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Monday Night TV

Discussion about tonight's episodes behind the cut.


I agree with wisteria. I enjoy Heroes, but I can't understand why it's still the buzz dujour. It's momentum starting falling off after ep two for me. I loved the first couple of episodes because it did seem like it was something BIGGER, something -- excuse the VM-related romantic tinge -- EPIC there. I'm not a comic book/graphic novel/whichever term you prefer reader, but I've read plenty of thoughts, knew some hard-core geeks and even worked on the story for one about five years ago and the reality of them is that they are deeper. The stories they tell use the art of the graphic novel and even the superheroes and dramatic events not just for plot, but as a parallel to real humanity and real human suffering. I thought that we were going to get that with Heroes -- but I'm not feeling it now and haven't felt that way since the third episode.

It's good, it's still fun, but it's not great. It's basically a superficial comic book without any of the depth of the more respected graphic novel. I guess part of my frustration is that I want TV that is great that I love. There is some great TV out there, some that I watch, but none that I'm excited for. I miss seasons one of Joan of Arcadia and Veronica Mars SOOOO much. Great, great tv that was addictive and so worth looking forward to, I got giddy and counted the days down. I want a show like that again. And the first couple of episodes had me hoping that Heroes would be it. Alas, no.

Still, killer tagline. I do love it. [whispery voice]Save the cheerleader. Save the world.[/whispery voice]

Studio 60 on Sunset Strip

And here's another one I hoped would give me that giddy thrill. Sigh. I actually loved the first part. I thought it was the best episode since the Pilot and showed me what S60 COULD be and I loved what it could be. I liked everyone and the pretension and preachiness was kept at a watch-able minimum ... and then came the two-parter. For the first time since the third episode (by the fourth, it was no longer appointment television), I was really, really looking forward to watching the show. And it was such a disappointment. Other than agreeing with Matt completely about all of Harry's arguments ended with "homosexual love is less than heterosexual love," I just was not impressed.

I thought Amanda Peet was as clunky as she's ever been. If she's dry, it's dry wood, not humor. Harry was back to being mostly annoying as shit. Sarah Paulsen (who I DO like) and Matthew Perry (who I will always adore) have ZERO chemistry, made even more glaring by the surprising chemistry that she and Bradley Whitford DO have. (The two seconds they shared -- "This is all YOUR fault!" "Yes, it is!" -- had a sudden and unexpected sizzle just as immediately obvious as when they danced for two seconds in "Wrap Party.") I didn't get why Tom was speeding and by the time the reveal came, I didn't even care. Simon was annoying. The side story with the guy taking Simon's place was boring. The skits we saw tonight were very, very, VERY so NOT funny at all. I know most of the skits haven't been great, but I laughed out loud at "Pimp my Trike," and the "Science, Schmience" had a few laughs. I also loved the HMS Pinafore song, but this week, the skits were beyond bad. And the blonde, English chick? I don't know that she's necessarily a bad actress, but she certainly was annoying and her sketch was the LEAST funny of all presented tonight. I was trying to visualize it in my head and even said aloud, "it's not funny."

Sigh. I love, love, LOVE Perry. I thought John Goodman was beyond awesome. Steven Weber continues to deliver, but the final speech was written badly. So overwrought and just unrealistic. I felt sorry for him for having to deliver it (even if I loved Danny's "I could kiss you all over your face.") in response. It's just so frustrating because the pieces are there! I can see them!! We saw them together nicely in the Pilot, to a lesser degree in the second episode and definitely in the first parter here, but they are generally doing so many things wrong. And I'm afraid that Sorkin/Schlamme don't see, won't see that and what could and should be a great show will never happen because of it.

How I Met Your Mother

I normally love this show, but tonight did not bring the funny. I can't even blame Alyson Hannigan who I've never liked (and I still bemoan the fact that every tv show she's appeared on supporting or recurring I watch) because I've liked other Lily/Marshal-centric episodes. This one just doesn't do it for me. It honestly could be that my central problem with the show this season is their Pilot ending kicker. We spent the whole Pilot meeting Ted and his love at first sight for Robin only to find out she was "Aunt Robin." I know it's a conceit, I know we're not supposed to apply it, but dagnabbit, I can't not! He's supposedly telling this story to HIS KIDS! His and his wife's kids! Their mother! And he's been going on and on all season now about kissing, making out, having sex with, being completely and absolutely head over heels with their ... aunt Robin. It's just wrong and it bugs me so much that I feel an instinctual inner cringe every time I see Robin/Ted acting couply. Sigh. Yeah, so maybe that's what's bringing the eps down for me, because this HAS been building all season, but it really hit a zenith when Ted showed Robin the drawing of his first building. I just can't separate the conceit of this guy telling his kids this story with what story is being told to the audience. I know, I know ...

The Class

I knew I really liked the actress playing "Sue." I finally put it together, she's the one who played Marjorie on VM in ep 2 (My Big Fat Greek Rush Week) and I loved her. Interesting movement in the Richie/Lina story, but I'm still fastforwarding through everything but Ethan/Kat scenes and the only reason I even saw all the movement in the R/L story is because Kat was there for so many of their scenes. I'm really just into this still for Kat/Ethan. Happy episodes for me are when K/E are in scenes only together so that I can ff through everything else!

Everybody Hates Chris

I don't talk about this show much. In fact, this may be the first time. I do love it. I just wish that Chris would win once, some small victory surrounded by all of the "Everybody Hates Chris" moments. I mean, can he not have one tiny victory? Also, I've loved Tichina Arnold since she was on Loving years ago, loved her as one of the singers narrating the movie version of Little Shop Horrors -- she has a KICK-ASS voice -- and this is no different. She's awesome as is Terry Crews. I also love the kid who plays Chris. I'm okay with Drew, but he's a little bland. My one problem is Tanya. I don't know if it's the character or what the actress isn't able to bring to it, but I can't stand her. I find nothing likable about her. I'm never amused by her and I always get irritated when Rochelle or Julius give in to her. One of my favorite things this season has been seeing at least Drew put her in her place now and then. She is seriously the only blight in an otherwise wonderful show. Tonight was a good show, but typical -- poor Chris again not getting even one teeny victory. That's just the show though, whatcha gonna do?
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