Arabian (arabian) wrote,

3.04 'Charlie Don't Surf' Clip UP!!


3.04 Clip!!! Woohoo!!!

Very funny, I loved the opening scene. The "milky thighs" comment is great and I'm thinking that "Bobcat" as a nickname refers to Veronica sexually, so hee!! And I like how someone pointed out his fake nickname for her was "sugarpuss," so Logan clearly sees some cat-like qualities in Veronica. As a die-hard cat lover, I have no problem with that.

Ooh, oh and Keith and Veronica's identical head twists in Logan's direction after Veronica said "Hobbies" was perfect, as was Logan's alternating looks of adoration for Veronica and then just amused glee at the father-daughter act. And Keith's final rolling eyes of disgust was hysterical!!!

I also like Parker's hair/wig, whatever. And I like that Veronica told her about the rape. She was harsh, but I understand the harshness simply because it's something that V didn't want to have to discuss and it felt almost ripped out of her.

The last couple of scenes with Logan/accountant and L/V were great in that, it's nice to see them interacting on so many levels together. Yay!! And I loved Veronica's "you're not showning me porn?" "No." "A nice, fuzzy, little kitten?" Heeheehee!
Tags: tv, veronica mars

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