands clasped together. She held her body tight, her mind swimming with the images of her dream, still so vivid and clear. Her body felt tight and flushed and she wanted ... she wanted ... "My bedroom. We were in my bedroom."

"Ohh," he murmured softly and moved just a little closer.

"I walked in and you were standing there, just out of the shower."

"Was I naked?" And she could hear the grin in his voice.

"No!" Veronica's eyes flew up to his face and then there gazes held, his smile faded. She repeated quietly. "No. You were wearing jeans, but you were still wet from the shower."

Logan licked his lips and moved in just a bit more, and then asked softly, "What were you wearing."

"Pajamas." She answered, their gazes still locked.

"What kind?" He moved in just that much more and she had to spread her legs wider to accommodate him. They were both quiet, and then on an unsteady breath, Veronica asked the question that had to be asked.

"Logan, why are we doing this?"

With intensity in his voice and his eyes locked onto hers, he replied with certainty, "because Lilly's a bitch, Duncan's an idiot and I've had a thing for you since we were twelve."

Slowly his hand came up and cupped her jaw lightly. She could see him tense, waiting for her to stop him. She didn't. He rubbed his thumb against her bottom lip and her tongue slipped out, gingerly tasting the salty flesh of his finger. He smiled and she found herself smiling as well. He tasted better than her dream. Logan tugged gently on her lip as his head lowered, his eyes still holding her own. He paused before her face, his breath hovering over her lips and she inhaled quickly, afraid to exhale, afraid to move, afraid to break the spell -- his spell.

His tongue came out again and gently touched her lower lip. His thumb slipped away as he brushed his lips against hers for a brief moment. Her lips clung to his as he pulled away slightly and she let out a shaky breath. And then his mouth lowered again, gingerly touching her top lip, placing a tame kiss there and then on her bottom one. Her fingers loosened their tight grip on each other and drifted over to his hips. He pulled away again slightly, his breath once more upon her face. His hand floated over her throat, sliding down her arm, stopping at her elbow. And then his arm curved about her waist, his fingers splayed across the small of her back. Moving in between her legs completely, he pulled her to the edge of the desk until the vee of her inner thighs was pressed against the hard heat of his erection. She let out a gasp at the feel and she wondered just when that had happened. And then without further thought and simply going with the moment, Veronica's arms rose until they were clasped about his back, her fingers brushing against the soft tendrils at his nape.

He lifted his free hand to the side of her face, his hand cradling her head in his palm. She closed her eyes as his lips parted above hers. Her fingers clutched at his hair as his kiss at last deepened, his tongue tentatively exploring the inside of her mouth, gently entangling with her own. Veronica moaned softly against his lips as she pressed her body closer to his, as close as two bodies could be. And then gradually the softness, the gentle loving of his kiss grew more passionate, ardent desire capturing hold. Blood was rushing through her, she heard thunder in her ears as her heart began contracting and she could feel the blood pumping in and out as the taste of him filled her. She felt dizzy, light-headed. She was whimpering, soft sounds emanating from in between their kisses.

Logan pulled away from her lips, as his began trailing down her throat, sucking lightly at her flesh and Veronica felt a gloriousness rushing through her body unlike any feeling she'd ever known. "Logan," she panted softly and he paused, pulling back slightly to look at her. His eyes were wide and dark, glazed with desire. His mouth was shiny with her lip gloss, his lips wet and parted and Veronica felt such an intense tug of lust settling in the pool of her stomach. "In my dream," she whispered, not caring that she was about to ask her best friend's ex to do something that she'd never even contemplated asking of her ex, coincidentally Logan's best friend, "you touched me, you touched me ..." and she trailed off, unable to say the words.

Breaking her hold on his shoulder, she took his hand and pulled it between them, placing it between her thighs and at the slight pressure her hips involuntarily moved toward the sensation. "There, Logan --" The rest of her words were cut off as he lunged for her mouth again, kissing her voraciously and her hand drifted away as he removed his from the curve of her cheek to slide her skirt up and then his fingers slipped beneath her panties. She broke from his kiss, a gasp of wondrous delight escaping her. Throwing her head back, she gasped loudly, her eyes squeezing shut as he feathered the core of her pleasure. Slowly, he sank his finger into the heart of her, building up friction, her juices soaking his hand.

Leaning forward, Veronica bit into his shoulder through his shirt, holding off her scream. And then her world shattered. She heard his heavy panting, his breath hot against her ear as waves of ecstasy poured through her. Leaning down, Logan took her mouth in another kiss, his tongue dancing with hers and she brought her arms up to clasp about his neck, holding onto him tightly.

