Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Survivor (9-21)

Spoilers behind the cut because the episode isn't even over yet.

I'm really conflicted on Aitu's strategy. The competitor in me and the 'do what's right' fiber of my being is disappointed in the fact that they so threw that challenge. On the other hand, Survivor is about lying, backstabbing, etc. and a lot of other 'do what's wrong' types of things. And from a strategy point of view, getting rid of Billy made sense. He was CLEARLY dead-weight. He didn't help in camp, he didn't try and insinuate themselves and they wouldn't have the opportunity to sit him out in every physical challenge (and most our physical) so he IS a liability and could cost them later in the game when it is more important. So from a Survivor-pov, they made a smart move. It just seems so wrong, but in the world of Survivor, is it? It's about outwit, outlast, outplay and that was a potentially very smart-long-term move.

And dangit, I can't help it, Ozzy is frickin' HOT! And he's playing this game to win!

ETA (finished the episode): They made the right call. Tribal council showed that. The guy was delusional. He claimed he was a player, he was fighting to be there, to play the game and HE admitted that he was doing nothing around camp. And the fact that Christina (who AGREED with the throwing the game, even if she didn't like it) appeared to even consider voting Ozzy off over Billy makes her look like an idiot (and namby-pamby). So, in the real world, throwing a game is wrong, on Survivor, they made the right call. I think they will be a stronger team now.
Tags: survivor, tv

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