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7.20 - 'Kill 'Em All' Take Two (The Vampire Diaries)

Coming back atch with some more thinky-thoughts.

So there was some discussion in the comments that had me thinking some more about Bonnie's situation and the whole Alaric thing that I wanted to expound upon. So I'm pulling out the whole 'Take Two' post.

First let's begin with Bonnie the Huntress. Well, there is something that is extremely important that Miss Rayna does not know about our gang and that is that they are well acquainted with Hunters. And there are two big differences between Bonnie and Rayna. The first is Bonnie's deep love for three vampires: her two besties, Damon and Caroline, and her boyfriend, Enzo. Secondly, well, let's go back to the whole Hunter-thing that our lovely group is familiar with and focus in on one particular Hunter: Jeremy Gilbert. Uh huh.

Remember, the gang has already been down this road and they actually know how to combat a Hunter and his issues with seeing a vampire and wanting, needing to KILL ALL THE VAMPIRES! Double uh huh! Jeremy, the Hunter, had to fight the urge to kill his own sister because she was a vampire, and they found a way around that. So... yuppers, they already have an upper hand here. They know how to fight this. They just need to figure out *which* person will be Bonnie's touchstone. For Jeremy it was Bonnie. For Bonnie who will it be? Enzo? Caroline? Damon? Or…

Matt? Matt, you say? Why would it be Matt? Well, I kept saying that there had to be a reason for all of those early scenes with them in the beginning batch of episodes, right? Right. We just finally got closure on the Penny/Matt story. (Thank goodness!) And, most importantly, Matt is (a) not a vampire, (b) not particularly fond of vampires himself. So the two will have that little bit of consensus of opinion to bond over. And, of course, they are life-long friends, he would be her one anchor in this sea of madness right now where everyone else around her is a hated vampire that she MUST KILL (or, OK, Alaric, but they were only sorta close and it has been three years since she's seen him now).

Now the interesting thing that could come out of this is two-fold. Firstly, we could get the beginning of Feelings which could lead to a triangle next season with Enzo, Bonnie and Matt. And that would certainly be spicy since we already have that history with Matt and Enzo! Ooh! And secondly, and more interestingly, Matt might actually find himself playing Devil's advocate for the vampires. Sure, he probably won't be defending Enzo or even Stefan all that much, but he will be defending Caroline and he might even find himself defending Damon without even realizing it. The whole black and white of how he has been looking at the situation will begin to fade in his mind and the reality of the grays of vampirism will again assert itself when Matt sees the starkness of the Hunter's philosophy control Bonnie.

Finally, this could also possibly lead to the return, albeit in a guest role, of Steven R. McQueen at some point because of this latest twist. And this could/would possibly finally give us some true closure with Jeremy and Bonnie. When Jeremy left, Bonnie was just too messed up from the post-traumatic stress disorder of everything that happened in the alternate world for her to deal with Jeremy or any kind of "relationship" drama. And Jeremy had emotionally checked out of dealing with Bonnie-related death/not-death trauma by that point. They were just done with each other and psychologically too spent, but maybe now could be the time.

Just like now could the time for the real Alaric Saltzman to stand up. I mentioned this in my initial write-up of this episode:

Is there an Alaric-shaped light at the end of the tunnel? See the thing is that ever since he came back from the dead he's been trying to be "normal." He's been staying away from the whole supernatural business as much as possible, right? But remember when he went on his little run with Enzo and he couldn't help but admit how much fun he was having? And now we have Caroline calling him out on the fact that he was having fun.

Damon kept trying to get him to admit he was having fun too when he was working with him a few episodes ago. And, now that I think about it, I was so stuck on my 'LEAVE DAMON ALONE!' pity party when Ric told Damon that he didn't want to go back to like it was that I missed out on the fact that Ric *did* stop, he did pause, he did turn back and give Damon the information on Bonnie. It was him relenting. It wasn't much, but it was something.

So maybe… maybe, Caroline will be the one to bring the real Ric back. [...] I loved, loved, LOVED what she basically said to Ric about the fact that they are fooling themselves about living normal lives. And isn't that what it comes down to when it comes to Ric for these last couple of seasons? He's been fooling himself ever since he came back from the dead? Trying to be normal, first with Jo, and now with Caroline and the girls.

So maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe.
Now I don't think think that the plan was to frustrate the hell out of viewers for nearly two full seasons and essentially make them not care a flying whit about the character of Alaric Saltzman at all. I truly don't. I think they wanted this great tragic love story for Ric with this woman he met and she was the perfect woman for him and they meshed and it was just beautiful and fabulous and viewers were supposed to fall in love with her and them, and AHHH! It's so perfect and wonderful and then it all ended so horribly and tragically. Oh, noes, so sad, we all wept over the pain and misery of it. And had Matt Davis and Jodi Lyn O'Keefe had chemistry, had O'Keefe's Jo worked really well as a character that story *would* have worked beautifully and all of the above would have happened exactly as I now think it was planned and it *would* have set this season up for what I now think the writers did plan.

This season was set up for him trying to recapture "normal Alaric that worked with Jo" before the real "Indiana Alaric" came busting through. Alas, Jo and Alaric didn't work. They didn't have this sweeping, beautiful romance that took our breath away. And we needed that to make Alaric's arc last season to work, leading into this arc. Jo didn't work. We *really* needed her to work, to make the change in Alaric (and their love story) work to make last season's arc and this season's arc work. So, basically it all boils down to… sorry, show, bad casting on Josette last season. Bad casting screwed up two seasons worth of a character's arc. *sigh* However, I can now see (if I'm right) what the plan of season 06 and season 07 was/is for Alaric Saltzman. So that gives me hope the real Alaric is coming back and we'll have him for the last season at least. Yay!

Lastly, I figured out what has been missing this season. (Although, I still contend the season has been great overall.) Yes, we all miss Elena/Nina Dobrev terribly, but she's not the missing piece. As awesome as she is, we do have leading ladies in Bonnie/Kat Graham and Caroline/Candice King, the both of whom, at least combined, can fill the leading lady slot. The missing piece—which I mentioned at the start of the season but really hit home the last few episodes—is a central love story. Stefan and Caroline were broken up early on. Bonnie and Enzo were hinted at and were given one episode (beautiful though it was) and will be together for a handful at the end. Alaric and Caroline aren't even really a couple. Mary Louise and Nora? Barely showcased, peripheral at best. Damon and Elena are *still* the central love story of this show and Elena is not even physically present. They needed to either introduce and showcase a new burgeoning hot push/pull couple this season, or really push Stefan/Caroline. They didn't. I hope for the show's sake that Nina Dobrev planned on only take a year off and she's coming back next season to finish the show out, and they go all out with Damon and Elena, while playing with the pieces of the other entanglements. After all, like I said, Damon and Elena are still their main love story. And the show needs that main love story.
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