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7.05 - 'Live Through This' (The Vampire Diaries)

I know, I know, but once again, I have a reason! So, as some of you may have noted when I mentioned it a time or two… for the last three and a half years, I’ve worked the morning shift at my job. I no longer do. So I spent the last half of last week getting myself accustomed to getting up early in the morning for working 7am to 3pm instead of 11pm to 7am. (And I’m still working at it.) So I’ve been tired. And a tad brain-dead. And working on the day shift now so getting the hang of that while trying to get my post written has not quite happened… obviously.

This does not mean that I did not like the episode. I did. A lot. Of course I did. My beloved Rebecca Sonnenshine wrote the episode. Once again I was unaware of who wrote or directed it, but about halfway through watching it, I had an inkling that it was a Sonnenshine outing just because of those beautiful, little touches that she brings to each script. And as with all of her episodes I expect that this one will get stronger with each rewatch.

Anyhoo, onto the show. Oh, Damon, my beautiful, wonderful, awesome Damon. The continued refrain of him turning over a new leaf--when honestly we saw very little sign of it. He was an annoying gnat to Stefan, much as he always has been, but yet was still there for him, again, much as he has been for the last few years. He was unable to man up and tell the hard truth to Alaric, but instead left that to Bonnie... something that Damon totally would have done before turning over his new leaf. And once he learned about Lily's part in Elena's sleeping beauty coma, he went straight into old-school Damon mode. Oh, and all of those one-liners that annoyed the hell out of everyone around him, but amused the heck out of all of us? Totes non-leaf-turning Damon. So, uhm, yeah, I'm thinking the leaf-turning is gonna take a bit more time. And I'm cool with that because (a) it should, and (b) Damon was so much made of awesome in this episode. I mean, we had:

- Undeniable proof that it doesn't matter who he's paired with, Damon Salvatore is pretty much a fantastic road-tripper.

- More undeniable proof thanks to that last scene (Oh, Bonnie!), you love Damon Salvatore, your morals become skewed: Evidence: Alaric Saltzman, Elena Gilbert (thanks to her speech in "While You Were Sleeping"), Bonnie Bennett.

- Again, the whole 'Damon is turning over a new leaf' refrain from everyone throughout the episode was hi-larious!

- Also, why 'Damon walking in on Stefan in bed with his girlfriend' scenes are so amusing, I don't even know, but they so are.

Erm, speaking of Stefan and his girlfriend. Oh, Stefan... you were doing *so* good! Those early scenes with Stefan and Caroline were so cute. Stefan was honest. Caroline was dealing with her paranoid issues. It was all so good. And then, ugh, I don't get why Stefan didn't tell Caroline the truth about what happened with Valerie. I don't mean as in I don't get why Sonnenshine didn't write it so, it was totally in character for Stefan to backtrack. I just mean, Stefan why did you have to backtrack!? It's like Damon and Elena last season where when they were friends they communicated awesomely, but once they got romantic, they stopped that before they realized, 'Oh wait, we kinda need to keep that up. It's important.' Looks like Stefan needs to learn that lesson too.

I'm wondering if this has anything to do with "Three years from now" and no Stefan and Caroline and their issues? *sigh* Speaking of those flashforwards. Man, they are starting to piss me off! I'm getting so frustrated. But in a good way because it's getting me so keyed up in wanting to KNOW what is going on! And that is obviously what you want. Which brings us to Bonnie... and Enzo?!?!? I mean WHAT?!? Firstly there likely goes my dream of Bonnie and Matt* and I guess I'm OK with that because really I just want a good love story for Bonnie and I hope this means we will see that. There was chemistry in the scenes between Bonnie and Enzo and I'm intrigued. Especially by that opener.

Bonnie has obviously checked herself into a mental ward voluntarily, and is feeling guilty and responsible over the death of someone she loved. And, erm, the only person we haven't seen in the flashforwards so far is... Matt. Thus my * next to his name in the above paragraph. So I don't know. Gah! I'm so freaking intrigued about what the hell is going on three years from now! TELL ME NOW! Clearly, they are dragging this one out a bit longer. Unlike the reveal of the Phoenix Stone. And wasn't that surprising and tragic?

