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04 October 2006 @ 06:15 pm
TV Tuesday Night (and Monday) and VM!!  
Still not caught up on all of last night's viewing (Boston Legal and Nip/Tuck, I hear ya calling!), but some thoughts on other shows ...

How I Met Your Mother -- The first truly funny show of the season, being only it's third that's not that bad. The first two had good moments, but this was a full show of the funny; in addition it had some nice depth to it, mixed in with that humor. And hopefully that final scene is an indication that the end of Ted/Robin is near and my dreams of Robin/Barney can flourish once more!!

Heroes -- Still loving it, but still confused ... but in a 'I want to watch more way!' I LOVE Hiro, love Nathan (that's the name of Adrian Pasdar's character, right?), love Claire (Clare - sp?) (Hayden P. is ROCKING! as I knew she would and on a shallow note, I LOVE her hair!!!). I'm still not quite sure what Ali Larter's character's power is, but I'm intrigued. Hell, I'm intrigued by the whole thing. My only negative is the "convenient" neighbor of the murdered Indian father is slightly annoying and screams CLICHE! She's either the cliched undercover bad guy (which I thought at first, but don't after the info they found) or the cliched love interest. Kinda lame. Other than that, I LOVE!

Studio 60 -- Hmm, does anyone call this Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip or even SSOTSS or some other variation beyond Studio60 or S60 for short? Anyway, I like this, but I don't love it. It feels a little like Aaron Sorkin is trying to infuse a bit much of TWW (re: politics) into the show which is a little disconcerting, but, I don't know if I feel that way BECAUSE AS did TWW or if it's really, really there. Hmmm.

Good = the "Pimp my Trike" and the host's response of the reason for Katrina DID make me genuinely laugh out loud. (Heck, I'm laughing everytime I reread the phrase "Pimp My Trike," so there doing a good job with showing the show within the show bringing the funny.) I still just like the overall format and how it rolls along. And I like most of the characters.

Bad = Except for Harry. I like Sarah Paulsen I do, but she's not doing it for me, this character is annoying (the whole God loves me is getting REALLY old! and makes me want to slap her! It's not amusing, it's annoying.) Plus, what is ALWAYS my saving grace for actors/characters I don't like, she and Matthew Perry have like NO chemistry. So, the saving grace ain't there. Also, Amanda Peet is just not good. Not much more to say to that other than GOD! I don't care if she was on TWW too, how PERFECT would Allison Janney have been for this role (had they aged the character a bit)? GAH!!!

Great = Danny and Matt -- the homoerotic sand-tussling! HEE!!! I wanted them to start dancing at the end. Speaking of dancing ...

Interesting = Now when Danny and Harry were dancing, I saw a little bit of a spark. So Sarah Paulsen and Bradley Whitford have chemistry ... unlike Whitford and Peet. And I should note that I've always thought that Peet and Perry had chemistry (I wanted him with her in The Whole Nine Yards, not Bruce Willis' character.) Yeah, so none of the potential pairings have chemistry with their supposed partners. Hmmm.

Bottom-line, there's too much to love to walk away, but I am a bit dissapointed that I don't adore this more.

Friday Night Lights -- About 30 mins into this, I thought, whoever said you don't have to like football to like this show was dead wrong. Then the last damn fifteen minutes happened and the damn show got me. I'm not hooked, no, but I'm definitely watching next week. (And, no, I couldn't stop thinking of the fact that had VM been cancelled RT would have been doing this show and wondering what things he would have done.)

Which leads us to Veronica Mars -- I've watched a couple of times already, so I only watched my fave parts. Alas, it doesn't matter how many viewings I do, the first scene shows a snooty, smug Veronica. Moments are amusing, but looking back on it, her old attitude was just I'm too smart fo everyone on the planet. Ver-on-i-CA! And double alas, no matter how many times I watch the first L/V scene, it plays awkwardly -- the direction, the dialogue transitions, Logan calling her butch, himself stupid, just not a good intro to Logan and Veronica for new viewers and not what current viewers want to see. But the rest I'm cool with. I still really like Parker and am really annoyed by Piz. And am REALLY annoyed that newbies would assume that Mac is Veronica's best friend and not Wallace!!! Harrumph!

A question about the credits, did it always say EC as Keith Mars or is the "as Keith Mars" new? If it's not, damn, WHERE have I been?
WeHo M.: VM - BK S3afrocurl on October 4th, 2006 11:05 pm (UTC)
S60: I like the "Pimp My Trike" lines, too. AS is going with the politics, but I think it's an important part of late night TV, so I'm just leaving it alone.

VM: EC wasn't at the end of the credits so it never said "as Keith Mars" until now. I can't tell how I feel about him getting the "as.." line, but whatever.
Arabian: We got promoarabian on October 4th, 2006 11:14 pm (UTC)
S60 - Yeah, that's what I meant is it AS and TWW or am I just saying it's AS because it's AS and TWW?

VM - EC ALWAYS was at the end of the credits. Always.
WeHo M.: Lyrics - Breathe Meafrocurl on October 4th, 2006 11:16 pm (UTC)
S60: Well, I think that politics are easy to make fun of on late night TV, so it's still going to be around.

VM: Ok...I can't remember and that's probably because I skip over the credits on the DVDs. I'm pretty sure he's never been "as Keith Mars" until now.
Margaritaramwitz on October 5th, 2006 02:32 am (UTC)
Jen, did you happen to catch Ugly Betty? If so, what are your thoughts? I caught the series premiere and I think I might have fallen a little bit in love. I may be experiencing a serious girl-crush on America Ferrera...she definitely stole my heart in the premiere. I hope it stays good and interesting (and won't become too silly) as I will definitely need a buffer show with what I believe will be the inevitable demise of VM.

Speaking of VM, I convinced a co-worker of mine to check it out for the fist time ever. She gave me her thoughts today, and basically stated what you said (except her words were smug and obnoxious). She found Veronica to be completely unlikeable and unsympathetic. She couldn't understand why Piz fell head over heels for her and basically her only concern was "that poor kid with the mop hair falling for that witch who will probably use and abuse him." Yikes! And she saw no chemistry between L/V. How sucky is that?
Arabian: Snark + LoVearabian on October 5th, 2006 11:26 am (UTC)
UB comes on opposite Surivor and MNIE/The Office, so I downloaded it, but I haven't watched it yet.

Yeah, the VM premiere was NOT good for Veronica or L/V fans, BUT I have hope that non Thomas-written episodes will do better.