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VM 3.06 'Hi Infidelity' L/V Thoughts

Here is my new batch of analysis for the Logan/Veronica scenes in the last episode as seen (or will be seen) in The LoVe Shack Breakdowns.

Scene One: The Little Moments

There were a few bites to this scene, but mostly I just loved the lovey-dovey, touchy-feely and overall couple-y aspect here. Veronica holding onto his manly forearm for several seconds before lifting it up to slide into the seat next to him, resting her bent arm upon his shoulder/chest through the rest of the scene and casually taking his drink and sipping from the straw. It was fun to, you know, just watch and smile and squee at the pretty and the pretty of the couple and the ultra-pretty of the pretty couple acting so like a couple. I liked plenty.

As for the bite, well, you had the reference to Logan as a bad boy again, although, to be fair, this wasn't much more than a little nibble. It was commented upon rather casually in a throwaway, quipping manner. Still, the fact that the "bad boy" moniker is still being used -- even in the above sense -- is one that I'm not entirely comfortable with considering Rob Thomas' defining of Logan as the bad boy and how that appeared to justify the non-stop crap that was handed to the character, including Veronica's less-than-pleasant treatment. The other bit that rankled slightly was in regards to Veronica's commentary on Logan referencing the Jane Austen novel, Emma. We could take it as merely a riff on a guy referencing Jane Austen, but taking into account the fact that Veronica has made more than one reference to Logan's lack of intellectual prowess, I must admit that my mind went there. And I didn't like the journey. Logan is NOT stupid and I'm growing weary of possible inferences on Veronica's part that he is. Of course, it could have been the whole guy referencing Jane Austen thing, but still ... I'm leery.

We also had Logan questioning whether Veronica was dragging him off to an intellectual treatise of which he had no interest. Good? Bad? I dunno, but it was a sure sign of continuity and that I like. Therefore, I'm going to just accept that it was simply writer John Enbom (who co-wrote the deliciously divine LoVe storyline of Wichita Linebacker which began with Logan's lack of interest in taking part in merely academic pursuits) being consistent -- even during the little moments -- with their interaction. So ... good.

Overall, I really enjoyed this scene despite the fact that there was nothing overt about their relationship. What I found so lovely was how they were acting so very much like a couple. Veronica's casual tactile attitude towards him, and his complete lack of reaction to it as if it was completely natural. Veronica leaning on him, sipping from his straw, the two talking about random events in their day, her asking him to go bowling and then the brief discussion about Mac and Parker. All of their interaction played out as two people who are intimately and actively involved in the other's life. And I liked plenty ... lots.

Scene Two: Every Moment Counts

Like all of their interaction in this episode, there was just a very couply feel. Veronica using her key, the over the top, but still sweet "Honey, I'm home," the quick kiss, sitting next to one another and again, the simple discussion of their day. All together it just created an aura of a young, happy couple at peace with one another and in love. And as each episode passes, the time bomb of their relationship ticks louder and louder so every moment we get that shows how very well they do function as a couple is much appreciated.

Scene Three: Hee!

Hee! Really, that's my immediate and final response to this scene: Hee! As in funny, and in hah! hee! Veronica is jealous. And I love. I don't think we've ever truly witnessed direct jealousy from Veronica over Logan. Sure, it's been hinted at (and then denied), but here, there was no question. She was jealous. And not in a bad way, but in a possessive, 'he's mine, don't touch! you nice, pretty person even if you're helping me' way.

And I didn't remotely have a problem with Logan not introducing Veronica as his girlfriend. While he clearly was not (and had not) led Tina on -- judging from her reaction to Veronica's claiming of Logan -- he still may have figured there was a touch of a little crush there. So, then why would he rub it in her face especially since he was asking her to do a favor for Veronica? Doesn't make sense and was a people-smart strategy. Go Logan. On the other hand, while he may not have announced her as his girlfriend, neither did he hide their relationship. He did, after all, blow her a little kiss (squee!) in the middle of the conversation. So good for Logan all around.

As for his girlfriend's possessive streak coming out, let me say it again ... Hee! I loved. Her "girlfriend of Logan. My boyfriend." was just so hee! Completely unnecessary, but absolutely hilarious and squee-worthy for LoVe fans who have longed for verbal acknowledgment of their relationship from Veronica. Yes, we've got it from episode three and on, but it's never not nice to hear and particularly so in an amusing fashion as delivered here.

