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I watched Lost and didn't despise Jack with an unholy passion ... but that's not why I'm squeeing!!

So even if I hadn't read that Elizabeth Mitchell was cast as Jack's love interest, I'd know that they wre doing Kate/Sawyer because of the "AHHHHHHHH" moment that greeted them seeing each other again. And I squeeed and grinned and LOVED IT! I've always thought that K/S had chemistry, but other than a few choice scenes, the show seemed like they were really just only setting up groundwork for Jack/Kate (and I think they have zero chemistrY). But now that it looks like we'll actually get them, I can see myself sliding quickly into K/S obsessive fandom!!!!

It was funny both times that Kate asked where Sawyer and Jack were, I thought - heh, she said Sawyer first and then when Henry/Ben pointed that out, I was like HUZZAAH!!!! And then there was the "AHHHHHHHHHHH" moment and then next week's preview!!!! Woohoo!! Hot kissin' already. AWESOME!!!

Man, what I wouldn't give to have "AHHHHHHHHHHH" moments and hot kisses with Logan/Veronica (VM). It's still possible to do that when the couple is together, Rob.

Man, I so need to make a Kate/Sawyer icon. Any K/S fans on my flist who can give a list of the episodes that had good K/S moments because I'm totally downloading those episodes!
Tags: logan/veronica, lost, tv, veronica mars

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