Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Man, I want some smutty Logan/Veronica fic

Not angsty, not future fic, just some s3 pre or post break-up smut with some plot *. And writing my own or reading all the fic in my memories won't do the trick. I want to just sit down and read it. Damn RT for screwing up the L/V story so much in S2 and then making them so non-L/V-ish this season that good, plentiful, not that horribly angsty, non-future-fic (you know, to get around the horrendous canon of their relationship) smut is hard to find. Sigh. It used to be darn plentiful.

Curse you, Rob Thomas!!!!

* Okay, pre-series or pre-ep 1.21 smut would work too.
Tags: logan/veronica, rant, rt sucks plenty lots, veronica mars

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