Arabian (arabian) wrote,

L./V Wallpaper (New JD/KB promo shot)

I couldn't resist. I just couldn't!

Click on the image below to get to the 1027x768 wallpaper.

Squeee!!! An actual Logan/Veronica promo shot. It's not the bestest ever, it's kinda stiff and air-brushed, she looks pissed and he looks sorta scared, but it's a promo shot. By golly, it's a promo shot!!! So, I couldn't resist.

(Yes, yes, I know I called them "LoVe" which many dislike, but it fit the text, so that's why I used it. I do try to avoid using LoVe in lj. I really do.)
Tags: graphics, jason dohring, logan/veronica, wallpapers

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