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Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

Yes, I just came back from seeing Rent. I came about interest in Rent in a way different than most probably. I was quite enamored of Constantine Maroulis on American Idol 3 and sought all of his earlier stuff, which included the touring production of Rent where he played Roger. I downloaded all of his songs and so liked them, if not able to understand the context.

About a few months ago, I saw the teaser trailer for the movie (the Seasons of Love song) and was like "Ooh, I wanna see!" So while vacationing with my sister, we set it up to watch it when it came out and so a few days late we saw it. She was kinda eh about it. Not too into the Bohemian scene with lack of bill-paying and what not, LOL! I really enjoyed it.

However, I didn't love it like I should have and I blame that entirely on Chris Columbus' as usual static direction, sigh. However, the songs were beautiful and a tad older than called for or not, the cast was wonderful. I was most impressed with Wilson Jermaine Heredia (Angel); he wasn't the best singer, but he so marvelously captured the spirit of Angel. I also loved Jesse L. Martin, whom I've loved since he guest-starred in the first episode of The X-Files that David Duchovny directed. And Rosario Dawson (who rocked my socks off in Sin City was really charismatic and amazing as Mimi. I love her voice.

All in all, lovely, lovely film. I'll definitly buy it when it comes out on DVD.
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