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Here is where I baffle everyone re: VM

I'm actually fairly positive with where the show is going now. Including all of the spoilers for those who know. I think it makes sense. I think the arc is important for Logan/Veronica. I won't go into details, no way to do so without spoiling the hell outta people, I'll just say this: There has GOT to be reason that everyone is turning against Veronica for the most part, there has got to be a reason that Logan actually said things to Veronica many have been saying (I am me, but you expect me to change, you're not always right, but you think you are, etc.)

Also, about the "yeah ..." after the "do you love me?" I do believe she meant that. The look in her eyes, the shimmering tears that he had to ask, that I bought. It was the "yeah" after "can we be nicer together, are we better?" that I didn't buy and I don't think we were supposed to. And that explains the final scene. Veronica said yeah then because she didn't want to fight, but she wasn't ready to just let it go, she needed more time. And that's why she didn't answer the phone, not because she doesn't love him, didn't mean that "yeah," but because she isn't ready to be "okay" yet. She needs more time to cool off and that's why she didn't answer. But Logan won't see that.

I'm in a very good place right now (character-motivation-wise) with both Logan and Veronica. The arc of this episode? I liked. Really, I'm not horribly biased against Veronica and towards Logan like it no doubt seems pretty much all of the time. I just need to understand the motivation for stupid things they do. If they do stupid stuff, I can deal, but I need to buy and understand their motivation. I understand why Logan did the stupid, bodyguard hire, it was stupid and he deserved to be smacked upside the head, but I got it. I understand why Logan didn't tell Veronica about the alibi, it was stupid, he should have told her, but I understood why he didn't. I understood why Veronica put a tracker on Logan's phone and felt no compunction in using it, it was stupid, but I understood why she did it. I understand why she didn't answer the phone, I may not have liked it, but I understood WHY she did it. It's only when I can not fathom their motives that I raise holy hell and unfortunately, I feel that Jason and the writers have given me more motivation for why Logan does his stupid stuff ... pretty much from S2 on.

I'm so excited to write up the analysis!!
Tags: logan/veronica, tv, veronica mars

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