Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Now This Kinda PC, I'm All About!!

So, I posted in the past about how I still liked Heroes, but it had sorta lost me in it's feverish grip. Well, if the show goes a certain direction, which probably totally won't, but I can still dream -- it may pull me back in yet!

I liked the chemistry between Peter and Claire (Peter whom I previously found sooooooooo annoying, and Claire who is my second fave -- after Hiro) in "Homecoming," well, the last episode "Fallout" which featured the Squee-worthy line, "you're totally my hero" just cinched it. Yeah, oh yeah, I'm so on the PC train. Oh yeah!!!!!!! And I did like Claire and Zach, but Milo V. and Hayden P. DO have chemistry and I'm alllllll about the chemistry.

See, I'm so easy. I can dislike a character intensely, but if the actor clicks with someone in a potential pairing that makes me sit up and take note, well, it's just so easy for me to cast all past annoyance and dislike away. See, easy.

Look, I even made a pretty icon already!!!
Tags: heroes, pc

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