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Ugly Betty! Ugly Betty! Ugly Betty!

Just finished downloading/watching the episode (damn that it comes on opposite Survivor -- which I'm loving this season, go Ozzy! I've loved you from day one! -- and The Office which is just too damn good to not TiFaux. Sigh. Anyhoo, as always LOVE, LOVE this show!!!! Woohoo!!

I love Daniel; I really do. I think Eric Mabius, although not the obvious playboy casting choice, is doing a marvelous job of making me like Daniel even when he's not doing likeable things (mostly ep 1 and last week, but the strain is still there) and being the worst editor-in-chief (does he do more than oh, an hour of work a week?). I would have preferred a more original route with the Sophia character, but I'm okay with it. I don't expect great, sweeping change or originality from this show. Is my frothy, fruity, fun concotion of weekly television joy. My only problem is that despite my Mabius-love and my long-standing Salma Hayek-love and my like of both characters, I don't think they have any chemistry ... so, I'm not interested in their story.

On the other hand, Hilda and Santos -- wowza! chemistry. Now I'd like to see these two steam things up. Huzzah!!! I think I liked Hilda more in this episode than all the rest combined. There was a strength to her that was both lovely and vulnerable. The other new "couple" introduced was Wilhelmina and Ted and I like. It's not something I'd ever go 'ooh, more Wilhemina and Ted!' but I still enjoyed the progression of their story and I look forward to (hope for) more scenes with them. And Vanessa Williams just continue to ROCK! I love Wilhemina so much and how awesome was her self-bought care package?

Which leads us to the remaining couples -- Betty and Walter and Betty and Daniel (I know, not technically a couple, but they are the only OTP on a show I've ever had -- read previous entry for explanation). I think the writers made a HUGE miscalculation in having Walter dump Betty in episode one for a bitchy hot chick. I can't look, read, see anything regarding Walter and not recall what a scum he was in tha first episode and whenever Ignacio or Hilda don't point out what a lowlife jerk Walter was (is), and instead encourage the relationship, I want to scream! However, to be honest, I think that even if he hadn't broken up with her, it still wouldn't work. First of all, Walter is an annoying, whining, braying brat. I don't want to insult the actor, but he's brung nothing remotely likable to this character; there is simply no rooting value whatsoever. And their lack of chemistry doesn't help. BRING BACK HENRY!!!! HERNY! HENRY!! HENRY!!! Ahem, plus his embarrassing her at the restaurant was so wrong. It was rude and childish and ugh! HATE!

And finally, Betty and Daniel, although I ship them dearly, they so, so, sooooooo are not ready at all to be a couple. That first scene between them while wonderful was just yet another raging example that romance is not even a twinkle of a star of a distant cousin to the twinkle of another star a billion light years away in either of their eyes. For reals! So, I'm totally fine with them dating, involved with other people, I just want to like the other person they're dating (ie, not Walter) and see chemistry between them and the other person (ie, not Walter or Sophia). In other words, BRING BACK HENRY! Still, my heart just melts for them and Mabius and Fererra just have such lovely, lovely chemistry (perhaps the sweetest of any two actors on television right now -- not best, that goes to Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell, but the sweetest arguably). Even though Daniel rejected her story (which he was completely right to do for Mode), he was still so sweet and caring and appreciative of her talent that I just squeed a little inside.

What can I say? I love this show, I love these characters and woohoo! no mystery this week at all!!
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