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3.05 VM - President Evil

Random 3.05 Veronica Mars thoughts, do know that I liked it, I really, really, REALLY liked it.

- I knew this was off to a good start when I saw Daran Norris' name in the credits, I thought YAY!

- I must say, I LOVE Weevil and I've really missed having him around.

- Wallace? Sorry, if he's not playing V's sidekick, I must confess, he bores me.

- Ooh, I HATED the outfits on Logan/Veronica, but loved how she looked so grateful when he showed up. Seriously, neither JD nor KB should ever go near wigs like that again. And who exactly were they supposed to be? The only thing I could think for Logan was one of The Ramones. Nevermind, it's been solved.

Someone suggested (on The LoVe Shack) that they are the duo from White Stripes and after checking on Google, I do believe they are right. Check it out.

- I would have totally liked the scene longer between Weevil/Logan, but I still enjoyed it.
    "Hey, Joe College!"
    "Jose Lunchpail."
Hee! Still, very, very annoying that there was no defense and no follow-through to Weevil's line about Logan treating Lilly badly. Grrrrr.

- Oh, and I must say I got quite a kick out of Lamb's "Good looking, we'll be back for you later" to Logan. Yer right, Lamb-o, he IS good looking!!!

- Veronica, eh. I'm with Weevil. She is like the LEAST trusting person on the planet.

- HEE!!! As Lamb is doing the Robot, you can hear someone say in the background: "Sheriff's doing the Robot; someone get a camera phone." HEE!!!

- I have to say I'm REALLY impressed with the new guys. This episode feels sooooo much like a season one episode. It really does.

Ignoring the fact that how can they just assume that's Claire's rapist in the ATM shot (because it could have just been a guy there to get money) -- that was last week's error -- I really enjoyed this episode. Nick Marck is a good director and I think the new guys did a wonderful job -- this really felt like a S1 episode. There were a lot of little moments that worked, there was a good flow, all of the characters felt like the characters we know and love and I liked the little bit we did get of LoVe. (We'll just ignore next week's promo.)

- Speaking of little moments - I loved Logan gesturing towards Veronica when she was telling the film student to pay attention to her and I LOVED the shot of Logan/Veronica walking with Back-up. Awwwwwwww!!!!! Icon-city? Oh yeah!

All in all, very good episode. Overall, maybe the best of the season, but adding in the L/V stuff that we got in ep 3, this is the second best for me. Very good. I liked a lot.
Tags: logan/veronica, tv, veronica mars

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