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7.21 - 'Requiem For A Dream' (The Vampire Diaries)

OK, it only took me until the season was nearly over, but here I am still getting these bad boys up on time. Yeah, baby!! :D

Well, the rule of 21 holds. What a great episode. And I'm just gonna dive right in. So, Damon's porch speech about Elena is why if you're not watching the show because you think there's no Damon/Elena right now is reason number one as to why you are wrong! YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING THE SHOW because you're missing out on all of the glorious Damon/Elena moments like that. I rewound it about five times. Seriously, it was wonderful! *sigh* Damon recounting where they first kissed, she told him she loved him, she took the cure, how he would get her back, calling her his girl, "My Elena." I just—gosh, I loved it. And I rewound it about five times. And I smiled. I smiled so hard. *double sigh* Yes, I know that he didn't mean mean it because he was trying to rile Bonnie up and get her to come back to them, well, mean the part about wishing she was dead so that he could get Elena back… but all of the other stuff… *triple sigh*

The first kiss… of course, I flashbacked to it in my head, but for you all:


The first time Elena had the courage to tell him that she loved him, flashback in my head, but visual representation:


When she took the cure, the flashback in my head, but here's the pretty, pretty:


It was just so lovely. Seriously, even without Nina Dobrev on the canvas this season has gone beyond my expectations, overwhelmed my heart with all the feels in how they have cherished the Damon/Elena love story. There has never been one moment of doubt that Elena is still the beating heart of Damon Salvatore. She is the love of his life; she is a part of his soul and he is impatiently waiting to be reunited with her. Their love story has continued throughout this season, her presence strong through many an episode.

As well it just hasn't been through the Damon and Elena love story. It's been as Bonnie and Caroline's best friend, and also as Stefan's friend and Matt's. She was, is and remains an important person to all of them and that has not been forgotten for a moment. And as much as she means to all of them, every single one of them knows that she means the most, is everything to Damon. Elena has not only not been forgotten, she's still here. Nina Dobrev may not have been in the cast this season, and Elena Gilbert may not have been physically present, but Elena, and Damon and Elena are still here this season.

And as much as I do love my Damon/Bonnie besties, I'm glad we got the acknowledgement that while Damon does love (BFF-style) Bonnie, yes, there is a small part of him that wants her dead. He wishes that he hadn't saved her in Amsterdam. He does resent that she's the reason he's not with Elena RIGHT. NOW. Because that's real and believable. Still as Damon said—actions speak louder than words. And he really did say/do all of that to wake her up, to keep her from letting herself drift off into death.

I really loved that scene. Even if it ended with my favorite besties staking one another and ripping the other's heart out at roughly the same time. Oh well, it *is* The Vampire Diaries.

That brings me to one of my favorite things about The Vampire Diaries: their beginning, mid, and season-ending parallels. In the first episode of this season, Damon waited three seconds before saving Bonnie's life in Amsterdam. He briefly considered letting her die so that he could get Elena back. A little past the mid-way point (episode 13), Damon didn't wait even a millisecond to save Bonnie's life after she was attacked by Rayna. Of course, at that moment, Damon believed that Elena was dead, thus Bonnie dying would only cost him his best friend; there wouldn't be the benefit of the love of his life waking up. However, now here we are near the end, and once again, Damon makes the decision to save Bonnie's life without thought or hesitation, even going so far as to use his wanting Elena back so Bonnie should just die anyway, to get her to... well, not die. He saved her life fora third time, but this time, he not only did it without reservation, he did so *knowing* that Elena was still alive. That is growth, my friends. (Man, I love these season long triple parallels!)

*quadruple sigh*

What can I say? I love, love, loved the Damon and Bonnie stuff. And that whole scene there at the end where he admitted this was his entire fault—and, yeah, it does rather all tie back to mistakes he made. Oh, Damon. His asking her to forgive him for making her do this, taking it on himself just had me near tears. Oh, Damon {{sobs}}. Ack! Ian Somerhalder did so good, and Kat Graham did so good during the whole episode, she really, really did—but that scene there? That one was all Ian. He just ripped my heart out—metaphorically-speaking—those big, blue eyes of his used to devastating effect. (Kudos, Mr. Paul Wesley with the directorial choice there.) Everything about that scene, the script, the direction, the acting, was just beautifully, beautifully done.

And with Damon, what he said to Bonnie, it ties into what I've been saying the last few episodes about him opening up, showing his vulnerable heart to those he cares about in a way that he'd only done to Elena in the past. Now he's done so to Bonnie (ugh, so beautiful). And, remember, Matt heard him too.