It doesn't bring people back from the dead, but rather unites vampire souls with their bodies. We just don't know how their souls find their bodies. Ah, but finding out the truth about Oscar, and then of course, leaving it to viewers to make the leap and realize the truth about Jo, man. Speaking of... alright, prepare to be surprised. I am also intrigued by Alaric and Not!Jo. I know! A miracle has been wrought upon the universe. Plus, I actually felt a moment or two of sad for Alaric and Not!Jo, believe it or not. Shocked me, that's for sure.

Anyhoo, so now I'm wondering if they are planning on re-doing the Alaric/"Jo" love story with this character, but the same actress... but, no, I really don't think they are based on the "Three Years..." from the last episode. It really did seem to me like there was no mother in the picture for some reason and I really think that Caroline carrying the twins to term is how they are going to deal with Candice King's pregnancy. So, I don't think so. Still, that final scene honestly had more feels as a beginning of a romance for me than anything in the beginning of the actual Alaric/Jo relationship last season. Partly this is because I didn't like the character of Jo, I know. But also because of the set-up. There is this beautiful tragedy here, this fantasy aspect at play. Alaric looks at her and sees the love of his life, but he knows--because he is so aware of the fantastical in this world--that she is NOT her. He can easily accept that reality. And as for Not!Jo, she is clearly from another time, and she is looking at Alaric and he is her savior, this man who has brought her back to life, her knight in shining armor. So when they reached for each other, when they held hands, there was a beauty in that moment that I never experienced with the forced "romance" of Jo and Alaric.

And, of course, there are still the questions--why did *this* vampire soul jump into Jo? There must have been some kind of connection because we saw that the vampire had some sort of medical training just as Jo is a doctor. So yes, I am intrigued. And another point, Alaric has clearly forgotten about the twins, he offered Not!Jo alcohol. I'm thinking that there will likely be a medical check-up soon and the babies' heartbeats will be present. We'll see. Regardless, I'm not to see the end of the character of Jo Laughlin. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe is a good actress and if they can write a better character for her, I'm open to seeing where they go with these two now.

On the other hand, I am *not* happy with losing the character of Oscar. Damnit, show. You introduced all of the Heretics and the best of the lot was so awesome in his very first scene and you literally killed him off in his first episode and then got rid of the actor in his second. Seriously?! I am disappoint. *sigh* Tim Kang is so great and Oscar was such an immediate, wonderful character *right away* and he was killed off *right away* and then as cool as the Phoenix Stone twist is it means that Oscar and Kang are both gone now. What a waste. *sigh*

At least we still have Valerie, the second-best of the Heretics. I appreciate how much character and depth they are giving her and Elizabeth Blackmore is a very good actress. The thing is that I can't say that I love Valerie, but they are layering the character and we are seeing different facets of her. I just wish that they'd do the same for the other Heretics because she is the only one who is really standing out at this point (despite the fact that I still do think that there is potential for Mary Louise because I like Teressa Liane).

OK, onto randoms --

- MISS CUDDLES!!!!!!! I was just thinking of her the other day and missing her and then we got a namecheck and got to see her again. Aww, Miss Cuddles you've been missed!

- So, uhm, yeah, this episode proved that the flashbacks in "Age Of Innocence" were COMPLETELY unnecessary since Valerie (and Damon in his wonderfully eloquent way) shared all of the pertinent information in this one.

- UGH, Lily continues to prove that she is JUST the worst!! Of course it was *her* idea to take away the love of Damon's life from him. Of course. Flames, people, FLAMES!

- I have to admit that I kinda thought that after the last episode we would have less 'Damon loves Elena more than anything ever, blah, blah, blah' as well as tons of Elena mentions overall, but nope, it's still going strong. And I LOVES IT SO MUCH! WHEE!! Damon & Elena 4EVA!

- So with Lily choosing Julian over Enzo, does this mean that Enzo is *finally* going to realize that he picked the wrong side and join the right team now?

- I continue to love the Bonnie/Damon friendship, but I, erm, kinda disagree with Bonnie at the end there, no, Elena would not be OK-ing Damon's move there. See Damon skewing the morals of those who get close to him above. Uh huh! Oh, Damon.

So there ya have it, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay late, but I haz excuse! Hopefully next week I'll be on track! I'm happy to say that this season is moving along as I expected it to. Yes, I am missing Elena's actual presence and Damon and Elena's actual presence together, but I still love the show and how they're honoring Damon and Elena's love. This is still MY show and I'm happy with it. :D
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