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'My Big Fat Greek Rush Week' L/V Thoughts

Here is my new batch of analysis for the sole Logan/Veronica scenes in the last episode as seen (or will be seen) in The LoVe Shack Breakdowns.

Scene One: Sharing is Caring

Thirty seconds. We got thirty seconds in tonight's episode, but for the sentiment (and certain moments) in the "key" scene last week, it was better than just about everything else we got in the first episode. How could any Logan/Veronica fan not simply smile when Veronica walked up and they started just a'bantering away? I know I did. From Veronica patting and then rubbing his back (oh, yes, there was a rub), to the smiles sent back and forth, they were -- in a word -- squeeworthy. That comfort and ease we saw in a couple's interaction in the cafeteria scene in Welcome Wagon was here as well. (Hmm, maybe that's the key -- no pun intended ... the cafeteria!)

Okay, there isn't much to discuss here in terms of the overall tenor because there wasn't much depth or weight to their scene, it was just two lovers passing in the night. Or was it? Veronica's knowledge of the prison break could be fanwanked into the belief that Logan called Veronica once they were out and he let her know he would be there. That would explain why she showed up and yet was obviously just passing through. Also, her not telling him her plans made sense if it was a quick phone call. Nothing in the scene contradicts this and the fact that she knew he was there and he looked completely unsurprised by her appearance -- as if he was expecting her -- can almost confirm it.

So that's a nice little fanwanking gift we can give ourselves. They keep in touch, like a good couple should. In addition, there may have been only thirty seconds, but we still got some stuffs to talk about. First up, because I like to get any non-gush-worthy stuff out of the way, the negative. Logan and Veronica not only referenced Horshack during their conversation, but they both looked at and talked to the table at large and yet, there was not one single cut to Horshack or any of the other "prisoners." Not one and that was just weird. If the scene felt off at all, and it did a bit past the first couple seconds of very cute interaction, it was because there was an audience onscreen that Logan and Veronica were acknowledging, but we, the offscreen audience, were not shown the people watching them. It was just odd, as if portions of the scene were missing. And unfortunately it added to what many viewers perceived as negative, which, in further rewatch and analysis, I think, proved to not be the case. I am, of course, talking about the lack of a kiss before Veronica left.

In retrospect, it makes perfect sense that Veronica didn't kiss him goodbye because there was a group of strangers there. And not only that, Logan was also casually discussing matters of a sexual nature in front of this group of strangers. Conjugal visits anyone? Her picture keeping him going through the long, lonely night? Letting his buddy borrow her picture to help him through the long, lonely night? Were Jason Dohring not so frakkin' adorable and were those lines not delivered with such impish glee, there definitely would be more of an ick factor. Dude, that's your GIRLFRIEND you're talking about like that in front of strangers! Ah, but this is television and such type of discussion goes on a LOT because it's quippy and funny and television is, after all, entertainment.

Which brings us to the biggest reason viewers were expecting a kiss, even though, in context, it made perfect sense regarding the lack. Jump back a few paragraphs above and you'll see the answer. Yes, logically, we knew that the entire group of "prisoners" was sitting there. Yes, we knew that Veronica didn't know them -- check out Veronica's expression after the lending her pic to Horshack comment, there was a touch of "Did he just say that? I don't know this guy. Hello!. However, because there was not one single cut to any of them (including Horshack, who was mentioned by name), it was easy to forget that when a boyfriend is talking about sexual matters with his girlfriend in front of a group of strangers, most girlfriends would not feel comfortable laying one on said boyfriend in front of said strangers. Therefore, that negative of the non-kiss is completely neutralized by the bad direction ... once you think about it. Which, of course, is the whole point of this section. Thinking about it, breaking it down and fanwanking the whys and wherefores in order to keep the good ship LoVe alive and kicking even when it looks like the boat may have developed a leak.

Alrighty then, now to the cute stuff, the squee-worthy stuff, the ILOVETHEM!ILOVETHEM! moments. There were two for me, one that is shared universally by the fandom and the other would be shared by everyone who caught it (which I'm assuming at this point is most who have watched the scene at least twice). First off, sigh and hee! Logan called Veronica "his girl." Logan called Veronica "his girl." Double, triple and quadruple sigh. It's just so territorial, but in a non-aggressive way. There's a sweetness (and yes, schmoop, especially with Dohring's delivery) that comes along with it that just makes hearts go a'flutter and fangirls go "squee!" So, excuse me a moment, but I'm breaking out the ...


Ahem. I just ... man, he called her "my girl" and it was so adorable. Ooh, and you know what else was totally adorable? Veronica agreeing that "it's good to share" and then proceeding to do just that by taking some of Logan's food. Hee! It was so awesome because it was SUCH a couply thing to do, as was Logan's complete non-reaction to her doing so. After all, you know what they say: Sharing is caring. Oh, it was just so cute and couply. I loved.

Finally, we had the "star-crossed" comment by Veronica and Logan's nod of agreement. It ain't epic, but it means the same thing ... and very in keeping with Veronica's character. She doesn't do the heart on her sleeves, over-the-top dramatic stuff like say, oh, Logan with his, "I thought our story was epic, you know? You and me.... Spanning years and continents, lives ruined, and blood shed. Epic." What Veronica does is make a joke about such things, but in a way that lets you know that she knows it too. Ie., her response to Logan's speech in the following episode, "Ain't epic love grand?" and now this, a jokey reference to the two of them being star-crossed in a situation that is inconvenient rather than star-crossed. But that's Veronica and that's how she says "I love you, Logan" at this point in time. (It better be just "at this point in time" with the actual words or some closer approximation making its way from her larynx in the future.)

But enough of that. I'm not dwelling on what hasn't happened yet or even on the "lives ruined" epicness of their love story. I'm just content for now to dwell on the cuteness and the couple-ness of these thirty seconds. I loved these thirty seconds! They made me smile ... and squee.

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