So, yes, Damon is still getting the 'you suck' treatment, but it's lightening up a bit. I mean, a few episodes ago, they were all genuinely mad at him and thought he was the worst. Now, Enzo is working with him. Stefan's only joking about it. Bonnie, even under this vampire-hating spell, hesitated long enough that Matt was able to vervain-shoot her to stop her, and, well, Matt—for whatever reason he tells himself—did save Damon's life.

Speaking of Matt lying to himself about why he saved Damon—he lied! He totally lied because he saved him because he loves him. I know he does; I know it in my heart! He loves him! I will believe this until Matt actually kills Damon himself—which he never will because MATT LOVES DAMON! He's the brother he never had! Plus, OHMYGOD! That little speech at the end between Damon and Matt? Did you guys see that? That was Damon opening the door of communication and friendship and respect. Matt Donovan doesn't realize it yet, but Damon has just initiated him into the Damon Salvatore ‘you are in my heart' fan club. The charm, the vulnerable moments will soon follow. Matt doesn't stand a chance. Hell, he's already halfway there; he just doesn't realize it. Mwahahahaha. My Matt/Damon friendship dream-come-true is happening!! {rubs hands together in glee!}

Ahem, now I must step back and take a moment to be shallow. I don't like Zach Roerig's hair right now. But I still love Matt. Do you know what I also love? How Matt and Bonnie look to being thrown together. Uh huh. Who called it? Me! I did! That would be this person!

But wait! First let me talk about Bonnie and Enzo. I do think they're sweet, but I think I'm putting them in the Stefan and Elena category of sweet that categorized their early relationship. (Well, without the stalking and lying and keeping secrets, of course.) I just don't feel anything else for them. Of course, I'm not saying that Bonnie and Matt would be, could have anything more, but the possibility excites me more because of how deeply I love both characters. Plus, when Bonnie is not overtaken by a Huntress-curse she and Matt would have the supernatural issue to battle which would create sparks potentially.

Enzo and Bonnie are just kinda… you know, there. I mean, even Damon's with the program already. How… boring. And I have to say that I rather think that the dreamscape between Bonnie and Enzo where she wouldn't play the guitar, wouldn't tarnish their memories played almost like a sweet goodbye to me. (Well, you know, before she went all Huntress and tried to kill him.) I almost wonder if that was the beginning of the end of them, and we'll see that down the line. I'm not saying that they are done now, no, not even close. I just think that there is definitely a strong possibility of a Matt/Bonnie/Enzo triangle even more now. After all, we LITERALLY saw Matt close the book (folder) on Penny and then he went to Bonnie and stood hours waiting for her. Meanwhile, Bonnie LITERALLY told Enzo she was putting them in the past during her dream state and then turned to Matt as her partner. Talk about symbolism.

Sure, things went squirrelly in the final scene between Matt and Bonnie, but they were driving some time, Matt's not down and out. They are still together somewhere, there is no way that Matt Donovan is giving up the good fight, and as Matt is *not* a vampire, Bonnie will have a much harder time killing him, so we very well might have that push-pull, I was talking about in the last write-up. Yeah, we might wind up with the two joining the crew in the next episode, but then again, we might not. We don't know yet how little or how much time they'll be spending together. So all bets are off right now.

And that's the same case for Stefan and Caroline, isn't it? Well, well, well, isn't this an interesting predicament… Caroline and Stefan on the run together, just like Stefan and Valerie for the last three years, but in reverse of the hunted. Obviously, this is not going to last another three years. But it doesn't have to. It's only been a handful of hours and Caroline is already starting to break. I mean, really?

Oh, Caroline, you can't even say "I love you" to Ric? Girl, even if you aren't still in love with Stefan (and you totally are), Ric deserves better. But on the other hand, Ric so knows she doesn't love him and he is completely totally settling for this, practically begging for this—so I can't really get on Caroline's case for her situation with Ric when he's actively gung-ho about it. And, no, I'm not going to get into the why of that again other than to say his heart's been broken so thoroughly before that it's safer to love than be in love and Caroline fits the bill. I've already lain out in way more detail why I believe this is the case in previous write-ups, no need to do so once more.

The situation with Caroline and Stefan, though, that's hairier. He did ask her to join him. She said no. He did try and get her to be with him and she gave excuses because she didn't want to leave the babies. It was obvious how much she already loved them, so when he went to see her, went to get her to come with him and saw her as that family unit already, he truly was thinking of her, of what she wanted. The problem is that he didn't talk to her, he didn't give her a chance and that's because Stefan was scared that she wouldn't choose him so he didn't give her that choice. Again, as always, when Stefan gives someone a "choice" it's about him, not about the other person.

