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VM S3.01 Early Bird Thoughts

Well, like everyone who had the opportunity to, I watched the VM episode. Thanks to all who made it possible for us to watch ASAP!!! Awesome.

My thoughts (plenty o' spoilers for the premiere obviously) ...

It was okay. Sorry, I didn't love it. I know everyone else seems to have. Maybe I really was just too, too burned out by the crap we got last season to fully get my groove back on in regards to the show, I dunno ... but it was okay. Well, it was good, I just wasn't ahhhh!!! It played a lot too awkward for me, unnatural, but for a few scenes. Random thoughts, but mostly in order of appearance.

  • I love Patrick Fabian!!! Woo to the hoo!! (Yes, I just typed that.)

  • James Jordan's (Tim Foyle, formerly Lucky) wig was REALLY horribly fake and that distracted.

  • CREDITS! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jason is second (well, 3rd, but you all know what I mean!) Squeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then we got the LoVe shots at the end!! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Oh, I want those stills!!!!

    I really really liked it. I think the mood, the style of filter, the remix everything actually fits VM MUCH better. I hope we get the full version of that remix, I really like it!! I did have two beefs. One was how the newbies had higher billing than Francis and Mac. Lamb naturally won't appear as much, so I was okay with that ... but dude! FRANCIS!!!! Whimper. My second beef was the fact that the final shot wasn't just Veronica. I really think it should have just been her in the final frame. Ah well. Also, not a complaint, but it was weird seeing KEITH with the camera. Again, I loved the L/V, and the K/Veronica was cool ... so overall, I'm VERY happy!!!


  • Wallace had no SINGULAR interaction with Veronica and they shared only a few lines together. That bit.

  • Chris Lowell (Piz) is bad. I actually thought he was better than most from the preview, but actually watching it. Just -- when he was trying to do the fast patter, he just sounded so fake. Maybe he'll get better, but yeah, this dude is nothing to write home about. And that hair!?!?!?

  • I loved that Veronica ACTUALLY carried Logan's books. Hee.

  • I don't get even remotely the big deal about the sweaty scene. So what? They were lying in bed sweating and the sex was good. And I'm sorry, but the "professional" line DID read as if she was talking about pro as in a sex pro, not a college pro as some have suggested. The double-standard in that is really annoying. If Logan implied as such to Veronica, she (and fans) would not like it. Anyhoo, back to the so-totally-NON-sex scene. We didn't even get a kiss, a cuddle, ANYTHING in that bed. Yeah, yeah, they're having sex, that's great, but the throwaway of it was horrible. Not only do we NOT get their first time, the first time we see them in bed, they're barely touching the entire time? I knew RT wasn't going to make big production out of it because other than that first kiss, he loves to skip over important moments with them, but I thought he might maybe make, oh at least, a little production out of them sleeping together. You know, something, anything. Definitely more than a few seconds sweaty in bed, barely touching, with Veronica telling him he should be a prostitute.

    I did like the part with him answering the phone and her trying to stop him and then the whole "we need to communicate." Aside from the natural way the scene played out, I think it may wind up being one of the keys of their issues. Two others came later. Back to the phone answering ... it was just cute and, like I said, natural. I liked it. And finally, yes, he did look HOT. Very hot.

  • Other than the awkwardness of how the last line played out to me in Parker's introduction scene, I REALLY liked her. Julie Gonzalo was wonderful. Why isn't SHE getting promoted out the ying-yang!? She was adorable.

  • Hmm, I was bothered by the number of Piz/Veronica scenes in the episode. It really read as if they were setting them up as the big star-crossed lovers on the show. They spent A LOT of time and I mean A LOT of time establishing a relationship between these two, more than they did with any other two characters ... by far. And that was pretty sad to watch. The fact that she didn't just say, "yeah, he's my boyfriend" in the final scene is worrisome also. For newbies watching who don't know the history of L/V, it really comes across as if THIS is the pairing to root for. It was just ... man, the set-up for a potential pairing between these two is SO obvious. FRAK!

  • Speaking of, I had heard about the BSG "Frak" inclusion, but I was afraid it would be lame. I like how they did it.

  • I did like the scene with Logan/Veronica in the cafeteria, but sadly (and unsurprisngly) it does still play as if Logan is definitely more into Veronica than she is into him. But what I liked about this scene is that it played much more naturally than the first scene had (that one felt kinda forced to me). It was sweet and I LOVED how he held and kissed her hand. (Although, the other girl thing kinda worried me as another potential issue popper-upper and this one won't fly with me.) Oh, and after the Dick thing, I loved how he just said give me your bag to Veronica and she seemed to get it right away what he needed, so that was cool.

    And yet another issue was here in this scene, being the look on Logan's face when he said "nice shirt" to Piz. I definitely got the Donut undertone. That undercurrent of jealousy because Veronica may lust for Logan, but she tells herself she "wants" to be with the good guys. (And of COURSE, the one kiss that WASN'T a peck was intercut with Piz looking all bummed because a girl he met two days ago and has shown no interest in him HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!!!! Grrrr. Yes, the emphasis was on HIS pain. Total set-up.)

  • I think Ryan did a wonderful job and I wonder if HE'S going to be the rape suspect for a little bit because of his last line to Logan about messing up bad (in addition to hanging outside Parker's dorm earlier). I thought the Dick/Logan stuff was the strongest part of the episode. These two play really well together and I loved seeing Logan there for Dick, really being a friend -- frankly, something that no one has ever been for Logan.

  • The Keith/Cormac/Kendall stuff was interesting, nothing to write home about and since I already knew that (a) RT ain't going anywhere with my beloved Keith/Kendall and (b) that Kendall "died," I wasn't too invested. Yes, I put died in quotes because I don't believe for one second she's actually dead. Dude, we didn't even see him pointing the gun AT Kendall. She's so not dead.

  • I LOVED the return of Vinnie and if this is a sign that we'll see him on a higher recurring basis, I'm all for that!!!

  • I loved all of Veronica's wardrobe (and most of her hairstyles). Logan looked great, wardrobe, hair, hotness! Wallace looked great. Everyone looked great (except for Piz's haircut and my GOD! what kind of name is Stosh "Piz" ... SERIOUSLY!?!?!) and heh, I had to cheer for all the Dick/Mac fans that at least there was one scene between them.

    Overall, I just wasn't impressed. I'm hoping it was because it was too built-up for me. Also, the awkwardness of getting the ball rolling was difficult too. The season premiere of just about every returning show in its sophomore year has had that kind of awkwardness. I realize this is VM's third, but they really are setting it all up anew. It wasn't bad; it was good .. I just expected and hoped for outstanding. And it didn't help that the LoVe stuff came across as just mostly biographical information while the Cheney (Veronica/Piz = V/P = Cheney) stuff had the most indepth "rooting" value factor.

    Ah well. Jason looked hot. At least there was that. And I DID love the credits (except for the last shot NOT being Veronica alone). And I'm sure that without the expectations and other stuff around it, I'll enjoy the LoVe scenes more as I rewatch them a zillion times.
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