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VM 3.07 'Of Vice and Men' L/V Thoughts

Here is my new batch of analysis for the Logan/Veronica scenes in the last episode as seen (or will be seen) in The LoVe Shack Breakdowns.

I'd like to begin this with a warning ... if you did not find anything (or much) wrong with Veronica's attitude and/or treatment of Logan in this episode, don't read this. I did find much wrong and try as I might I couldn't not rake her over the coals. To be honest, I didn't want to write this analysis .. it was too painful to think too deeply about. I want to love Veronica and I've loved most of what we've gotten in regards to LoVe this season. This episode pretty much ripped that all to shreds for me. Damn you, Rob! {Sigh} Just a warning. (There is also profanity.)

Scene One: Have a Little Faith

I don't understand Veronica. I truly don't. I get that she is upset that he's not telling her something, but to avoid him? To stay with another guy (platonic or not) and then to taunt him with her secretive whereabouts? To suggest that it's completely unfathomable to just trust that he doesn't want to tell her because he knows pain will come of it? What is wrong with her? He's her boyfriend and yet she treats him like he's a terrible person. How dare he not tell her every single facet of his life? Because she does for him? Does anyone honestly think that she told him that she bugged his car? Of course not. Why wouldn't she tell him? Perhaps because it was a stupid, stupid, paranoid thing to do and his knowing about it would only upset him and cause a rift between them. Why is it okay for her keep things from him? Why is it okay for her to ignore him for days? Why is it okay for her sleep in a room with a guy in her sleeping apparel, but she's completely justified in being upset with him for not telling her something that really has no consequence for them and will only cause her upset.

Stepping away from this scene for a bit -- but I will come back to why it relates -- I want to expound on the whole sleepover. Regardless of the type of sleepwear she wore -- it was sleepwear. There is an implied intimacy in wearing the things you sleep in and that is why a person doesn't walk around in sleepwear in front of non-family or people they're not sleeping with! It sends a message. Period. Furthermore, Veronica has a boyfriend and when putting the two together it can very much be read that Veronica was sending that message to Piz (unintentionally or not) that while she may have a boyfriend, they are not 100% solid and the possibility of a hook-up with someone else is not out of the question.

Piz is barely a friend and, yet, she's spending the weekend with him? Because that's what she did. Some viewers may buy that she's oblivious to his crush and instead believe that Veronica Mars is suddenly THAT stupid, however, it still doesn't fly. A single girl (especially one with a boyfriend) does NOT spend the weekend with an unattached guy. It just isn't done unless you are sending the above message. And that is what was so wrong with the Piz/Veronica scenes. Everything Veronica did in that scenario once Piz showed up was something that you just don't do unless you are sending signals.

And this relates to this confrontation between Veronica and Logan because it illustrates how completely wrong Veronica is. She is giving Logan a hard time, ignoring him, taunting him, judging him and ... all the while she is essentially living with another guy. I don't care that Meryl showed up -- Meryl wasn't expected to show up. Veronica made the decision to stay alone with an unattached guy who has a crush on her ... stay in the same room with him, walk around in her sleepwear in front him (product placement bedamned, it's the fucking principle of the matter!), and just hang with him. There are simply no words. I truly cannot fathom how anyone can justify what Veronica did as anything other than being a really, *really* terrible girlfriend.

Here's Logan -- who at this point, has done nothing wrong other than not wanting to share an incident in his past (that does not have ANYTHING to do with her) in order to spare her some pain -- waiting outside her class for her, trying to talk, to discuss, to make things right and she's giving him attitude because he dared to not tell her something that he was clearly very uncomfortable telling her. Forget love, forget trust ... what about respect? If Veronica chose not to tell Logan something and he threw a hissy-fit in her face, ignored her for a few days, and spent the weekend with a girl, Veronica would be all over his ass for daring to judge her, for not trusting her, for cheating on her, for not understanding. But Logan does it and he's evil incarnate. What the fuck, Veronica?! I've had issues with her character in regards to Logan before, but this takes the cake. And honestly, as annoyed as I've been in the past, I've been able to pull some kernel, some semblance of logic to explain WHY she's acting the way she is. This time? Nuh uh, she's just being a judgmental, hypocritical bitch and to that I say fuck you, Rob Thomas and fuck you, Phil Klemmer.

Scene Two: He Doesn't Trust Her ... and With Damn Good Reason

Before I get into the negativity, I did want to take a moment to appreciate Logan sleeping. Aww. Too bad Veronica couldn't do the same. Would it have killed them to give us a second or two of Veronica watching him, realizing that she was going to hurt him, and savoring the beauty of him so peaceful before she went in for the kill? Obviously not. {Sigh}

So, we know Mercer's alibi -- and it IS horrific ... in terms of MERCER! Not Logan. No, I'm not saying that there was nothing wrong with what Logan did. Of course not. He didn't stick around to make sure that everyone in the burning hotel was safe. What Logan did was bad, really bad. However, there WERE *truly* extenuating circumstances. He was wasted, very wasted and when the fire started, probably in the stages of a not-so-pleasant hangover, as well as being woken up from sleep -- an alcohol (and possibly) drug-induced sleep. Obviously, it's not an excuse, but it makes his actions more understandable and I think had Veronica not made it so clear that she judges every little thing he does, he would have told her. And here's where I once again requote what I wrote in the President Evil analysis because this scene absolutely proved the truth of it.