Oh, and speaking of choices. Ahem. Thank you so much show for continuing to strike daggers into the heart of the "true love" of Stefan and Elena. Bwahahahaha! It was actually brought up that Stefan "respected" Elena's choice and saved Matt instead of her, and Stefan now admits that it was the wrong thing to do. That when you love someone that much you choose them. When it comes to life and death, you don't make that kind of choice. Uhm, DUH! But, hmm, funny how he didn't realize that when it was Elena's life on the line, but it's clear as day when it's Caroline's, huh? Nope, not funny at all just makes it all that much more obvious that it wasn't Elena who was his true love after all. Uh huh. Bless you show. Loves it.

Anyhoo, moving on from my never-will-end enjoyment of death-to-Stefan/Elena-ness, back to Stefan/Caroline-ness. So clearly, Caroline is already cracking. She can't talk to Stefan about Ric because if she does, it will lead to talk about feelings, and talk about feelings will lead to talk about feelings about Stefan. Uh huh. And, right now, whoa, Caroline can barely even look at Stefan because it's too hard. It's too hard because she gets why he did what he did rationally, but it still hurts… and the fact that it still hurts (and clearly so much) tells that she loves and clearly so much. So, yeah, this isn't going to take three years, or three months. Stefan is still in love with Caroline. Caroline is still in love with Stefan. He knows it; she knows it; Ric knows it. Everyone knows it. It's just a matter of time before they deal with it. It's the fall-out that's the issue because it's just not Stefan, Caroline and Ric… there are two little girls who call her mommy involved too.

So I do wonder what's going to happen. I really do. Honestly, I think they'll figure out a way to get the curse severed between the last Everlasting and Bonnie before the season ends so Matt, Bonnie, Stefan and Caroline are able to return. Perhaps, in the process this ends Bonnie's life and then Matt has to use normal a ‘bring her back to life' procedure, CPR, mouth-to-mouth, etc. and we get Elena back (if Nina Dobrev is coming back next season—pretty pretty please). Either way, I don't expect the Bonnie-Huntress to last beyond this season. I expect the Armory evil to be the issue that has to be dealt with in season 08 (presumably—if Ian Somerhalder knows what he's talking about—the final season).

So, randoms –

- Man, they did the opener fake-out again! (Like with the Damon episode, "Hell Is Other People.") And I totally bought it… until she chopped off Caroline's head!!! Dude! I so did not need to see that, thank you very much!

- Awww! Damon told Bonnie he loved her! And the Damon/Bonnie shippers must have cheered and screamed like crazy... for all of two seconds until he finished the sentence... Just like Elena loved her. Bwahahaha! (Yes, I'm evil. But, dude, how much more obvious could they have made it since season 06 began all the way through now that Damon and Bonnie are N-O-T-H-I-N-G but platonic besties? I do not know. There has been zero, zip, zilch, nada. There has been not a glimmer of ANYTHING to suggest that there is anything romantic, sexual, or chemical between them at all. It's COMPLETELY platonic, brother/sister all the way.)

- Yeah, totes knew the Armory of evil was coming back into play. Duh, didn't everyone.

- So looks like at this point no Jeremy-hunter thingie. {Pouts} Well, to be fair, Rayna's huntress thing IS different from Jeremy's hunter thing. No, "The Five" at play here.

- Man, Bonnie was cold and deadly with just glimmers of "our" Bonnie shining through. Kat Graham did an awesome job. I do love how this season has allowed some of our regulars to have absolutely stellar episodes to stand-out (Ian Somerhalder in "Hell Is Other People," Paul Wesley in "I Went Into The Woods" and now Graham in this.) Hopefully, our other cast will have that opportunity next season.

- Speaking of Paul Wesley, giving him his due, this was easily his best directing effort. (Although, I do think the Damon heart-rippage, Bonnie-stake could have been shot a bit more clearly. I had to rewind that a few times to figure out what happened because Bonnie staking Damon wasn't really obvious.) Still, overall, really, really nice job. Great performances—which Wesley normally does get out of the actors, I remember he actually managed to get a half-way decent performance out of Nathaniel Buzolic and that's damn near a miracle, some really beautiful shots, good pace, all-around just really nice job.

Overall, really great episode, but then, yeah, episode 21's usually do it for me! I can't believe there is only one episode left this season, wow! I can't wait to see what they have in store for us. Woohoo!
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