So ... hee!

Scene Four:: The "Gang's" All Here!

Not so hee! was the opening of this scene before Logan showed up with his verbal acknowledgement that drew forth another round of the "hee's!" First of all, we had Veronica's reaction to Logan's arrival. It was an unfortunate reminder to her reaction to Logan in Normal is the Watchword in The Java Hut flashback. And equally unfortunate, it reminded me of the difference with a negative slant to Welcome Wagon as I wrote in that case file:
[Veronica] ... appeared self-conscious when her boyfriend kissed her in front of [Duncan]. Here, Piz was barely a blip on her radar even when he was talking to her and once Logan showed up, all of her attention was upon him.
Sadly, we got a return to the second season premiere reaction. When Logan walked up and Piz's face fell in such an overwhelmingly obvious fashion that he might as well have been wearing a sign that read "I wuv you, Veronica!" (nice subtlety there from Chris Lowell ... not), Veronica looked uncomfortable. Why? If Veronica is supposedly and uncharacteristically stupidly blind to Piz's crush, why would she be uncomfortable? Because like in Normal is the Watchword she'd prefer to be with the guy she was talking to (Duncan then, Piz now) rather than her boyfriend (Logan, both times, sigh)? That's the only thing that makes sense about that look, and of course, that makes no sense in light of Veronica's love for Logan and supposed obliviousness to Piz's crush. So bad call by Kristen Bell. (Not the first and not the last in regard to the subtext between Veronica and Piz in this episode. Grrrr.)

Secondly, let's get this out there. Piz? Is a sleaze. He barely knows Veronica. He's based this neverending crush of his on a few hours of acquaintance and the fact that she's hot? Ridiculous ... especially at this point, almost two months down the road while in college, surrounded by scores of attractive California girls, with no encouragement from Veronica whatsoever. She has a boyfriend; he knows this and yet he's still acting like a lovesick puppy to her face, to her boyfriend's face and it's just pathetic and here's where we get to the sleazy part. Hello!?! His intention earlier was TOTALLY to ask her out on a "date" of sorts. It wasn't until she asked if he meant the two of them, that he drew Wallace's name out of a hat and then the lame "gang." Because you see, obviously, there was no gang. And Wallace was an afterthought when Veronica made it clear that just going bowling with him was not an option (although, I do feel strongly that Bell could have delivered that line with a bit more of that acknowledgement). Of course, even bringing Wallace into the equation, the fact that he asked no one else -- again! -- made it crystal clear that he was thinking of attempting to strike (no pun intended) some sparks with her. He has to know that Wallace has a completely-non-romantic relationship with Veronica, so Piz would have no romantic competition in such a setting.

When Wallace couldn't show up, there was no one else, leaving just Piz and Veronica, which left him claiming that he was "worried" about how it looked. Obviously he really wasn't ... since -- again! -- he asked NO ONE ELSE! When she questioned him about the gang (as did Parker) his hopes were crystal clear for all -- or in the case of Veronica and Parker's sudden stupidity, just Logan -- to see. There was never a "gang," there was just supposed to be Piz and Veronica, with the last-minute add-on of Wallace to cover that the sleaze-ball was asking out a girl who is in a serious, committed relationship. And of course, he had no explanation other than the obvious and so he badly, baldly side-stepped it. So, Piz = sleaze. Ahh, once again, Rob Thomas shows a singular talent for making the worst "good" guys ever on a television series!

Of course, on the other hand, his bad boy is just wonderful and easily as capable of providing the "hee" as is his heroine ... and here, in the perfectly reversed situation of the previous scene we had that hee! Logan introducing himself to Piz with the reminder, "her boyfriend" was just delicious. The smirk and knowing gleam in Jason Dohring's eyes as he staked his claim and then asked Piz, with faux innocent tongue-in-cheek cheer, "do you always go bowling? With the 'gang?'" was awesome. Just hysterical. HEE!

