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1.05 - 'You're Undead To Me' (The Vampire Diaries)

Moving, moving, moving right along. Yuppers, here's episode 5 of season 01. Oh, yeah, I'm getting it going, folks!

OMG! Elena knows! Five episodes in and Elena freaking knows that Stefan is a vampire! What the hell kind of show is this?! What the hell?! I am stunned and shocked and filled with amazeballs! I love this and I cannot stop abusing my exclamation point key! I loved how we had all of those clues flipping through her mind through voice-over and flashbacks, the music, all of it building to this crescendo with the memory of Matt telling Elena that Vicki said it was a vampire that bit her, and Elena pulling it all together. Nina Dobrev was amazing in this sequence, with her expressions—disbelief warring with belief, dawning realization paired with horror. She really helped sell the believability of the moment.

Oh, and that music, the song "Beauty in the Dark" was gorgeous and played so beautifully over everything in those final minutes. Not just Elena's realization (wow! the fifth episode!), but also Stefan's discovery of poor dead Uncle Zach, Bonnie's confusion over her witchy ways with Grams and finally, fittingly, the graveyard. And I loved how the song was on the car radio, turning off and then coming back on in that last location. Very cool.

Since we're starting at the end, I might as well continue down that path. Firstly, erm, is it bad that I don't really care that Zach was killed? Yes, yes, it was horrible that (my poor starving) Damon done did his family relative in, but, but, but... Zach was not so nice to Damon from word one, he didn't even remotely give him a chance, and more importantly to me, I was just not horribly impressed with the actor.

Also, frankly, he just had ZERO chemistry with both Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder so I felt no connection between Zach and Stefan or Zach and Damon. No, that's not surprising for the latter, but with how Zach and Stefan have interacted, you would imagine something. It just wasn't there for me though, so when he bit it (or rather was bit), I just wasn't all too bummed. But, hey, at least I wasn't cheering like when the undearly-departed Tanner went bye-bye (thanks to Damon as well).

Yeah, clearly if you die on this show it's because Damon Salvatore kills you. And, yes, he's still my favorite character, sue me.

Secondly, ooh! Jasmine Guy! I LOVE HER!! Long live Whitley! (A Different World reference—late 80s, early 90s sitcom). She still looks fabulous. So she's the infamous Grams. Nice. Especially because she's a strong and charismatic actress and Katarina Graham (who plays Bonnie) is showing herself to be quite a strong and charismatic young actress herself so the two are compelling onscreen together.

It's also nice to see the oft-talked about Grams as it helps to widen the depth of Bonnie's character. So far we've seen her as a friend and a beginner witch, so getting some family for her can only add dimension. Now that Bonnie's witchy ways are causing her consternation as they clearly are not a joke, having someone to turn to who understands is good for Bonnie. And it's something to look forward to for viewers who want to get more background on the witch mythology of this show—as I do. Having that information possibly (probably) coming from Bonnie's grandmother is a nice way of giving us some supernatural exposition while expanding Bonnie's character.

In the last episode we were introduced to Caroline's mother, as well as Tyler's and with Grams introduced in this one, all of the main characters now have family onscreen. This is yet another sign that The Vampire Diaries is so much more than just some silly teenage romantic drama ripping off Twilight. * Friendship, family... they matter.

* And as I believe so, the books that this series is based on came out years before Twilight anyway, so if there's any ripping off…

Speaking of friendship, I continue to like how they are easing back into Matt and Elena's friendship, so much so that it's truly playing more as a friendship rather than a past romantic relationship. Because of that I'm now beginning to question if Matt and Caroline are really going to be a part of the romantic entanglements of the big triangle (Damon/Elena/Stefan—not that we're seeing much going on there yet) that the show is selling as I imagined. Damon and Caroline have already ended... and for that, thank goodness.

Yes, Somerhalder and Candice Accola did have chemistry, but nothing compared to what Somerhalder and Dobrev have. Plus, let's be real, he treated her abominably and my precious Caroline deserves soooooo much better! And, well, as I said at the top of this paragraph, they are really working on easing the tension with Matt and Elena. Furthermore, there's really been nothing with Stefan and Caroline since Caroline's snarky "I got the other brother" to Elena in the third episode. So, yeah, I'm thinking I was wrong about the whole "sextet" thing, LOL!

