Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Colbert Report (10/11/06) Funniest Show EVER!

So I regularly watch The Colbert Report, and I regularly find it quite, quite amusing. Last night's show with Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem (the cooking segment) was quite a highlight and I thought a segment hadn't been that funny in a while and it would be tough to top. And then came tonight. Oh. My. God. Tears, people. Literally, I was crying. I was literally crying I was laughing so damn hard.

I thought the collage of clips was wonderful, actually having the first final two on the phone was great and I loved them using the Princess Leia (visual approximation) for her photo. And then when he announced that the second finalist was in the studio, George L., I thought nothing of it. When George L. first walked out, I thought, 'hmm, older guy' and then two seconds later it hit me! HOLY CRAP!!! That's George LUCAS!!!!!! Press-shy, gajillionaire, Star Wars-himself GEORGE LUCAS!!!! I just died. I am still dead. Oh. My. God.

Throughout the whole joshing with Stephen interviewing him as if he wasn't, you know, George Lucas, I wasn't laughing so much at that, because it was an obvious joke. I was just laughing that Oh. My. God. George Lucas was on The Colbert Report ... and making fun of his own most highly-touted lowlights. Dissing Episode One!!! Dissing Jar Jar Binks!!! Dead, people. I am dead.

And then came the new installment of Tek Jansen and by the time he was told to put the front landing strats down, I was laughing so hard, and by the time he was pushing the multitude of buttons, I was crying. Seriously, crying. FUNNIEST SHIT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then when Stephen came back from the cartoon, he asks George L. (who is, of course, still there) if he likes science fiction! Oh. My. God. This is just the best damn Colbert EVER! So, so, so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally the closer!!! OH. MY. GOD. AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Stephen Colbert and George Lucas doing a lightsaber duel to the death!!!!!!!! This was pure magic. Stephen Colbert has completely and absolutely outdone himself and I'm so glad that George L. played along!!!

This one's a keeper!!!

Admittedly, I am a sci-fi geek.
Tags: colbert, tv

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