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VM Casting Spoiler

Nothing big, but information on the future ep numbers of a certain character. Said numbers leads to speculation that is filled with much whining and sadness and frustration. Just a warning.

Chris Lowell (Piz) has been signed to twelve episodes. We already know that he was scheduled for seven of the first thirteen, so with the remaining ordered episodes to twenty, that means he's in five more of the last seven. And since his only purpose on the show has been to moon over Veronica and the last couple of episodes have all but been giving us concussions with the anvils, I think it's a very, very, VERY safe bet that he and Veronica will be dating. Sigh. It's just so, so, so, so stupid. It's Rob Thomas once again ignoring his characters, ignoring his audience and doing what he wants whether it works, makes sense or not. This is likely his last chance to really go out with some killer episodes, make people remember VM as a great show, with great characters, actors and a buzz-worthy love story. And instead, he's wasting so much time and energy dissolving the buzz-worthy love story and spending it (and money the show doesn't freakin' have!) on a character that some don't like, some outright hate, and many are merely eh about, with the vast, vast majority of viewers' main problem with him being the fact that he's being set up as Veronica's love interest. And my GOD!, he doesn't WORK as her love interest. He. Does. Not. Work. It makes no earthly sense that Veronica -- who I DO believe loves Logan -- would be involved with someone else when she's in love with another guy. Especially a guy like Piz. It does not compute.

Honestly, I know it sounds terrible, but I wish the show would just be cancelled and be done and over with because this is possibly THE most depressing show/couple to be a fan of. It just breaks my heart and it's just a frickin' show. I just want it over so I can move on and stop being tortured by Rob Thomas and his audience-ignoring style of story-telling that would be fine and dandy if his storytelling didn't suck now with loose to terrible characterization. I think the Logan/Veronica fans had our day in the sun, eps 1-5. I think we're done for good times (such as they were) as Logan/Veronica fans. Oh, sure, he will probably throw a bone in the last episode, the last five minutes like he did in S2 -- and, of course, that was handled *so* beautifully. (Snort!) However, I think that with the exception of a few more worthwhile scenes here or there, we've had all we're gonna get. I'm sure that Veronica/Piz will have numerous scenes with Kristen Bell, no doubt, playing them up as much as she's capable of because, well, she's Bitch Bell. God, I can't stand her.

I can't even say it was fun while it lasted, because it wasn't. From season two on, it's been pretty miserable being a fan (who loves Logan/Veronica and Logan) of this show.
Tags: logan/veronica, rant, tv, veronica mars

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