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Rambled VM 3.09 Thoughts

So the first arc was over, sadly the conclusion was a helluva lot better than the execution of the arc. It's rather a shame because the clues were laid out nicely. If the feminazis and pi's hadn't been so cliched, I would have enjoyed the ending more. It was a good conclusion, but the cliches were terrible and the execution/build-up of the story was just not well-done. Ah well.

- So it was Mercer. Damn! Logan has THE worst taste in friends, ever!!! And the poor guy actually began the road to the start of the fucking up of his relationship protecting this guy. I wish we'd gotten to see Logan get a few hits in at the end, just a few. And then there is ... MOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say it ain't so! Wah!!! I loved Moe. So much. Sigh. Kudos, to those who caught his reaction to the prison experiment as foreshadowing and, yes, now we know that the Horshack/Rafe line from HI from Logan to Veronica WAS foreshadowing also.

- I'm really annoyed about the Dean being killed because I liked him and I can't stand the actress who plays his wife and we'll have to see more of her next arc.

- As for the break-up, it made sense, and it was nice that Logan made it clear he still loves her. And I liked that he very clearly explained why he was doing it. It was also nice that we got to see that Veronica was very affected by the break-up ... erm, well sorta. See, it was not so nice that Kristen Bell Veronica forgot to be upset about it any scene that didn't specifically call for her to be upset about it. I dunno, after the one-two punch of eps 7 and 8 (especially 8), I needed more to make me feel sorry for Veronica. I mean, she barely put up even a token resistance, didn't try and fight for him or their relationship. Geez. Oh, and on a non-script-y/act-y note, you know what else would have been really nice? If they had they put the Dean/cigar dude before the break-up scene so that it didn't have the credits running through it.

- Semi-related. I hate the bangs. Wtf? Logan breaks up with her and she .. restyles her hair? Not to mention showers with bobby pins still in her hair?

- Loved that Logan said he was there for her if she needed anything, gave the forehead kiss so intensely and then the closer, "not that you ever need anything." Sigh. And then the looks at the party were good, the very loaded "Hey's." And then his insistence that he do this to protect her and she agreed, she actually agreed (so score one for Veronica!). The second best (sorry, forehead kiss takes first place) was Logan smashing the car to get arrested to beat the crap outta Mercer. YAY! And he looked really hot in that final close-up. Ooh, baby!

- I hate Piz. Could Piz BE any more annoying? It was one thing when he walked up and stole Logan's word thing, but when he went on and on AFTER Wallace and Mac stared at him like "SHUT UP!" while Veronica stared moodily off into space, it was ridiculous. Not charming. Not likable. Stupid asshead! I really hate Piz. Can never be said enough.

- Okay, I'll add one non-hate-Piz moment. I LOVED the look he shot her when Mac ordered a soda cup. I could see him as a love interest for Mac. Who is now officially awesome in my book. It took forever for me to completely warm up to her, but tonight's episode nailed it. Mac = awesome. Can she and Logan become BFF so Logan has a Wallace of his very own?

- The direction by Rob Thomas wasn't as bad as Donut Run, but it was very stilted. Just kinda sat there. Eh.

Overall, the episode was good. I loved pretty much every Logan moment, even the sad ones. I loved that we actually saw some reaction from Veronica, even if she was pretending to be okay in the early scenes, that she was affected. I love the Dean, hate that he's dead. Sigh. The resolution was way better than the execution in eps 1-8. Veronica was more in character than we've seen her throughout a whole episode in a long time and Mac was really wonderful.

Still, once more for the road ... MOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA: I can't believe I forgot to comment on this, but I hadn't thought of it since I saw it until now, so. Hee!! Wallace OFFERED to go with Logan!!! That was so sweet. Yay! For Wallace and Logan!!!
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