Arabian (arabian) wrote,

ANTM (10/18)

No spoilers, I'm just ready to finally admit that I've liked Melrose from the beginning and I still do!! I think she's the best one by far. Although, I do still love Caridee. I would be happy if either one of them won, because they seem more full package than anyone else. I will admit that the twins and Brooke take suprisingly good pictures sometimes, though.

I don't know what happened in judging yet because I stopped watching to type this right before the judges starting talking.

Well, boy, the top five were the five I mentioned above. Cool. I really think this should be the top five, no question. With Caridee and Melrose or Caridee and Michelle being the final two. I swear if Amanda/Michelle are the final two, I will scream!
Tags: amnt, tv

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