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Veronca Mars 3.03 Quick Thoughts

I think that final scene may be my favorite LoVe scene ever, if not, it's really high up there. Wow. That was a great final scene and did you notice as it was fading to black, she put her head on his chest.

I'm really, really gald they had the last two scenes involving the LoVe storyline because had they not, I would have been so upset. I actually thought it was all handled really well. This one is definitely my favorite of the season so far and I think a rewatch will make it better.

I don't have a problem when Logan and Veronica have problems when it comes fluidly out of the characters and the story, as this did. I think my favorite line of the night goes to Veronica. It was funny, it was quippy, it was also vulnerable and telling and said so much that she said it and that we got action to those words earlier. The line would be: "I'm trying to act unnaturally."

My only problems with this episode were (a) the gender politics, could they make the feminists and lampooners any more cliched if they tried?! Arrrgghh. It's just so cliche and so terribly bad. This show does gender lines and rape so very, very badly. What possessed RT to make rape the main mystery arc? And finally, Piz, is just so, so, so very not a lead character. He's so blah and just not important ... at all.

Loved the return of Weevil. SERIOUSLY! LOVED THE RETURN OF WEEVIL!! I loved that Keith liked him, I loved that it made perfect sense, but wasn't bad about Weevil, that Keith had to fire him and I loved how Veronica got him the job, but I'm rather bummed he won't be working at MI anymore. I could have so gotten by that.

I think the only thing that would have made this episode better would have been no Piz, and a Logan/Weevil scene. Overall, this one is the by far the best they've had in awhile.

ETA: Some more thoughts:

I really did love almost everything about the episode and I liked how it was all tied together. That is my favorite thing when it happens, all the pieces tying together and flowing into and out of each other and this episode did that BEAUTIFULLY!

Piz -> radio job -> to football player motw -> to trish doing something wrong for good reasons, but losing the guy she loves -> Veronica realizing she was pushing Logan away with her mistrust

Veronica seeing Weevil -> leading to job with Keith -> leading to the discussion of Veronica reforming bad boys -> dovetailing with the Logan/Veronica relationship arc this week

Veronica being called to see Dean -> leading to being there when his car was messed up -> leading to getting Weevil fixing the car -> leading to Weevil finding the CD -> leading to Veronica realizing who trashed the car -> leading to solving her problem with Dean and getting Weevil a job at Hearst

Veronica being called to see Dean for follow-up -> being there when the Lampooners/Femisists are there -> leading to Veronica being in the middle of that fight and hearing about the Dean's car -> leading to Weevil fixing the car -> and Veronica recognizing what is going on completely when it happens on the radio

Piz going for the radio job -> getting the radio job -> having his first show be the feminists/lampooners -> Veronica listening because Piz bugged her like hell TO listen (8 emails! Geez!) -> Veronica listening when news of the new rape came out

All of that -- all of it! -- coming together and weaving and interweaving beautifully. I love it. Reminds me of my fave episode Ruskie Business which I loved for the same reason.
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