Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Project Runway Results

Eek! Sorry for messing up the cut!

I'm sorry, but YUCK!! His was my lesat favorite collection and throughout the show, I found most of his designs ugly, way too edgy and just so frickin' pretentious. And it doesn't help that he is SUCH an asshole. yeah, yeah, he pulled himself out of the whole five years ago, yay for him, that's great, but it doesn't change the completely shitty way he treated Darlene and has treated others. He is an asshole. And I'm so tempted to not even watch next year; I'm that disgusted with his win. YUCK!!!!

Over the course of the show, Michael was by far the strongest. If that wasn't going to be taken into account, that I think Uli should have won. NOT JEFFREY! UGH!
Tags: project runway, tv

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