Arabian (arabian) wrote,

3.07 VM Thoughts (Not happy)

I don't think I have EVER disliked Veronica more. I may have actually hated her. That little snide response when Logan asked where she the night before was followed by "did I get that right? Was that the right inflection?" God, I wanted to slap her.

I felt soooooooooooo bad for Logan, but I didn't for Keith. Yes, she was judgmental about Keith, but I agreed with her, so. I was glad she mentioned the Jake/Lianne thing.

The ending was good, but guh, I wanted to punch Piz when he was facing Logan at the door. And then I wanted to go back and retroactively slap Veronica -- she STAYED WITH PIZ! OHMYGOD!! And then she's being judgmental about Logan!?!?! Flat out telling him she doesn't trust him; she's blackmailing him!?!?! Gah. I really, really, really DID NOT like Veronica in this episode -- she was so damn judgmental about every guy -- Landry, Sully, Keith, Logan and she was wrong about all of them (except Keith and even he came through).

But, hey two sleeping Logan shots. That was niiice. And damn, for his few scenes, Jason was REALLY on tonight. (Of course it helped that he was given something to work with.) And gotta give CL his due, he played that scene as if Piz was cheering inside during the whole scene with Logan.

I'm reading great reaction from most everyone else, but I'm sorry an "exciting" ending and Veronica realizing (momentarily I'm sure) what a bitch she's been does not a great episode make for me.
Tags: tv, veronica mars

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