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7.14 - 'Moonlight On The Bayou' (The Vampire Diaries)

I know it's a miracle! It's only two days after the episode aired! WOW!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss Klaus. I want him back on The Vampire Diaries. WAH! I'm watching The Originals again because one of my absolute favorite actors is guesting occasionally on it now so I feel forced to watch it (damnit) and it really is just so subpar compared to my beloved Vampire Diaries. *sigh* Seeing Klaus interact with Stefan again, (I always loved, loved, loved their relationship) and especially the Klaus/Caroline stuff just really hit home how much he belongs on The Vampire Diaries. Damnit! The Originals just all feels like filler, like it's still trying to build a show around a bunch of supporting characters. Ugh! Klaus felt more real and alive and HIMSELF on The Vampire Diaries than he's felt in forever to me. :shrugs:

As for Klaus and Caroline... I don't like them as a pairing. I never will. Ever. However... Candice King and Joseph Morgan have chemistry. Klaus and Caroline have history and a back story and there is a story to be told there, and an unrequited, enduring push for Klaus' character that can provide countless angst and hope and eons of future story. And with Stefan and Caroline's love now, this... THIS is the triangle that should and actually COULD be propelling The Vampire Diaries the way that Damon/Elena/Stefan did in the early seasons. The history with Stefan and Klaus, the true love story with Stefan and Caroline, the history and passion with Klaus and Caroline... I mean, come on! But, nope, stupid Originals. Grrr!

I mean, again, yeah, I am not a Klaus/Caroline fan—Stefan/Caroline all the way!—but the phone call between the two... hell, even I kinda melted. Joseph Morgan does the teary eyes and soft voice, and the way he says her name, and his help with the baby, and Caroline was able to open up to him. And, yeah, it was like the last three years hadn't happened. (At least for Klaus and all the nonsense on The Originals.) Joseph Morgan played that scene as if he was still in love with her, talked of Caroline to Stefan as if he was holding it in check in deference to Stefan's feelings, but yeah, totes still in love with Caroline. And if you watch The Originals, and you think of how they are playing this story with these human girls that Klaus loved that he doesn't love as much once turned, it just doesn't apply to Caroline.

So stupid. Klaus belongs on The Vampire Diaries. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Moving on. To Caroline. Yeah, so she's gonna stick around in Texas because Stefan is on the run and she will feel that she has nothing left in Mystic Falls. Valerie will be sticking with Stefan, Caroline is going to be resentful of that, grow closer and closer to Alaric, and I'm changing my idea that we're going to get to "Three Years" jump in the next five episodes or so. I think it's going to happen in the next couple. Damon said that he's taking himself out of the equation. That has got to tie into going into the coffin next to Elena's coffin which we saw in one of the previous flashforwards. If he's planning on doing that now, then yeah, the jump the three years is going to happen sooner rather than later with the rest of the season playing out in present time as in three years from now being our present. I like.

It makes sense how Stefan and Valerie, Caroline and Alaric, Damon and the coffin, and even Matt and Penny (if she is 'dead girlfriend') wind up where they are 'Three Years From Now'). My only hmmm... is Bonnie and Enzo. I mean, hello?! She chopped his hand off (BAD-ASS!) and he found out his heir to a supernatural-hunting armory. So, yeah, that just must all come to play in the next couple of episodes if my speculations are anywhere close to right. We shall see. Speaking of Bonnie...

Oh My God! I love her so much. She is so awesome, and she is seriously the best thing for Damon EVAR after Elena. Who woulda thunk it?! Damon now knows what having an actual best friend is like. You all know how much I loved, adored, etc. Damon and Ric so very much but in retrospect that was down to the chemistry between Ian Somerhalder and Matt Davis and the friendship that was building between the two. Ric's death at the end of season three really was the end. For whatever reason, upon Alaric and Davis' return, the show decided that Damon and Ric's friendship was not something that was going to survive Ric's death, not truly. I think the reason was because it was part of Damon's final journey. As much as I loved their friendship, Damon needed someone who had complete faith in him, who wouldn't tear him down, who had a pure enough heart like an Elena... and that's not who Ric is. Matt is like that, but there are two major points against him being there for Damon, one his anti-supernatural bias growth, and second, his romantic past with Elena I do think would be a factor. So... Bonnie. Bonnie.