Too bad we're not seeing as much of that snark from Caroline right now. Well, OK, she did give a few choice comments at the car wash. Still, overall, oh, Caroline, you poor, pathetic controlled creature. From just about beginning to end, this episode was filled with not-fun Caroline stuffs. Putting on a chipper face to her friends, asking Stefan about Damon's whereabouts, saying she expects a big apology. Oh, oh, Caroline. Then, oh boy, when Damon called her to him, I was seriously wondering if this would be it. Would I lose Caroline? They've certainly been throwing out that possibility quite a bit—the last three episodes by my count. Harrumph. So, I was very glad to be wrong and quite pleased to see Damon too weak to catch Caroline. Thank goodness that the Boarding House had that fancy, schmancy border rug that Damon slipped and slid on so Caroline was able to escape and run out into the sunlight away, away, away from Damon. Yay!

And then that final scene while she's lying on her bed, feeling sorry for herself and I was feeling so sorry for her but she was SO mean to her mom who was trying to help. But that was good too. We know Caroline enough now to know that she has her not-so-nice moments (and we were given a clear indication of the not-so-good relationship with her mother in the last episode). Having the characters remain in-character (even if it's not the most flattering of aspects of their character on display) despite their issues is what helps make them three-dimensional.

Caroline is not the only character that is three-dimensional with negatives not being white-washed despite being in a bad situation. Vicki also continues to be a very interesting one to watch. I may not be terribly fond of her—I can't help it, the actress (Kayla Ewell) despite being very good, just rubs me the wrong way—but I still do feel for the character. And I think that's due to not only Ewell's acting, but also the excellent writing for Vicki. Take her fight with Jeremy for example.

It made perfect sense that Vicki was upset that Jeremy was trying to "change" her. Furthermore, she was right about Jeremy judging her friends when she is of the same mold, and that he is the guy who just backslid because of his tragedy. However, Jeremy was also right. Vicki should not have just taken his sister's medication like that because Elena *would* notice and Jeremy would get in trouble for it. There would be consequences that Vicki didn't even give a crap or care to think about. Of course, that's Vicki—selfish to the core. It's all about 'poor me, my poor life!' Never mind that she is choosing to make these poor decisions. Yeah, I feel for her… but I still don't like her.

So, Damon, please, do your thing! Damnit, die, Vicki, die! (Sorry Matt and Jeremy.)

OK, moving onto randoms—

- Hah, I knew Damon would get out. (Alright, fine, that wasn't much of stretch in the speculation department, LOL!)

- Speaking of Damon, how can a starving, desiccating vampire look so hot? I do not know, but Damon Salvatore managed it. Uh huh.

- My goodness what an utterly hideous bikini that Caroline was wearing! Bonnie, on the other hand! Wowza! She looked bangin'! Or should I say… Bonnie was on fiyah!! Hahaha… so does this episode and the last mean that newbie witches get their supernatural groove on first with fire? Things that make you go hmm…

- Hah, Stefan and Elena were cute with them pulling off the shirts after Caroline reminded them that the car wash was "Sexy Suds" and then Elena's shirt got all tangled up.

- Uhm, "Sexy Suds?" Really? Was anyone on the Mystic Falls High School faculty paying attention? Isn't that just a tad inappropriate? Young girls and boys in teeny bathing suits to make a profit? I'm just sayin.'

- Still, it is nice to see that even with all of her issues that Caroline is pretty kick-ass at organizing stuffs! Inappropriate or not, Caroline was clearly on top of making sure the "Sexy Suds" carwash was a success.

- I thought that was some good casting with Tiki and her grandfather. Small roles, true, but they both were well-cast. I got good, strong character vibes from both actors which made their scenes feel real.

- Elena doing research and not trusting Stefan was good because he's lying to you, Elena! (Cagey, cagey, cagey boy!) Stefan should have realized that Matt knew what he was talking about when he told him that Elena would not stop digging. Uh huh.

- By the way, I love Elena; she's awesome.

- Oh, Jenna, Logan ScumFell is just playing you. HE'S PLAYING YOU, JENNA! Don't fall for it!!!

- Is it wrong that I kinda wonder about the possibility of Stefan and Bonnie just because Graham and Wesley have a bit of chemistry, yes, they do. Hmm…

So, yeah, I am loving, loving, loving this show. I still liked the last episode just a bit more than this one, but talk about not regressing at all in terms of falling back into the somewhat tiresome teen drama that filled too much of the first three episodes. This show is a keeper!
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