Arabian (arabian) wrote,

JD, RH and CL at the Scientology Christmas Party

I don't judge, just report. These are from The Church of Scientology's Christmas Stories -- this benefits a charity (no doubt, Scientology-related.) Obviously we know that Jason is a Scientologist (no judging, just reporting), but Ryan is a Mormon (I'm not sure, I think, but on second thought, I'm REALLY not sure) and I have no idea what Chris is. I read that Danny Masterson (also a Scientologist) would invite most of That 70's Show cast to come along to the party each year and most did, so maybe, probably, Ryan and Chris came along with Jason. I may hate Piz, but Chris Lowell is probably a pretty nice guy to go along with something like this (if he's not a Scientologist) who must like Jason.

There are different numbers and sketches, and taking in the binders that Ryan, Chris and Jason have on their laps in the first pic, it makes me wonder if they did something? If so, I kinda wanna ignore the whole Scientology aspect and just go, awww! and I wanna see! Man, why did RT have to make Piz so perfectly hateable by going the whole 'crush on Veronica' route when CL seems like such a perfectly likable young man. Damn you, Rob!!!

Anyhoo, the pics are from Getty. I'm sure someone will have non-water-marked better pics later. Just click on the pics to get to the bigger (water-marked, but still ... bigger) pics.

It's cool that the three are hanging out and I am curious as to what they did do (if some sketch of sorts was done). Maybe at some upcoming event (there's got to be more, right?), someone can ask if one of the three are there. What I like is how all three look like such good, wholesome boys in their sweaters and smiles. Hee.
Tags: event, jason dohring

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