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'The Walking Dead' thoughts

So I decided to give The Walking Dead another shot. I'd only watched the first two episodes and had given up after that, but my sister was a fan and convinced me to give it another go. So I did. And in the last week I watched all five seasons. So, quick thoughts under the cut. (My icon should give you an idea of one of my couples, LOL!)

I do enjoy it. I can see where I would have been annoyed as a live viewer, but I still really, really do like the show and I can see why it has engaged so many. (The live viewer annoyance from me would have mainly come from the bulk of time spent on the Governor's return--two episodes with a bunch of new characters away from our main cast, ugh!, plus a few other things here and there. However, binge-watching it alleviated those annoyances, yay! So, quick sum-ups!


I was quite pleased at the death of certain characters, but mostly I had sadz! This damn show makes me cry a lot. I'm not used to that. The Vampire Diaries is the only TV show that makes me cry regularly. Add TWD to the list now.

- Sophia. Ah, Sophia. I'm one of the naive stupid-heads who thought she might still be alive. I'd hoped she'd found another farm with a family or something and when she came out of that barn as a zombie, yeah, I was crushed. Damn. Damn.

- Dale, I cried. Actually, that gutted me. Damnit. I loved Dale.

- Shane, oh, the joy I felt at his death was immense. I have not regularly called a fictional character "asshole" numerous times whenever he came on screen since Jack from Lost... then came Shane. Oh, Shane, you became my new Jack. Ugh! So happy when Rick stabbed him. And oh joy, oh bliss, I got to see Carl shoot him. Two killings of Shane one right after the other. Awesome! Couldn't have happened to a bigger asshole! I really did not like Shane.

- Lori, I know (because I've picked some things up on the fringes just from being in fandom) that Lori was far from popular, but I don't understand why she wasn't. I didn't love the character, but I liked her and I never didn't understand any and all of her choices. I thought her death was gruesome and awful, but I get why they did it. Still, I hated it and I cried. Again.

- Andrea, I would have been happier at her death anytime the season before she died, but I actually grew not to hate her by the point where she did. I think it was a good move placing her away from the others because when she was with the Governor (who I despised), she was so much better in comparison by the end that I just couldn't summon up any annoyance or dislike towards her anymore. So I was sad when she died and I was glad that she was able to go out like a warrior with Michonne by her side.

- Beth, I thought the actress was a void of charisma, barely talented and a waste of Daryl anytime she kept him from other characters. The only good thing about her was that her death was a genuinely shocking moment and her storyline brought Christine Woods (Dawn) back into my tv viewing world for a bit. Other than that, good riddance.

- Don't speak to me about Hershel. I can't.

- Lizzie and Mica. And "The Grove." "Look at the flowers." That episode killed me. I was literally sobbing the last five minutes. Best episode of the series so far for me. So, so, so good. Gutted me completely, but so, so, so soo good.

- Other characters I liked who died but it didn't totally gut me were T-Dog, Bob, Tyreese, Merle (well, I didn't *like* him, but you know what I mean).

Favorite Characters

Had to think about the order after the top five, but yeah, I think this is it. (The top two are pretty much written in stone.)

- Carol (I just love her so much. She's like one of the coolest characters ever. And Melissa McBride is just utterly brilliant. But Carol, man, she's so deceptively sweet and frail, but she will cut you down if you try and hurt her family. She's, in a way, more deadly than any of them because no one can see her coming. You just can't expect the lethal harm that she can do. She singlehandedly brought down Terminus ALL ON HER FREAKING OWN! Carol did that. FREAKING CAROL! Because she is that badass. And she doesn't care what she has to do, who she has to hurt, what line she has to cross. She's like Damon Salvatore in a way. There is no limit to what she will do to protect her own. Man, I love her so much. She and Damon could be total besties. They'd totally get each other.)

- Rick (I can't fathom when I read comments from people saying that Andrew Lincoln can't act. This guy is fucking amazing. He blows me away and I love him. He's brilliant. And Rick just owns my heart. He's not perfect, and he makes mistakes, but he tries so hard and he's fighting so hard to keep his family--and all of these people are HIS FAMILY--alive and he's just so, he's badass warrior and a father and a true hero in this new landscape. He makes the hard choices and does what has to be done. And it took him time, but he now does it unflinchingly because it has to be done.)

- Michonne (She's a warrior goddess. She's smart. She can read people like a book. She has a sensitive soul that was deadened by the zombie apocalypse and these people (Andrea, RICK!, Carl) they brought her soul back to life and seeing her blossom and come back to the living again, seeing that journey has been a beautiful one.

- Daryl (I love him, but I gotta admit, I really don't understand why there is this psychotic fandom surrounding him. I admit I was expecting more from the character. Don't get me wrong, Daryl's great, and I do LOVE him, but I was expecting, well, a breakout, charismatic, amazing OMG! character like Damon... and, Daryl's just not that. So I don't get it. But clearly a lot, lot, lot, really, really lot of people do.

- Maggie (Heh, I know, Rose from TVD... and yes, her Southern accent is not that, erm, great, but it gets better each season! But I love Maggie and honestly the only reason I really cared when Beth died is because of Maggie. When Beth was shot my first thought was "OMG!" because I was so not expecting it, and my second was "MAGGIE!!" because she had accepted that Beth was dead, and then that VERY day she found she was alive, she was gonna see her sister and then BOOM!, she's dead. My poor Maggie!)

- Glenn
- Abraham ("There's an ocean of shit you don't know shit about, and Rick knows every fine grain of shit and then some.")
- Sasha
- Carl
- Rosita

After the next season or even some way through it, Morgan may or may not jump up on that list knocking someone off because with just a few appearances, I certainly love the dude bunches. And the bottom four order might re-arrange. I can't see the top six changing with the possible exception of *maybe* Morgan squeezing in above Daryl--yes, he has the potential to go that high. But who knows? Like I said at the top--Carol and Rick are pretty much the only two set in stone.

Favorite Couples

- Carol/Daryl
- Rick/Michonne

- Glenn/Maggie (I do like them, but I don't *ship* them. However, if anyone came between them though I'd want to cut a bitch!)

So, yeah, that's it. And come in October, I will now be with the rest of ya'll watching it week to week, sitting through the hiatus. It's gonna suck. Damn.

Any particular questions? Go for it.
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