Breathing heavily, they drew apart, their eyes meeting. "Veronica," he whispered softly. She shook her head, dazed and still recovering from her first orgasm. "What else?" And he bent down swiftly for another quick kiss, before placing a series of them at the corner of her mouth, her chin, moving over the curve of her jaw before he grazed the sensitive flesh of her ear with his lips, his tongue, his teeth. Veronica's eyes widened and she arched her neck, her eyes then closing and falling open in renewed desire. And then in between gentle licks and nibbles, he repeated, "what else?" A humming sound danced over her skin and she arched her body against him. "Veronica, what else in your dream? Tell me," he whispered.

And a whimper fell from her lips. He pulled away slightly, looking at her, a question in his gaze.

"I woke up. The alarm went off," she almost cried. And then her eyes widened and she smiled, a shy smile that had no place on her face after the last few minutes, but there it was. "Before ..." she paused and then gathered her courage, "before you," and she blushed anew, "touched me, you weren't wearing a shirt --" she broke off when Logan stepped back slightly and practically ripped his tee-shirt over his head and threw it to the floor. She was quiet, just looking at him, how beautiful he was, so much like -- but so much better, than her dream because he was real. "You're real," she murmured and reached out a hand to touch his naked chest.

He shuddered lightly beneath her touch. And she began exploring the feel of him beneath her. She trailed her fingers over his collarbone and then flew down, circling the flat hardness of his nipple. He let out a soft moan and remembering her dream, Veronica leaned forward and placed a kiss upon his flesh right above where her fingers lay. "Veronica," he murmured quietly and she lifted her hands and pushed him back slightly, rising with his backwards motion, her mouth leaving moist trails upon his chest. Straightening up, she bit her lip and then ordered him to turn around. He obeyed and she pushed him back again, this time so that he was the one leaning against Mrs. Randall's desk.

Veronica moved forward and pressed against him once more, angling her head towards him, she initiated a kiss between them, her mouth opening beneath his and her tongue slipping between his lips, starting the dance. Groaning against her, Logan wrapped his arms around her tightly and leaned back so that Veronica was nearly lying upon him. Shifting slightly, Veronica pulled away, a smile crossing her face. "This is so wrong," but she laughed.

"So wrong it's right?" he murmured and Veronica found herself nodding before she'd even answered his question in her mind. He laughed, and he sounded so happy.

Her eyes were shining as she pulled back. "Logan," she sighed. And then couldn't help the giggle that escaped her. "What are we going to do?" And as the words left her mouth, she suddenly sobered up. "Lilly's gonna kill me and who knows what Duncan is thinking?"

"Who cares?" He responded. "Who cares, Veronica? Lilly will deal, hell she'll probably be thrilled considering the weird obsession she has with you. I swear she's half in love with you like the rest of us." He bent down and grabbed his shirt, jerkily pulling it over his head.

"The rest of us?" Veronica asked shyly, ignoring the ramifications for a moment.

Logan grinned that sweet, sexy smile and reached over, pulling her back into his arms. He placed a soft, lingering kiss on her lips. "Oh, you've had me wrapped around your finger for years, Veronica Mars, you just had no clue." He smiled and then his expression grew serious as he stared intensely into her eyes. "So, are we gonna do this? Do you want to? Face Lilly, D.K., the whole school?"

Looking up into his gaze, Veronica thought of all that had happened in the last half hour. Feelings like those she'd experienced shouldn't be taken for granted. The entire time she'd been with Duncan, she'd felt nothing even remotely comparable and Logan was right. If Lilly could deal with Logan dating anyone else, it was Veronica. It wasn't as if she hadn’t tried to hook them up every time the two of them had broken up, her brother be damned.

"Veronica?" Logan said her name, anxiety on his face and she knew her answer.


Friday, October 3, 2003

Lilly twisted her body with every rub of the car and Veronica wondered that any of their male customers hadn't taken off yet with the show that Lilly was subconsciously giving them, but that was Lilly. Her mood was buoyant and Veronica figured that was the only reason that Lilly hadn't noticed the high wafting off of her. Logan was in Tijuana with the Casablancas brothers, but when he came back, the two of them would go public. She had promised and Logan had decided that they would tell Lilly and Duncan together Sunday night.

"I've got a secret," Lilly told her with a grin and Veronica smiled back, holding her own secret close to her chest for the time being.


Tags: fic, logan/veronica, veronica mars

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