Arabian (arabian) wrote,

SPN (My first SPN LJ post, awww)

So, it's kinda weird (but cool) watching SPN in real time. I only finished season one three days before the premiere, so it's a whole new experience. I like the show, but am not obsessed with it. And I'm pretty much totally meh on the Sam/Dean I see everywhere because (a) they're brothers and Kanecest is the only incest I like and (b) I don't think JA and JP have that kind of chemistry, which means I'm not into the JA/JP either.

I'm not that much a fan of JP, he's pretty, I guess, but he does nothing for me and while I think he can act, he's nothing to write home about and his "dramatic" scenes really do nothing for me. On the other hand, Jensen Ackles!! My, oh my, how wonderful is Eric Brady now?!?! He's gorgeous, he's funny, he's emo, but not too emo, he's a wonderful actor, he gets me every damn time. Love. Just so much love.

Good episode, and I really like how they are playing out the arc of John's death and its effect on the boys. But what I was really watching this episode for was ALONA TAL!!! Before the show started, I thought, pleasepleaseplease don't be lame and do have chemistry with Jensen. I am happy to report that in my opinion, she was most definitely NOT lame and they DID have chemistry. So yay!!! I even clipped their scenes to watch over again.

Finally, just poor Dean. He really battered that car of his. Wow. Poor Dean.
Tags: alona tal, jensen ackles, supernatural, tv

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