Arabian (arabian) wrote,

BSG Premiere Thoughts (Finally, No Spoilers)

Well, I finally watched BSG. It was very, very good -- but I just am not enthused, like even mildly obsessed anymore. I think part of it is because unlike everyone else on my flist, I don't like Kara and Lee AT ALL. I was icked out with their potential story from the beginning because of the whole thing with his brother, I think they have negative chemistry, and I think fundamentally they don't work as a couple. Furthermore, while I'm sure Jaime Bamber is a lovely fellow, he does nothing for me looks, acting or charisma-wise. And it doesn't help that I was initially bored with Lee and then in the second season grew to despise him. The middle section with so much airtime spent on Lee seriously made me consider tuning out. So it should come as no surprise that I didn't really give two fraks about his story in the premiere. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Lee only wishes he could be a quarter of the man his father is! As if!

Oy, and I do seriously wonder about my sanity when the character I felt the most for, the one that almost made me cry was my beloved Gaius. He really, really, really, REALLY didn't want to sign it. Poor Gaius. And Kara. I love Kara. She and Gaius were the two I was most emotionally connected with ... which doesn't surprise me as they have been my absolute favorites from the begining. And yes, taking a gander at my icon, I am insane in shipping them. I know, I know, nothing will EVER happen again, but dang, season one just so revved me up because I love the chemistry between Katee Sackhoff and James Callis. Sigh. Stupid, so morally-fucked-up-beyond repair Gaius! Double sigh.

Of course, I'll still watch the show, I love the show, I'm just not emotionally invested in it ... which sucks because it's so, so very good.
Tags: battlestar galactica, tv

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