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Just a heads-up, re: The series finale post...

So, I wanted to let peeps know that the post is coming. However, it probably won't be up until Saturday or Sunday at the earliest. This one? Is going to be looooong! My pre-post notes are over 2,000 words alone. I have already made 71 gifs and while organizing my pre-post notes, I realized that I have more I still have to make. So, yeah, this is going to take a bit more time. But it is coming, and it will not take months or weeks. I promise! I mean, I really, really don't think so. I totally hope to get this bad boy up by the end of next Sunday. :)

PS: I still intend to write a series overview post that talks about everything I love about the show, and post alongside it my few issues that were never resolved. But that may take a bit longer.

ETA: Yeah, I totes lied. *sigh* This bad boy is very likely NOT going to be done by tommorow. People, there are 100 gifs. I have not even finished the Damon/Elena section--which is at the start of the post--and I'm already near 1,700 words. In other words, this post is going to be ridiculously MASSIVE. But it's also going to take time.
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