Scene Five: Trash-talking, Refreshments and Bad Bowling

There were some moments relationship-wise that I found very cute here and some not. At all. And I blame both Enbom and Bell for my distaste. Why in heaven's name when Parker asked about Piz did Veronica immediately jump in way too hastily with the comment that she had a boyfriend? The lone purpose for such a line of dialogue is to make viewers think that the only reason Veronica isn't with Piz/doesn't think of him that way is because she has a boyfriend. And I'm sorry, but EXCUSE ME!? Past the first episode -- which was mostly set-up -- Veronica has had barely any interaction with the guy beyond his annoying radio-push from episode three where he seemed to barely exist on her radar. And now all of a sudden we have a hint that she would be interested in him did she not have a boyfriend? Putting aside the whole LoVe aspect, nothing, absolutely nothing thus far has indicated in any way, shape or form that Veronica Mars would be interested in a guy like this. Absolutely nothing. Oh, and when you factor in the LoVe aspect, there's the fact that this season has FINALLY! managed to convince viewers that Veronica truly does love Logan, she truly does want to be with him. So the line really, REALLY bugged.

Then there was not only the delivery, but how Bell played the entire scene from that point on. As they weren't LoVe scenes, I didn't analyze the Piz/Veronica scene, but I will say here that I was not particularly impressed with the eyes all aglow look she was giving him in their first scene. As well, I was none too pleased with how she said "the two of us?" when he asked her bowling without any trace of 'dude, I have a boyfriend!' And of course, I did mention above how I liked even less the moment of discomfort she displayed when Piz looked upset by Logan's arrival. Bell has done a very good job this season of showing that Veronica loves Logan and pretty much in the first and definitely in the third, she showed that Veronica was not interested at all in Piz -- because you know she has a boyfriend who she loves! Well, her personal bias against Logan and Veronica and for the great Piz-meister showed up way too loud and clear for me (and many other viewers) in this episode. The entire subtext of the final moments of this scene revolved around a Veronica who was uncomfortable with Parker liking Piz and the look of -- God help me! -- almost yearning that she sent while Piz badly bowled made me want to hurl something at my TV.

Yes, the whole 'I hate asking someone if they like someone else' scenario voiceover we heard later supposedly made sense of her look of dismay at the end of this scene, but it was too little too late. First of all, again, Bell overplayed it. Veronica, in that conversation with Parker, came across as someone who was interested in Piz for many viewers. It's as simple and infuriating as that. Secondly, it was yet another little ploy by the writer to misdirect viewers -- we didn't know that Veronica had issues with Parker's request at that point, so all viewers could take from her reaction was that she was upset that Parker liked Piz. And finally, for that scene that showed up later (which again, I won't be analyzing ... not LoVe), it was laid on just a tad too thick. She was THAT uncomfortable asking if he liked Parker? Really? Nuh uh, too much. Way too much. Laid on way too thick. Not happy, folks. Sincerely not happy. Make it make sense and I'll put up with all the angst you want, but don't throw stuff at me just to justify a triangle out of the blue that makes no sense for character or story.


On a happier note ... what I found quite entertaining was the same thing I referenced before: Logan's amused possessiveness with Veronica which was clearly all for Piz's sake. As mentioned above, Logan clearly saw right through him and was just as clearly -- albeit subtly and with humor -- staking his claim. We once again had an over-the-top endearment ("Dearest darling ... ") offered with a smirk and laughter bubbling behind the words. And, while Veronica may have annoyed once he left, I also found the responding look she sent his way (clearly seeing right through him) rather cute.

Scene Six: Casual Comfort in the Coupling

Like the first two scenes, this one again doesn't offer much for analysis; it is simply Logan and Veronica in a very couple-like state. Their entire interaction was casual and comfortable. The two talked about different aspects of their life -- like the first scene, offering insight into the fact that the two share experiences about their lives with one another.

Some have wondered at Logan referencing Horshack and Rafe (from the prison experiment in My Big Fat Greek Rush Week) and it may have some deeper meaning for the overall arc (I doubt it, but who knows with this show), it may have just been dialogue in line with the cheating aspect of this episode. Or simply, it might have been Enbom's way of establishing that Logan and Veronica ARE in a serious relationship, they share what happens when the other isn't there because they are sharing their lives with one another. They don't live in separate bubbles and since I do believe (absolutely at last) that Logan and Veronica are the endgame, such small moments are necessary in showing this aspect of their relationship.

It's not all just contention, snark and passion (we're led to believe they're passionate, whether or not we've only sorta seen two instances of it this season). There is also love, there is commitment, there is sharing and genuine friendship and comfort. I like.