Logan doesn't trust Veronica. As much as she doesn't trust him, he doesn't trust her ... with his heart. The lack of trust is about how Veronica can hurt him and it's much more direct and immediate. She could just break his heart all over again ... so easily by not trusting him, not loving him.

[The events in season two] seem to have finally (FINALLY!) firmly woke him up to the consequences of actions and how very much they hurt, not just others, but himself as well. And so here we are, he and Veronica are together once more and truly making a go at it, but he knows that she doesn't trust him and he doesn't trust her with his heart. He doesn't trust that if he messes up again, she won't walk away, breaking his heart yet one more time. And because he doesn't trust her, he's walking on eggshells, doing his damndest to not only NOT screw up so badly that he sends her running, but also walking on the eggshells of his heart. He's holding himself back because he knows now, he gets it. If he screws up, the consequences are that he'll get hurt ... again. Those are the consequences. And he feels, perhaps thinks that he knows, that if he puts his heart all out on the line again for her, knowing her, she'll leave him again no matter what he does. And the consequences of that are that this time he may be broken beyond repair.
And here we have it. He put himself out there again and she stomped all over his heart ... hurting him. Veronica doesn't trust him and he doesn't trust her to be there for him. And she proved him right unequivocally. She avoided him, was bitter towards him and then actually blackmailed him instead of just accepting that this wasn't something he wants to or is ready to share. That was a horrible thing of her to do. She BLACKMAILED him. That was wrong and once again the writers succeeded in how they wrote Veronica in making her look a little worse than Logan (as in the gambling vs. the tracking in Wichita Linebacker).

So, yes, it was pretty bad what Logan did, but let's look at those extenuating circumstances. This took place over the summer when he was still reeling from all of the events that had happened a few months before, totally wasted and/or hung-over and so he reacted poorly -- this 18 year old boy, again, he's an 18 YEAR OLD BOY! who has never had any moral guidance -- to a situation that would leave many healthy adults flummoxed. Of course, he doesn't want to tell his judgmental, paranoid girlfriend. He wants her to love him and hell, look at him the way she did Duncan or, how about even Wallace? After all, he was in a similar situation (as someone pointed out on another board). Logan taking off after the fire was awful, but it was not that much different than Wallace being in the car with a hit and run driver and taking off. What is different is the circumstances. Wallace was in the United States, sober and not just woken up. Logan, on the other hand, was drunk and/or hung-over, in a foreign country with scary jails -- where he would likely still be had he not run. Oh, and he's her boyfriend and has been there for her more times than anyone on the planet (except for Keith). Veronica's reaction to Wallace? Supportive. She frowned and then offered comfort and support to him -- Wallace, who KNEW that someone was hurt and still took off. Is it too much to ask she do the same for her boyfriend? Offer support, understanding, even while expressing her disappointment with what he did? I don't think so. Obviously, Veronica does.

Logan wants her to trust him, believe him and have faith in him, but he knows that it isn't the case. He knows that if he screws up (big or small -- and, yes, this was big), he has to start all over again, back at square one because she judges him on a standard that she holds to absolutely no one else. Of course, he doesn't want to tell her. He loves her and doesn't want to lose her.

Scene Three: Bonding in the Doghouse

I'm including the Keith/Logan phone call here because it showed a wonderful symmetry (albeit not such a happy one) between the two main men in Veronica's life. It was also nice seeing that just as Keith can (and did) call Logan to find Veronica, Logan feels comfortable enough in his relationship with "Mr. Mars" now to do the same. And that's lovely.

Scene Four: Piz Be Gone ... Now!

I was actually willing to give Piz a chance and while I've been annoyed with him prior to this episode, I didn't actively dislike the character. Well, his final scene here actually shot him right past dislike and into burning, no-going-back hatred. Seriously. After that oh so obvious smug cheering going on in the inside while facing Logan in the doorway? He is dead to me. His character could do nothing now that could endear me towards him. Nothing. He is dead to me. I've read some justification that of course the reason he did so was because he likes Veronica so of course he is going to give her boyfriend the impression that something could have happened. My response: So? That just confirms what a complete sleazy scumbag he is. Just because he had a reason -- to speed on the break-up of a relationship because he has the hots for a girl he barely knows -- doesn't justify squat.

