Arabian (arabian) wrote,

FNL -- Tim and Lyla ...

I feel like I *should* ship them, but I don't. It's the kind of story that can play really well, and I adore Taylor Kitsch already, but I'm not too fond of the actress who plays Lyla. She's pretty, but in a bland, non-interesting way for me and I think she's by FAR the weakest actor in the cast. And then there's the biggie -- they don't have chemistry for me at all and ... shallow or not, I don't think they're very good kissers together. They're first two kisses were supposed to be these uncontrollable, wild kisses and I didn't feel it. I know that I was supposed to, but I didn't.

Eh, if the show sticks around long enough, I hope they deal and then drop this because I don't think it's working. For fellow VM-watchers who are also L/V (Logan) fans, you might get what I'm saying here. Their last scene with the booty-call just rubbed me the wrong way. It's like she treats him badly in a different way, but still badly like Veronica did with Logan. You know, how he seems to like her and want her so much and she's killing time with him (well, V before ep 3.03 ... SQUEEE!). Well, the problem is that even when Veronica was being (imo) the biggest bitch to Logan or not as into him as I felt she should be (hello, LOGAN!), I understood because I know this character and I adored her in S1. I had the history of their relationship and Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell, if nothing else, have AMAZING chemistry. All of those things don't apply to Lyla and Tim, so I'm growing to dislike her and just feel more woobieful over Tim.

Just me? Maybe. I haven't read anything anywhere about FNL so I'm not sure.
Tags: friday night lights, logan/veronica, tv

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