Scene Seven: The Sunshine of His Life

And what do we have here? A lovely acknowledgement (and a much lighter one than the one we received in Wichita Linebacker) that Logan is most amused by Veronica's sleuthing techniques. Seriously. Veronica accused this guy with not much proof at all, just a'jumping away to conclusion as is the Veronica Mars way and Logan's response is to smirk and quip about his rank in wealth and then (hah!) show a rather perverted sense of pride in Veronica's ability to annoy ... annoy like the wind! It was -- as most of their scenes this episode -- just so hee! Really. Just so very hee! Kissing her forehead while he comments that his girl (squee!) brings sunshine to all she knows (an obvious 'the opposite of' statement) was just so, guh! I loved it. We really did get some wonderfully sweet, charming, funny, awesome couple moments in this episode and this scene just offered one of those many fabulous moments.

Scene Eight: 'Trust Me' -- Gulp!

Oh, Logan. Logan, Logan, Logan ... I don't know what to say. Sigh. The last time Logan asked Veronica to trust him, she upped and ran out on him once his back was turned when she discovered something bad that there was no proof he had anything to do with. Veronica and trust has not gone merrily hand in hand for Logan Echolls like, oh, ever. Ever, ever, ever. Oh, Logan.

Is there any doubt for any viewer that Veronica won't trust him? Any whatsoever? Even a smidgen? Of course not. Because Veronica DOESN'T trust Logan. Wichita Linebacker showed that clearly. Sure, she showed a slight degree of trust by taking out the bug, but that was brought on more by guilt and the fear of losing Logan, rather than actual trust in him. And yes, she offered to try and act unnaturally, but the fact of the matter is her instinctual reaction is to not trust him still. And so him asking her that ... oy vey.

I commented last week that Logan is walking on eggshells with her and that, in part, explains his somewhat overall subdued attitude.

He doesn't trust that if he messes up again, she won't walk away, breaking his heart yet one more time. And because he doesn't trust her, he's walking on eggshells, doing his damndest to not only NOT screw up so badly that he sends her running, but also walking on the eggshells of his heart. He's holding himself back because he knows now, he gets it. If he screws up, the consequences are that he'll get hurt ... again. Those are the consequences. And he feels, perhaps thinks that he knows, that if he puts his heart all out on the line again for her, knowing her, she'll leave him again no matter what he does. And the consequences of that are that this time he may be broken beyond repair. Those are the potential consequences and Logan Echolls finally understands their power.
Well, we've seen a bit more light-heartedness from him since Wichita Linebacker through Charlie Don't Surf and in the last episode, President Evil, Veronica had opened up enough that she was doing things FOR him and involving him in her cases, thus an important part of her life. That -- and his obvious desire to help his friend -- may be what had Logan coming to Veronica, eyes in full-on puppy-dog mode of earnestness, wearing his heart fully on his sleeve, opening himself up to her by simply asking her to trust him was a Logan we haven't seen with Veronica since the night of the Alterna-prom.

And {{sigh}} of course she won't. As much as we'd love to see her give the complete trust to Logan that she has given wholeheartedly (and inexplicably) only to Duncan), it ain't gonna happen. Not now. She's not ready yet. Who knows? Maybe she never will be. And that right there leads us to what is likely coming up: A break-up. To be honest, as much as I love seeing them together as a couple, I do think a break-up is necessary ... from Logan's end. Veronica needs to know that she needs to give 100% back to him. She needs to learn to trust him, to believe in him. Until she does, he can never trust her with his heart completely and they can never truly make it work. It really is sad because it has been made clear this season that Veronica DOES love Logan and that he IS right for her ... but she has got to learn to trust him. Unless she realizes that trust is part of the equation and one that he won't tolerate not having, she'll never truly make the effort to do so.

I guess the question then to ask is should she trust him? I think so. Yes, he treated her horribly after Lilly's death, but it didn't take her long to give as good as she got and then some. And even worse, once they had supposedly gotten over that, she accused him of rape and murder. And then she broke up with him when he had no one and went back to her old boyfriend in a matter of days. The balance is pretty damn equal now, if not tipped slightly in his favor. Logan has done more than enough to prove he is worthy of her trust. She just needs to take that step and DO IT! Will she before it's too late? Unfortunately, I think not.

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