And an interesting note: He wasn't hyper; he wasn't stumbling, he wasn't acting like Piz normally does. He was cool and calm with a streak of smugness there. And since he has no desire to make Logan like him (unlike Wallace and Veronica -- for presumably different reasons), that makes it seem like this is the real guy when he's not putting on an act. So is THIS who the guy really is when he isn't trying to impress someone? (Think of it, we've only seen him in scenes with Veronica, Wallace and Trish ... all people he wanted to like him.) I honestly do not understand how anyone could watch that scene and not see Piz in the worst light possible. And it certainly didn't help that Jason Dohring delivered so much of Logan's pain with his body language, facial expression and vocal intonations. Woobie Logan. Death to Piz!

Ugh, hate!

Scene Five: Logan ... My Hero!

Ignoring the cliché and the contrivance, I guess we can rejoice in that we can once more bring out the "Logan ... my hero!" placard.

Hmm, maybe this time it will actually stick for Veronica? I doubt it. Why? Because nothing sticks with Veronica. It doesn't matter what anybody does, once Veronica makes up her mind about them, her opinion doesn't change. She may be dating Logan -- hell, she's sleeping with him -- but it doesn't change the fact that she doesn't trust him and he's always, *always* guilty until proven innocent. Just like Duncan's actions didn't change her opinion of him and Keith's actions won't (Thank GOD! In this case) change her opinion of him come the next episode.

Yes, I'm glad he rescued her and Dohring, again, did a wonderful job, this time showing Logan's fear and horror over the situation Veronica found herself in. But I just can't squee or get excited about it because it won't matter in the light of day. Logan is still the guy she doesn't trust. Sigh. Okay, so she doesn't trust him, but does she love him? I do think she does. The thing is that I think she loves him despite herself; she doesn't want to love him.

Which brings us to this whole, obviously inevitable Veronica/Piz hook-up. She wants to be with Logan, but she DOESN'T want to want to be with him, so she is checking out an alternative. (Yes, I do clearly see that Veronica IS interested (whether she admits it or not) because there's no other way to read the things many saw last week on top of what happened this week as anything other than Veronica testing the waters without even realizing she's doing so ... because she is doing so.) And I think that's what we got the summer before last too. She wanted to be with Logan, but she checked out as soon as possible because she had an alternative waiting and she is completely convinced that the good, "safe" alternative is what she really wants. I do believe that Rob Thomas feels that because Veronica DOES want to be with Logan (even if she doesn't want to want it) he's saying that "see, she does love Logan? She can't help it!" She may be thinking about being with Piz because he's the kind of guy she's convinced she should be with, but she can't stay away from Logan. I suppose that's supposed to make her interest in Piz okay and acceptable to the LoVe fanbase. Hah!

Bottom-line, yes, I do believe she loves him. However, I also believe that she is diligently keeping a part of her heart in reserve and grabs and holds onto every naughty thing (actual *and* potential) that Logan does as justification for when she manages to break away the next time from the love she feels for him. Veronica loves Logan, but she doesn't want to and as long as that is the story that Rob Thomas is telling (and Kristen Bell is acting out), we're in the doghouse alongside Logan.

Scene Six: Lessons Learned ... Yeah Right!

This final scene alternately thrilled and pissed me off. First the thrill: Logan AND Keith taking care of Veronica together. Woohoo!! Keith has clearly accepted Logan completely in Veronica's life -- unlike Veronica, he's not cutting him out at all. It really was so wonderful to behold. In addition, there was totally the squee moment of Logan not only sleeping at one end of the couch with Veronica stretched out, but also her feet were all blanket-wrapped and tucked under his crossed arms. Aww and Squee!!!!!!!!! That shot there was literally my favorite of the episode. Sigh. And before we get into the dissection of why I was upset with Veronica's voiceover, I do want to say that I did love that she put Logan and Keith (Logan and Keith!) in the same category as the people she loved, who loved her and were always there for her.

Which brings us to another round of what the fuck, Veronica?!?!
    Veronica: I think we all learned a valuable lesson about faith.You give it to the people you love. But the people who really deserve it are the ones who come through even when you don't love them enough.
So, let me see if I got this right. It's okay to forgive someone because they love you and are always there for you, even if you don't love them as much? What kind of lesson is that? That she can walk all over Logan and Keith to her little heart's content, be a complete and utter bitch, hypocritical, judgmental and just plain wrong as long as she finds herself in a tight spot later and they come running to the rescue? She didn't learn shit. She treated them both like crap and I'll be shocked senseless if come the next episode -- and any other episode after that -- we see Veronica apologize for her treatment of them and stop doing the same over and over again. But she won't. Like I said above, once she makes up her mind about someone -- that's it. It's all fine and dandy for Keith, because I'm sure she'll just go back to loving and adoring him unabashedly, but for Logan it'll be back to the same 'guilty until proven' innocent treatment. Oh, joy.

Gah! What a difference one person makes. Wichita Linebacker was directed by Harry Winer and written by Phil Klemmer and John Enbom. Winer and Klemmer returned to direct and write (alone), respectively, this keeper. Oh, Enbom, you were missed ... you were very, very much missed.
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