Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Well, I Guess I'm Done with Battlestar Galactica

Tonight was pretty much it for me. I've been leaning toward this since the middle of last season and really thinking on it the last two weeks and well, this episode cinched it for me. I found myself fastforwarding instead of watching.

I don't like what's what's happened to Starbuck over the last couple of seasons. I don't like what's happened to Baltar over the last season. These two were my favorites and so much of what I liked about them has been leached out. And then there's the Lee factor. I can not stand Lee. I'm sure that Jaime Bamber is a lovely fella, but he has no charisma, is eh in the looks department (in my opinion) and, my god Lee bores me stiff. He is such weeny, whiny, annoying twit. Then there's Lee/Kara. Maybe if I thought they had chemistry (which I DON'T -- Kara and Gaius? Awesome chemistry. Kara and Helo? Yup. Kara and Anders? Yeah.), the history of their story and the way it was presented just totally squicks me out. And, sigh, tonight just made it perfectly clear that Kara/Lee is the endgame, the big couple, etc., etc. And I don't want to watch it.

But it's not just that because lord knows we've had signs of the above prior to now. It's that I don't like what we found out about Adama last week. Lazy writing. They needed conflict so they pulled something out of their asses to make conflict whether it was consistent with past story or character or not. Laura is too harsh for me now. I understand why, but I don't like it. The Cylon side story bores me senseless and is a complete and utter waste of how awesomely fucked up Gaius used to be. Now he's just pathetically fucked up. Not fun. As mentioned, Starbuck is no longer the kickass girl I fell for. I used to say that she and Jack Bauer could rule the universe together. Now? He'd roll his eyes at her pathetic self. Then there's Lee, fucking Lee. God I hate him for his boring, boring, boring ways. He's such a lame, lame "hero." I want to slap him whenever he shows up onscreen.

So, I don't like many of the characters now, and without enjoyment of the characters, this vast, depressing future of promised annihilation is just not fun, and so I simply don't enjoy watching the show anymore. Ah well. Another one bites the dust.
Tags: battlestar galactica, tv

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