Arabian (arabian) wrote,

The OC -- My First Live Viewing ... eh

So I watched my first "live" episode of The O.C. Sadly, after the rush of watching all the eps together, seeing what we got here, maybe it was just subpar, but the feelings I got, even while thinking that Taylor was adorable, is just, well, Ryan and Taylor ain't replacing Logan/Veronica in my heart. Damn JD and KB for having such ridiculously good chemistry that even with all of the crap that's been handed us, I still want to see Logan/Veronica working it!!!!!!!

I dunno, the episode itself, it was okay. Too predictable, Summer's issues seemed to come out of the blue. Ryan seemed kinda blah. And I was really annoyed with Seth taking over the Vegas trip, that was just wrong. And I didn't like how Taylor/Ryan were written all that much. Too cartoon-y in a way, I guess? And the shot of Taylor in bed should SO have not been in the preview. (Although Ryan's reaction was cute.) I was just disappointed overall and I just thought the quality was so less than the previous seven episodes. Oh well. Maybe this was just a down ep, every show -- even when they're on a roll -- has them.
Tags: logan/veronica, ryan/taylor, the o.c., tv

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