Arabian (arabian) wrote,

YAY!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

I know this probably seems fairly silly, but I'm thrilled and so giddy right now. I got a laptop last week as I've mentioned, but I was unable to get the wireless mouse to work. I do a LOT of copying/pasting -- especially with the breakdowns for The LoVe Shack, and doing graphics -- and touchpads are good and well, but they are a bitch when c/ping a lot. Well, as I'm sure anyone raeding this had figured out, I got my wireless mouse to work. I called up Best Buy and he gave me directions that were easy to understand and yet for some reason were NOT described even remotely well in the instructions. But who cares, it works now and I'm giddy with joy. Woohoo.

And of course, this calls for my Kermit icon of joy!
Tags: computer, real life

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