Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Hmm, interesting ...

So those pretty, pretty L/V stills are from ep 4. Here's more behind the cut fFrom (There are also images up from ep3, but no Logan.)

So these are from Charlie Don't Surf, ep 4, aka the Two Logans episode. And yeah, that's CLEARLY the balcony at the NG.

That's Logan she's looking at and you can tell he's doing his sweet smile by his cheeks.
(Gah, how sad is it that I know that?!)

I wish V had a better expression, because I love the arrangement in this shot.

Balcony and ULTRA-FAKE! background shot.

Eee! Strokes the pretty Logan!

Hee, Veronica's striped shirts almost matches Logan.
Hee! And am I crazy or does she look a little
like Chloe from 24 here?
Tags: photos, promotion, tv, veronica mars

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