Arabian (arabian) wrote,

What the HELL!???! Reaction to the reaction to the new VM spoilers

I am positively, absolutely mind-boggled at the reaction from some people in the fandom about the new round of VM spoilers. SERIOUSLY!

Do I like the spoilers about Logan sleeping with Madison, Veronica finding out and dumping him over it? Absolutely not. However, I'm upset with Veronica, not Logan. But I can not fathom how anyone can see Logan as the bad guy here. Seriously. Do I understand why Veronica is upset? Absolutely. But dumping him for it? No way. And I simply can not understand how anyone can be mad at Logan, wondering how he can be forgiven. He. Does. Nothing. Wrong. Grrrr.

They broke up. She took it, didn't fight it, fight for him, they are over. It's not a break, it's not a 'let's see how things play out,' it was the end of their relationship. And then a month later or so he is lonely, unattached and hooks up with another lonely, unattached, willing female. How is this out of a character? He's an unattached 19 year old guy who has no expectation that he's going to get back together with the girl HE broke up with. He did nothing wrong. At all. As far as he knows, their relationship is completely over. It's not like he jumps into bed with someone the day after ep 9. It's three to four weeks or so. He's a single, unattached guy. Single, unattached guys -- even nursing what they believe is unrequited love -- have sex with single, unattached females and it doesn't make them evil. It makes them human and 19-year-old boys with a healthy sex drive.

He did nothing wrong.

He did NOTHING wrong. Veronica? Now her, I'm not so sure about. She breaks up with him because he slept with a girl A MONTH AFTER THEY BROKE UP! They. Were. Broken. Up. Not on a break, not in the middle of any stage of ambiguity. They were over. Again -- beating my head in an endless refrain -- he did absolutely nothing wrong. The fact that she dumps him for something he did when they weren't together? Wrong. Get pissed? Sure. Give him the silent treatment for a week? Sure. Withhold sex for a few weeks? Sure. Make him feel guilty as hell for a few weeks? Sure. And then after all of the above, get over it. But break up with him!?!?!? For something he did when they were not even dating!?!?!? WHAT THE HELL?!!? No way.
Tags: logan/veronica, rant, spoilers, veronica mars

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