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Monday Night TV Viewing

How I Met Your Mother: I like this show, I really do. I thought that last week was hysterical and had depth to it (and I had hoped that it signaled the beginning of the end for Robin and Ted), but this week brought to mind the big BIG issue I have with the show. The ick! Ted is telling this story to his KIDS who know Robin as "Aunt Robin." And he's telling them that she was the first person who saw the first drawing of the first building he built? These are moments that were this real (I know, I know) would forever change (and not in a good way) the way his children view their Aunt Robin, especially as opposed to their mom. I mean, there's going to be a loyalty thing there. It's just icky!

The Class: Okay, so I was very eh on the first two episodes and ready to say goodbye, but last week's ep (which I finally watched) was great (esp. when you fastforward through Guy living with his mom/Chick married to Superbowl guy). I loved Ethan and Kat, as friends or a potential couple they're great! But then last night's ep, except for them and there wasn't much them, went back to being eh. And while I wasn't negative about Kat's sister and the suicidal dude, I thought they were kinda cute, but the ending with him having a wife/gf? and him lying to her was just wrong and depressing. And the whole Holly/gay guy story is just cruel AND a caricature. I think they need to ditch everyone else in the cast except for Ethan and Kat and just have the show revolve around them. Because they're the only thing that's working.

Heroes: I read Slayervixen's journal and her comment was that her mom said it was CRAZY. Until I got to that ending, I didn't know what she meant, but DAMN!!!!! On the autopsy table!?!?! DAMN!!!! It's rare that a television show makes my jaw drop, but this did it. As for the characters, I'm still loving Claire and Hiro (and Hiro's friend). I like Greg Grunberg's character (Matt?) and dick or not, I still like Nathan because I love Adrian Pasdar. Peter -- well, I think casting could have done a better job, he's just not a very good actor. And him + Simone? Yeah, not very interesting. I do however find myself really liking the comic book artist. And I like Nikki too; she's cool. Still loving this show!

Studio60: I was a bit eh on last week's episode, but this was much, much better. And I actually felt something during Matt and Harry's first scene. So yay!!! I saw the bat-through-the-window in the preview, but forgot about it, so when it did happen, I was cracking up. I loved the continually live-break-ins to cover the plagerism and how it was handled. Harry didn't make me want to strangle her, so yay!!! But I just don't believe that Harry and Matt are meant to be. I just don't. Too many inherent differences between them. But that's not the big problem ... the big problem remains Amanda Peet. She needs to go. She's bringing down the energy and groove of the rest of the show. Whenever she's on screen, it's like a big weight has descended. She needs to go, Aaron, and sooner than Mandy did. I say they take advantage of Peet's pregnancy and use it to write her out. She needs to go. She's gorgeous and is likable; it's not like she won't get other work. She's just not right for this show.

But you wanna know who is right? Matthew Perry. I like Bradley Whitford and all, and prior to this episode (although it's been fading), I thought of this show as "Studio60" with Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford, but more and more and definitely after tonight, I just think of this as "Studio60" with Matthew Perry. Not that BW isn't great. He is; it's just that Bradley Whitford is an ensemble player; Matthew Perry is a star.

One more thing, what is up with the NBC previews making note particularly of the endings? Is this there way of keeping ratings for "Studio60" by saying stick around for another shocking ending of "Heroes" and then keep ratings from not dropping at the half-hour mark for S60 by saying, stick around for the will they-won't they? Harry/Matt ending? It's just weird.
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