I think what happened last episode in that scene that I loved so in which Bonnie believed that Damon saved her unconditionally without waiting three or even one second and was so happy about that kinda tipped the scales for him. As much as he loves Elena, having other people care so deeply for him, love him enough to believe in him even after he fucks up so monumentally (in his mind to the point that it is unforgivable) has made him realize—no, has made me accept that he can love unconditionally more people than just Elena. Stefan sacrificed so much for him. Bonnie risked her life for him even after he begged her not to. These two people love him unconditionally even though he truly feels he doesn't deserve it. The least he can do is accept their love. And that's FUCKING HUGE for Damon... and it's his way of showing he loves them back.

What Damon said to Bonnie, that he is going to get out of the way so that Stefan and Bonnie aren't put in danger any more, it was so beautiful because Damon believes that he is the reason hell rains down on them so frequently. That was as about unselfish as we've ever seen Damon be. And, dear Lord, going back earlier in the episode. When Damon realized that what Tyler said was true and that if he got out of the cage, Bonnie would most likely be toast, Damon made the choice to save Bonnie's life. Oh, Damon! He is choosing to put others, not just Elena, above himself. Oh, garsh, I'm so proud of him. Elena would be too... she knew that about him all along!

Alrighty then, time for randoms --

- Not so much random, but for those who don't watch The Originals just know that various factions have been working on a way to sever the link between the Originals and the rest of their sirelines so that if an Original dies every vampire made from their line won't die as well. In this episode, they did manage to unlink Klaus so that means that all of our vampires are officially A-OK if Klaus dies!

Also, it was revealed last season that way, way back when Esther was human, she and Michael had difficulty getting pregnant so she made a deal with her sister who was a much more dedicated witch than was Esther. That deal was that she would help her sister get knocked up if she gave her first child to witchy sister. Esther did so but she told her husband and other children that said child (Freya) had died. Through some witchy-woo spell, Freya and witchy aunt/foster mom lived only one year every century so Freya is still alive, blah, blah, blah long story short, Freya is reunited with her siblings and she is the powerful witch that Klaus took Stefan to see. All Freya did was put some nasty-ass grey paste over the mark that Rayna made on Stefan's chest, but it blocked the locator beacon that the mark sends out to her.

The only other beat of note is that The Originals writers were nice enough to throw Paul Wesley in the trunk of a car with Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) for an extended scene, which I'm sure was lovely for those two. (If you don't know, the two are dating in a real life and have been before ever since his marriage ended to Torrey Devitto.)

- Must be said again... Bonnie is awesome-sauce. She cut Enzo's freaking hand off to save Damon's life. Booyah!

- Based on what Damon told Enzo in front of Bonnie right before Enzo vervain-needled him, Damon clearly told Bonnie everything including about believing he'd killed Elena and that he'd kept that from Bonnie and that Enzo had blackmailed him with it. Good for you, Damon!

- I loved this line from Damon: "We only go to New Orleans for crappy booze and Klaus blood." Hahahaha! I just love how Damon has no problem calmly talking about how they use Klaus—the oldest and most powerful vampire in the world—as medicine basically. Oh, Damon.

- Klaus has not been in New Orleans for three years? Hmm..... Yes, that was an Easter egg indeed for The Originals, and proves that, yes, they are going to do a time-jump to three years for this show and keep it there AND TO—but probably not until next season for that show.

- Yeah, just one scene of Nora with Mary Louise was one scene enough to remember why I way prefer Nora with Bonnie.

- Oh, Matt you recalled that you started this all by nabbing Enzo, but don't realize that you set this shit in motion? And Valerie you heard Matt say all of that and yet are still a snide little bitca to Damon and blame him for all of this? UGH! Damon is NOT the only one responsible for this mess.

- OK, so sadly I was wrong, Jeremy had nothing to do with Enzo getting taking. Darn. *sigh* No bb!Jeremy.

- Really not enjoying the shit that Valerie AND Tyler were throwing at Damon. Yeah, yeah, Damon put Tyler in a coma (CALLED IT!), but Tyler was still being a total ass to Damon. Damon was suffering from some major post-traumatic stress. HELLO!!!

- Klaus telling Stefan to "let her go" about Caroline when Stefan's hell was to "let go" of Damon was so deliberate. Yup, in order to be truly happy he has to "let go of Damon" as in let him go unselfishly. Let Damon live his life, so Stefan can live his life too. Yup, yup, yup.

Note: Yes, the promo for next week revealed something as true that I speculated about in this write-up, but I jotted all of my notes down before I saw the promo so there! LOL!

Still loving the show, still loving this season, still so happy with The vampire Diaries! YAY!
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