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2.08 'Ahoy Mateys' L/V Thoughts

I had a request to put these up, so here they are. If anyone wants to see the L/V thoughts from any episode that is not on my lj, just let me know and I'll post them. :)

Scene One: Logan as Backup

Honestly, I can find no straw to grasp here. Yes, she's helping him, but she's being less kind to him than she is to her normal Mystery of the Week clients. She snarks, makes a comment about his jackassery, but it doesn't play because if anyone is being a jackass in this scenario, it's she to him. Sigh. I want to believe that there is something there, but when Logan has to beg that she considers him her dog to get her to actually take his situation seriously and she doesn't blink, people there really is just not much to hang a LoVe hat upon. Double sigh.

Scene Two: Logan Isn't Backup

I think I really may have enjoyed this little tete-a-tete in the car, short as it was, did Kristen Bell play the scene with the same glinting snark from last season. Alas, she played it as if Logan was nothing but an annoying nuisance and she found absolutely nothing charming or endearing about him. Sigh. And Logan's sighs just seemed to echo my own. How is he seriously not just questioning why the hell he even went to her for help? She's doing it but as if (a) she's dragging her feet because she really doesn't want to do it, (b) as if she doesn't care two figs what the results are and (c) as if it's the biggest pain in the ass that she is doing it.

Once more for the road. Sigh. (Riiiight, as if that's the last sigh you'll get from me for this episode. Hah!)

Scene Three: Logan IS the Backup!

Now, we're talking! For the first time since episode three, we actually have a scene with something to go on with possible signs of love from (gasp!) both Veronica and Logan. Now mind you, there's not much and it does require some fanwanking, but in regards to LoVe this season ... well, what else is new?

I like that Logan risked Veronica's anger by following her. I mean, he could have blown her cover, but he obviously figured it was worth the risk since she'd been in there so long. I also liked that he used his brains and attempted to talk his way out, use the cops and then finally as a last resort, pulled the gun. And, ooh!, we get to borrow a lovely memory from A Trip to the Dentist. Pulling out the placard used in that breakdown:

Because, yes, indeedy, Mr. Logan Echolls was playing the hero card again. Sigh! Look at him, facing danger and a room full of rough 'n' tumble, infamous Irish baddies all to save his former love. Double sigh.

And Veronica's reaction? Well, not exactly a sigh. His heroics were greeted instead with tears, frustration and anger. While it would have been very nice to have seen Logan get a "thank you" at least, I do get where she's coming from, I do. Logan constantly seems to be surrounded with danger, consistently seems to be in situations -- some of which he does bring upon himself -- that revolve around violence. And we can fanwank that her tears and frustration are born out of her fear for his continued safety. We can. On the other hand, her reaction could also have been so strong because she was reacting to both the threat against her and the fact that Logan had a gun. Therefore, sigh, if that were the case, that makes it not really caring about Logan that much at all. Double sigh. Sadly, in light of this season, I'm gonna have to go with that latter explanation as opposed to the first. Triple sigh. This show has just really tested how far my fanwanking will stretch.

Plus, the fact that Veronica's final comment is that he should leave Neptune, just *OUCH!* And my goodness, the look on Logan's face as she stormed away ... I think that it pretty much helped completely dispel any lingering hopes that he could turn back time to last summer. Not that I thought that he had any hopes of such in the forefront of his mind, but the little nags and attempts to get under skin were indicative of him trying to get to her in some way. I think those may be gone now because, really, the girl just is making it so clear that he is not who she even remotely wants to be with. At all.

However, this can be seen as a good thing in the long run. I do think that Logan has to take Veronica off of this pedestal that he does have her up on. She's not perfect and she made mistakes just as he did in their all-too-brief relationship. They need to be on some level of equal footing and they really haven't ever been. Maybe, just maybe this is the first step towards that.


Straws, people. For goodness sake, we've got to grab the straws!

Scene Four: A New Hope ... Or Not

Not much in this scene, but their hands briefly touch!!! Ahhhhh!!! And Logan ends the scene with a too, too funny line: "Help me, Mars Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." Heeheehee! Alas, he isn't even smiling as he says it and Veronica doesn't return a smile either. There's just no fun even in the pain. Sigh. This is really just not fun. At all.
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