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Greys' Anatomy: Miracles DO Happen!

For the first time in the history of GA, I actually liked EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER. Yes. Including Alex. And Derek. And. GASP!!! Meredith. Allan Heinberg needs to write as MANY GA episodes as is humanly possible, this was his first and it was AWESOME!! Wonderful, fabulous, highlighting all of the best of Grey's with none of the bad, showing the characters foibles without making them look like caricatures. My God! I liked MEREDITH!!!

At first I just thought that Meredith on morphine was the cure, because Meredith on morphine was adorable!!! I mean "a disastrously uncomfortable sexual experience" was the perfect description of the incident with George and definitely a reminder of the pain, but (I can't BELIEVE I'm actually writing this) Ellen Pompeo's delivery was spot-on in nailing that it happened, it was horrible, it's done, it's over, and they've moved on. The Addison/Meredith scene was delightful, both actresses playing off of each other and the tone of the scene, the why of their discussion and the reason why of the discussion was wonderful.

Then there's Derek -- his reaction to everyone and the reaction back to him again showed him as the McDreamy we were introduced to that everyone fell in love with. No, he's not the better guy (because, really Finn totally is and the fact that both Derek and Meredith recognized that was all shades of awesome), but he IS (or was) a good guy and this episode showed that.

The whole tangled Meredith/Derek/Addison/Mark quadrangle was handled simply and beautifully. Addison acknowledging that she should have been the better person and walked away, Addison seeing that Meredith was hurt as much as Addison was in a completely different way, Addison acknowledging that she DID deliberately set out to hurt Derek, but Derek's not like that ... and he's not (he hurts, but not intentionally). Addison telling Derek to not hurt Meredith again was beautiful in its simplicity because as much as I've never seen this before because I normally can't stand Meredith or Pompeo's delivery/performance, of all of them, she IS the innocent party. She didn't know Derek was married and she didn't push to get involved with him when she found out; she TRIED to stay away as much as she could, but Derek pushed it and Derek broke his wedding vows. Speaking of, I loved that Mark called him on it. Derek can't play the self-righteous card anymore because he done screwed up as badly as Addison did and the combination of Mark saying that, Addison saying don't hurt her and Derek's realization of what a good guy Finn is all seemed to make Derek realize that yes, he's been an ass! And this was all acheived BEAUTIFULLY!!! And on top of that was the addition of Mark, who was revealed as a smug, selfish bastard who has a lot to learn. I do think that Addison is hot for him (because (a) dude, look at him and (b) she said so), but any attraction is based on that he can hurt people like she has the capacity, but I don't think she likes likes him, loves him and she really doesn't want to even want him.

And she's gorgeous. And awesome. And I just adore Kate Walsh. Every moment, every scene, every emotion, every line, she is awesome. I love her so much. And you know what else I love? Her and Miranda! I love that they have more scenes together because together they are awesome times a million. Ooh, and Alex -- he was a jerk, but not in 'I want to smash your face in you smug, uncaring, piece of shit asswipe' jerk mode that he's been oh all of this season and most of last season for me. I can deal with this kinda jerk-y Alex and almost appreciate him. And I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE the idea of he and Addison. Damn straight, he's gonna miss you, honey! So let's not keep them separated too long.

Callie. Sigh. I LOVE Callie. (I don't like Sara Ramirez' pointy bangs, but that's totally shallow and unimportant.) I love Callie, I love her attitude, I love her wit, I love her no-bs and I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEE that she picked up McSteamy. Now, those two as a pairing I can get behind! They had chemistry and unlike T.R. Knight, Eric Dane doesn't make her look masculine and she certainly doesn't make Dane look feminine, unlike Knight.

Speaking of Knight .... SQUEEEEEE!! I got some great Izzy/George. I LOVED that he was there for her, I love that he held her hand, I love any moment that shows the bond between these two. If Shondra never does anything with George and Izzy, I will cry because more than anyone else on this show I think these two characters were made for one another. They are just perfect and I don't buy for one second that they wouldn't have the passion, because their fights show a heckuva lot of passion. Hell, that one fight in front of the divorce lawyer was recognized as the kind couples have. See!?!

Which leaves us with Christina/Burke ... I like how they are exploring the growth, the up and down, the intricacies of two, proud, incredibly talented, focused individuals being hit by this kind of situation and how it's showing the chinks and strength in their relationship.

Excellent, excellent show. And I have to say this episode gave me all pairs that I could see happily as couples. George/Izzy, Addison/Alex, Callie/Mark, Christina/Burke and dun dun DUN, even Meredith and Derek, because Derek's final scene with Meredith and Mere's final scene with Finn and her explanation made me, for the first time EVER, buy why these two should be together.

Well done, Allan, long may you write for this show.
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