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Ugly Betty! Ugly Betty! Ugly Betty!

Why, oh why, does this have to come on Thursday nights at eight?? I have a thing about reality shows in that I feel this need to watch them ASAP thus the non-downloading and I've been a Survivor-watcher from the beginning. Then there's My Name is Earl/The Office and I can't imagine not watching The Office ASAP, which leaves UB as my download, but I'm rapidly getting to the point where I want to kick something else to that slot, but ugh, I can't decide!!!

Anyhoo ... So I had no idea who Christopher Gorham (Henry) was, I've never seen him before but I read a few people squeeing about him beforehand and I TOTALLY GET WHY!!!! Oh my goodness, he just made me smile every time he came onscreen -- okay, except the last scene with him ... that was sad. He's just so adorable and delightful and SQUEEE!!! Geeklove!!! I heart him and Betty so much already, dude, after the first scene I was hooked. DUMP WALTER!!! DUMP WALTER!!! Arrrrggghhh! As if cheating-nerd Walter could even compare with the luscious awesome-geek that is Henry. DUMP WALTER! DATE HENRY!!!

Now, lest anyone think I've turned my back on my Betty/Daniel love, think not. I've never really cottoned to the OTP term in regards to only one couple on a show, it doesn't make sense to me. I've always felt that if you have to specify a true pairing, it implies that there are other pairings you like, so how can it be a true pairing? I don't know, it's just weird to me and my reasoning probably makes sense to no one else but my sister who agrees with me. However, for the first time I get it because it applies to this show. Daniel/Betty are my OTP here. But they are so not even remotely ready whatsoever anywhere near close to any kind of romantic relationship. Wait until season three or four (and if this show stays this good, please, please, please let us have at least four seasons!). As for now, let Betty get more comfortable in Daniel's world and let Daniel stop being a skanky man-whore. He soooooooooo does not deserve Betty. Yet, they are still my OTP on this show for their potential because as much as I was grinning and loving the adorable factor of Betty/Henry, as soon as we had the office scene with Daniel and Betty, I was sighing all over the place. I heart them so. But in the meantime ... Betty, DUMP WALTER!!! DATE HENRY!!!!

Vanessa Williams continues to rock and rock and rock and rock some more as Wilhemina. Mark is awesome, Christina is awesome, Hilda is awesome, Amanda is not a caricature, but still so pathetic. And while the Bradford/Fey mystery is my least favorite part of the show, it's getting more interesting each episode.

I rarely say this only a few episodes in, but ... I WANT MY UGLY BETTY DVDs NOW!!!!!!!!! I fucking love this show!!!!
Tags: betty/daniel, tv, ugly betty

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