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Rob Thomas can BITE ME!! He so infuriates me!

These are excerpts from RT's latest insider chat with TVGuide online (read the full thing here -- warning, slight spoilers) and well, he bites, once again. And is clueless, once again. And pisses all over intelligent fans, once again. And acts like he actually knows what the fuck he's talking about any more in regards to his show ... once again.

You really think Logan has been sweet to Veronica this year? To quote Gob Bluth, "Come on!" Go back and watch the episodes again. He's been cold except when he's needed something.
I've watched the episodes; the only time Logan was mean to Veronica was when she was a complete bitch to him first and even then, he really hasn't been mean, but for in that one scene in GEM. And even if he had been cold, it's justified after the shitty way Veronica treated him last summer.

Yes, Veronica broke up with him — because he was being self-destructive and a creep.
Rob, dear, we didn't SEE Logan being a creep at all! Those itty bitty, piece of crap flashbacks didn't cut it.

He does rotten thing after rotten thing, and yet people want things to turn out well for him.
And what rotten things has Logan done since laughing about Veronica being arrested in CotT? Yeah, he's been snarky to Veronica ... after she dumped him, ran back to Donut and has been a complete bitch to him. Yeah, he bought the Navarro house ... after Weevil burnt his house down. Yeah, he slept with Kendall; she was/is a willing participant and no one seems to really care (including Big Dick) about that. Yeah, he (allegedly) burnt down the pool ... after he and Veronica had been shot at. I'm not saying the last three things were right, but it's not as if he just did it for fun (okay, except for Kendall). He was acted against first in regards to the two fire-related incidents. Logan wasn't starting something; he was responding to something.

Gah, I'm so, so over Rob Thomas, it's not even funny. I swear to God the man doesn't read the scripts or even watch his own damn show.

I appreciate the Jason praise (he sure as hell deserves it) and I appreciate that he sorta, kinda acknowledged that Veronica does care about Logan, but I gotta say this really came across as if Rob Thomas:

a) Doesn't really like Logan all that much and pretty much considers him the bad guy on the show while Duncan is his hero, and

b) Doesn't even remotely think that Logan and Veronica are the OTP. It came across as if he frankly doesn't give two shits about them.

Of course, one would only need to watch the show this season to get that.
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