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3.04 - Charlie Don't Surf (VM) thoughts behind the cut.

I thought the episode was okay; it was ... it felt very disjointed to me. Like they cut so many scenes. And they DID cut a Logan/Veronica kiss!! Sniff. These two still shots were clearly cut from the first balcony scene.

Ah well.

But really, the editing was just bad, bad, bad. Like when Logan and Veronica were at MI the first time and then the next shot was Logan walking back into MI with the Thai food, just badly done.

Random things ...

- I did love the callback to Logan watching Veronica/Keith with such amusement/adoration and then mentioning that at the end about his own desire for a family

- I love EC, I do, but frankly, for me, his subplots are hurting the show at this point, I'm sorry. The time spent on his case could have been given over to Logan's case or the frat case and made them flow together more smoothly. Something, because this just was so off.

- I did love Dick in his scenes and I think it made sense how these little things are sorta tying into to help believably make Dick red herring guy (much more than Logan in both seasons). Oh and I loved Dick's "whipped guys are the worst friends." HEE!

- There wasn't much Logan/Veronica despite their scenes, but I liked that they were in synch so well, as if last week had a good effect on them. They were very cutely coupley. I loved.

- So Logan really has a brother? I hope we see him more, because Logan deserves some good family.

- Hee! Multiple girlfriend/boyfriend references in this ep! YAY!

- Loved how Logan was just staring adoringly at Veronica throughout the entire scene when she and he walked into MI and Keith and Harmony were there.

- So, wow, either Logan or Jason is really not fond of kisses on cheeks, cuz he really wiped the lipstick/gloss/saliva? off his cheek.

- But I did love "go screw your brains out." Hee!

- My favorite LoVe moment was Logan running up and wrapping his arm around her in the quad and kissing her head.

- I'm glad he punched the fake Charlie.

- Dick wiping his feet was awesome.

- Oh my God! I had to pause, I was laughing so hard when Charleston said he caught Chip in ... and Veronica interrupted and said "flagrante?" And he said completely seriously, "No, in the middle of having sex." OH. My. God!!! Too funny.

- I'm amused by the Dick scenes, but I wish we would see a little more disgust from Veronica. I hate that RT and co. have just brushed aside the horrid crap he pulled at Shelly's party just like they brushed aside all of the Duncan crap. Grrr.

- Can't complain that much though, shirtless Logan AND shirtless Dick in the same episode? Woohoo!

- I can complain about how little Wallace we're getting. Grrrr. I don't want him to have a storyline of his own (I'm sorry, but they bore me), but I DO want to see him as V's BFF.

- Jason looked REALLY good in this episode. Probably his best overall since AM.

- Oh, and poor woobie Logan. I think this is only the second time an episode has ended on him (the first being M.A.D.) I could be wrong though.

- As emo as that last song was, I liked it. Nice.

All in all, like ep 2, it was good, but it could have been great -- I thought it was too disjointed, but unlike ep 2, the EMOTION at least was there.
Tags: tv, veronica mars

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