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Expectations are low, folks. So low.

I realized something last night. I'm not excited about Veronica Mars in the way I was S1. When Logan/Veronica stuff started happening in S1, I squeed, I grinned, I was so flippin' thrilled by it. S2 when we finally started getting good stuff (the little we got), I liked it, but I wasn't over the moon. It felt cheap and unearned and it didn't have untempered joy attached to it, because it was obvious that RT wasn't fully onboard with LoVe, because it was obvious (from VD comments) that KB didn't like the pairing and it sadly showed onscreen, because it was clear that Veronica was the the saint in their relationship, and Logan the sinner.

And hearing the good things about this upcoming season, I'm not excited. I'm not squeeing. I'm honestly not expecting to react any greater than I did at the few stuff we got in S2 because I've been burned so badly by this show. And the Piz commentary makes it clear that RT is STILL not fully onboard with LoVe, (even more vocally and openly) KB doesn't like L/V (so I fear it will show onscreen) and Veronica will be the saint, and Logan will be the sinner.

Maybe when stuff actually airs I'll be able to recapture that giddy happiness the good L/V stuff gave me in S1, but I'm not holding my breath. And that's just sad and makes me want to collectively smack RT and KB upside the head for taking away something that got so many viewers so excited and so happy and so joyous over their show, for taking away something that COULD have taken that show to the next level. I keep thinking of Jim/Pam on The Office and how fans are so frickin' excited and happy and joyously anxious for the premiere, partly because the show hasn't let them down, partly because the actors involved cheer and go yahoo over Jim/Pam, partly because the promotion is revolving around the popularity of this much-buzzed about couple. And it still boggles my mind that VM had (and could still have) a similar situation -- one that actually had more popularity and buzz -- and did EVERYTHING wrong with it.

So I just have no faith and so I don't know if I'll ever be able to love this ship and be happy about this ship the way I was in S1. I mean, I WANT to get over my Logan/Veronica obsession because I don't like being disappointed or frustrated or angry or annoyed and that's what being obsessed with this ship makes me most of the time. What does it say about a ship, when one wants to become un-obsessed with it because it's not fun anymore?

Don't get me wrong, I still love Logan/Veronica. I still think they have amazing chemistry. And I'm still head-over-heels hogwild over them. I'm just not excited about S3 in terms of L/V because I expect to be underwhelmed because of every thing that happened in season 2 and all of the press I've heard for season 3. My expectations are so very low in regards to this pairing now. I hope, despite the horrible promotion and KB's clear dislike for the pairing, that L/V are done well and I'm able to recapture that joy. I just don't expect it. And that makes me sad.
Tags: logan/veronica, rant, tv, veronica mars

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